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Technology trends 2023-2024: AI and Big Data Analytics

Technology trends 2023-2024: AI and Big Data Analytics

In 2023-2024, digital transformation will remain a viable strategy that helps companies accelerate out of the post-pandemic crisis, recession, and uncertainty. Cutting-edge technologies stand at the wheel of digital innovation and future-proof digital estates of global organizations.

However, technology trends do not reside in isolation. Instead, they are all connected by a single linking element – artificial intelligence that acts on Big data. By 2030, the global market of AI adoption will be valued at over $1,597 billion. Companies that ramp up their AI adoption will benefit the most from the rapidly changing landscapes in their industries and can better adapt to technology shifts.

At InData Labs, we have been keeping an ear to the ground, looking out for AI-enabled digital transformation trends coming our way in 2023-2024. Our report will provide a look into the technology landscape of the future, including:

  • Importance of AI in enabling innovation
  • Catalysts of future innovations
  • Top technology trends in 2023-2024
  • Main benefits of AI adoption
  • Steps to prepare for future disruptions.

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