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InData Labs: core values in business

24 January 2023
core values in business

InData Labs has always been maintaining high standards in business and creating a culture of excellence through strong expertise, work ethic, emotional intelligence and the innate desire to relentlessly invest in its people, clients and society.

The company takes a proactive approach to professional development strategies and employee growth, so they can develop and grow as professionals. InData Labs encourages professional mentoring and coaching within the teams, so there’s an opportunity to pass on unique skills and deliver high-standard output.

Company's vision

InData Labs sees customers as one of the priorities, and puts their needs first. By providing top-notch solutions, the company helps its customers to achieve their business goals and increase the bottom line by getting meaningful insights out of data, automating repetitive tasks, and increasing productivity.

And that’s not only customer service the company has been focused on. InData Labs has always been for making a positive impact in the workplace. When the COVID-19 pandemic had broken down, the company’s board implemented it to support employees and the local community.

In addition to working from home, we also initiated some activities for our employees to get together and connect from afar. We set up online workouts including pilates, yoga and full body workouts, virtual art classes, and everything to help them remain physically and mentally healthy during the lockdown.

Core values

Another priority that InData Labs has identified for building sustainable business is to achieve a gender balance in decision-making.

We are glad that our vision on gender equality is in line with the initiative of the European Commission that has recently welcomed the directive aimed at creating gender equality on corporate boards. The directive will advance gender equality among non-executive directors through clear and transparent board appointment procedures.

By the end of 2024, the Commission is to achieve gender parity (50%) at all management levels. Moreover, the EU Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025 provides an action plan towards a gender-equal Europe.

InData Labs is absolutely in favour of gender equality on corporate boards and in the workplace, in general.

Gender equality views

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