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Category: ML Consulting

  • AI and Machine Learning In Business: The Big Overview
    Machine Learning in Business

    Each day, marketers bombard us with tempting promises of a brighter future. Most of these promises reference the applications of AI and Machine Learning in business. But business opportunities in machine learning are no longer a subject of the future. Thus, the global AI market is expected to reach over a $190.61 billion market value…

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  • Top 6 Machine Learning Solutions in 2021
    ML Solutions in 2021

    Machine learning isn’t news anymore. Top machine learning solutions that support your business goals are a prerequisite in 2021 and beyond. On one hand, you have platforms that are working towards low-code or no-code AI solutions where one needs almost no coding skills. On the other, you’ve got platforms that are more technical, but that…

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  • Increase Conversions on E-commerce Platform with Machine Learning
    ML for E-commerce

    When it comes to discussing the role of advanced technology for business, intelligent automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in E-commerce get the most attention. E-commerce providers face increased competitiveness as consumers are now shopping online far more often than ever. They need technology to achieve business goals. So, what has triggered the growth of…

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  • Artificial Intelligence Taking Jobs Nurtures Demand for New Skills
    AI is set to change jobs and nurture demand for new skills

    There is no consensus on whether artificial intelligence (AI) replacing jobs across various industries is an alarming sign or a natural outcome of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Anyway, the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs is too obvious to be denied. A hype-based viewpoint is that state-of-the-art technologies disrupt job opportunities and may soon empower…

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