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Transform Your Business with Custom-Built AI Software

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We deliver relevant and impactful custom AI software, data science and Big data solutions tailored to your unique business requirements. We propel your business and help you innovate with less risk and better results.

Our Expertise

As an AI development company, we always keep track of emerging technologies and have developed our proprietary models and tools to deliver benefits to our clients.
  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning

    Our team of machine learning developers helps our clients drive business growth and expand their businesses by extracting valuable insights from unstructured data from multiple resources.
  • Analytics

    Business Intelligence

    We provide BI & Data Warehouse consulting services and offer Big Data analytics solutions to unlock the potential of your data available and set up efficient data management for enhanced decision-making.
  • analytics

    Predictive Analytics

    Our professionals create proprietary models for personalized recommendations, churn prediction, dynamic pricing, fraud detection, sentiment analysis, and customer segmentation.
  • Custom-Built AI Software

    Natural Language Processing

    We analyze text data from social media, emails and audio to uncover audience insights. With our bespoke NLP solutions, you get to know your users better by detecting sentiment, interests, gender, etc.
  • quality

    Generative AI

    We empower businesses with ChatGPT solutions for workflow automation, improved customer service and faster decision-making. We provide integration and customization on demand.
  • AI Software

    Computer Vision / OCR

    We develop custom CV solutions to fuel business growth. Our data capture and & extraction solutions automate document processing, help businesses improve accuracy and efficiency, and reduce errors.

AI Services Implementation: Benefits for Your Business

  • Increase revenues
  • Cut down costs
  • Improve strategic decision making
  • Become data-driven business
  • Advanced customer experience
  • Predict customer churn
  • Mitigate business risks
  • Forecast future trends
  • Improve work efficiency
  • Simplify data management


We have proven track records of helping businesses in different niches to reach a new level. And we keep on enhancing our expertise across domains with AI algorithms.
  • banking and finance

    Banking & Finance

    Harness AI to power smart assistants that help with enhanced decision-making, financial apps to plan budgets, score credits, and detect anomalous transactions for fraud prevention.
  • manufacturing

    Automotive Manufacturing

    Adopt AI solutions for smooth vehicle production. Perform complex simulations and design iterations, enable robust visual inspection and equipment defect detection with efficient AI automotive software.
  • logistics

    Supply Chain & Logistics

    Facilitate supply planning, invoice and receipt processing, automate warehouse analysis, cargo damage detection, and optimize routes.
  • insurance Healthcare


    Manage claims with the help of AI and ChatGPT, predict high loss claims and detect fraud claims, evaluate insurance property cost, offer more customer-focused services.
  • retail

    Retail & E-commerce

    Predict customer behavior with the help of your AI developer. Enable personalized recommendations, provide customer experience consulting services, increase the efficiency of in-store operations, and cut customer churn.
  • healthcare

    Healthcare & Pharma

    Let medical professionals use AI-assisted analytics for more effective diagnosis, personalized treatment, and to make better data-based predictions and recommendations, allow advanced evidence analytics to meet life-saving needs.

Our Competences

  • Concepts
    Supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning, metric learning, fine-tuning, temporal and efficient neural networks, representation learning
  • Neural Networks
    Convolutional and recurrent neural networks, generative adversarial networks, deep bayesian neural networks, siamese networks
  • Deep Learning Frameworks
  • Deployment Toolkits
  • Other AI Tools

Take Advantage of Our Services

  • first
    Hand-pick your artificial intelligence development company. We are ready to set up a dedicated multidisciplinary team of highly-qualified machine learning engineers to deliver solutions that have the power to transform your business.
  • second
    Entrust our machine learning engineers with the development of your next AI-driven product idea into a custom-made product, giving you extra time to focus on the business tasks that required your attention.

AI-Driven Software Development Process

Check out the steps it takes us to make your project a success.
  • Discovery
    • Analyze requirements
    • Make high-level estimation
    • Provide technology consulting
    • Exploratory data analysis
  • Project Setup
    • Select the engagement model
    • Build the core team
    • Prepare a roadmap for the project
    • Prepare tech documents
  • Development
    • Use Agile development methodology
    • Progress reporting on each iteration
    • Perform internal and release testing
  • Live Release
    • Final testing of the complete system
    • Solve possible issues
    • Live release after approval
    • Collect feedback
  • Support
    • Knowledge transfer
    • Perform continuous server monitoring
    • Allocate team members to fix bugs and make improvements

Why Work with Us

Our artificial intelligence developers build beneficial products and software solutions.
  • Highly Experienced Team
    Top-Notch Team
    We’re a strong AI software engineering team with years of experience in AI-driven solutions development.
  • Recommender systems
    Strong Tech Expertise
    We have solid technical know-how in custom AI application development and AI software design for different domains.
  • ai software development
    Reliable Technology Provider
    We guarantee transparent AI development processes and steady communication during the project.
  • Improved Productivity
    Favorable Cooperation Terms
    We offer flexible terms of cooperation that will be the most suitable for your project needs and goals.
Automate time-consuming tasks with Generative AI
Leverage Generative AI to optimize your business and reduce operational costs.

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Let Our Clients Do the Talking

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Looking for a Reliable Provider of Custom AI Software Development Services?

Drop us a line to start your project today! We are here to help your company with the development of custom AI solutions and applications from scratch.

AI in Software Development: Frequently Asked Questions

  • AI is used in software development to help write code faster and more effectively, automate manual tasks, and speed up the testing process. Using AI in software app development, one can expect the app to be more robust, speedy, and almost error-free.

  • Custom AI apps may cost from $15 K up to $70-100K and more. The cost usually comes from complexity, functionality, and exclusiveness.

  • An AI company is an AI technology vendor who has got broad expertise under their belt, an impressive project portfolio in various business domains. AI, data scientists, software engineers, quality assurance specialists can usually work on an average project.

  • The benefits of AI software development are the following:

    • higher revenues
    • reduced costs
    • business process automation
    • improved speed and accuracy
    • simplified data management
    • personalized customer experience
    • business risks mitigation, etc.

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