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InData Labs: Cybernews interview

27 July 2022
Cybernews interview

Recently, Marat Karpeko, a CEO at InData Labs, has been interviewed by Cybernews, where he shared his journey to the AI world and how the company adapted to the challenges brought by the recent global events. He also explained the potential the AI technology has for business and why companies should start preparing their AI implementation strategy.

Founder's interview

Marat mentioned that he hopes to see more AI-driven solutions in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in the near future that will help us respond proactively to any viruses and prevent the COVID-19 scenario. He also believes that besides data science solutions, Big data (data collection, analysis, and visualization) would improve business operations immensely together with the data-driven decisions that will drastically enhance business-related outcomes.

During the interview, there were also discussed the worst mistakes companies make when handling large amounts of data.

Insights on data

During the conversation, there were discussed some other topical questions about the field of work. Marat shared his opinion on why companies hesitate to implement innovative solutions, explained why it is important to start the digital transformation of business and how it will help to tackle future threats. To read the Cybernews interview, please visit the website.

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