BI Implementation and Data Warehouse Services

End-to-end BI services and solutions to foster data-driven decision making

While dealing with volumes of data daily, organizations face challenges that we at InData Labs can help solve. Business owners get in touch with us seeking BI systems with the capabilities to cope with data management tasks, mitigate risks, optimize performance at all levels, and improve the efficiency of decision making.

BI Implementation and Data Warehouse Services

InData Labs is a one-stop company to assist you in deploying your organization’s first Business Intelligence solution, refine existing data management tools, engineer and implement an enterprise data warehouse.

We assist our clients in many ways, including the following:

  • BI and Data Warehouse consulting services
  • Solution architecture development
  • Big data synchronization algorithms
  • Data warehouse analysis services
  • Data warehouse implementation strategies
Business Intelligence for Logistics

BI For Logistics & Transportation

The Logistics industry is may be a perfect field for implementing BI solutions. Numerous data-driven processes, such as order placement, shipment and delivery, payment and return operations result in generating enormous amounts of data. To analyze and smoothly manage big data, organizations need a reliable BI solution that can assist in systematizing, visualizing, and making big data simple to comprehend and use.

The InData Lab’s team is at your service to help your organization implement a valuable BI solution to take advantage of logistics analytics and mold logistics data into valuable insights.

BI Implementation and Data Warehousing Process


Bussines Requirements
Functional Requirements
Infrastructure Requirements


Project Plan / Scheldule
Deliverables / Milestones
Resource / Funding Plan


High Level Design
Low Level Design
Data Management Plan


Data Warehouse
Data Integration / ETL
Reporting / Analytics


System Guide
Training Guide
Reporting Book

Explore Our Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Services

BI and DWH Consulting Services

We analyze our clients’ business workflow and technology landscape to help create a BI solution road map or data warehouse project implementation plan. Our experts help identify pitfalls in business processes and suggest improvements.

DWH/Data Lake Implementation

Our data scientists assist in dealing with pools of raw data stored in a data lake to filter and structurize data with the aim to enable business professionals to make further use of it and uncover the path to successful big data implementation.

ETL Processes Implementation

Extract, transform, load approach enables collecting, processing various types of data from multiple sources, and storing in a target database. It helps organize large volumes of data across an organization and make it available for analysis or migration between databases.

bi implementation
BI Reporting and Analytics

To monitor business dynamics and use data to maintain a competitive edge, we help our clients retrieve meaningful insights via statistical and predictive analysis, data mining, and from visualized results.

Distributed Application Development

We tailor applications to empower everyone within a client’s organization to collect and visualize business-critical data, draw up reports and leverage valuable insights to make data-driven decisions.

Other Technology Services

Our team scrutinizes organizations’ key performance indicators and collaborates with clients over a BI plan or data warehouse project implementation to facilitate integration with existing apps and reduce costs in the short and long run.


InData Labs serves organizations across various industries, including but not limited to the following:

Healthcare & Wellness Industry
Healthcare & Wellness
Financial Services
Financial Services
Insurance Industry
Marketing & Advertising
Marketing & Advertising
Telecom Industry
Supply Chain & Logistics Industry
Supply Chain & Logistics
BI Project Visualization

Provide Us With Your Industry-Specific Business Requirements and Initiate Your BI Project With Us.

We guarantee such benefits as:

  • Reduction of costs
  • Increase in profitability
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Better business decisions


  • kafka technology

Why Work with InData Labs

Here, at InData Labs, we always invest time and effort in finding the best suitable solutions for our customers’ needs and provide BI and data warehouse services

  • Savvy Data Science Team
    Savvy Data Science Team

    30+ members of hand-picked development team ready to bring to the table years of production experience in BI and data warehouse projects to assist in achieving a competitive edge.

  • Customizable BI Solutions
    Customizable BI Solutions

    We strive for the best, and we take a deep dive into our every customer’s challenges and business requirements to come up with a bright solution for a great idea.

  • High-Quality Results
    High-Quality Results

    Our BI and data warehouse services help our clients improve overall performance, reduce errors, and make the decision-making process even more fruitful.

Customer Success
Influencer Marketing Analytics Platform
Building Influencer Marketing Analytics Platform

The Client needed an analytical platform to amplify the existing influencer marketplace platform. The InData Labs’ team used its own social media analytics API as a basis for a custom application for analyzing publicly available social media data.

Tableau Performance Optimization Success Story
Helping a Global Brokerage Firm with Tableau Performance Optimization

InData Labs team worked with a global brokerage firm to improve Tableau performance and decrease compute time for reports. Our team has managed to achieve the goals on time and decrease computer time for reports by 99% ensuring timely analysis of the complex and ever-changing financial markets.

BI for Banking and Finance
Business Intelligence Implementation for Banking and Finance

The Client challenged us with the development of a solution for financial big data processing. The core task for the InData Labs’ team was to aggregate raw data, create a data lake and build a BI tool to enable real-time monitoring of workflows and report generation across an organization.

BI implementation mobile app
BI Implementation for Baby Care Mobile Application

A US-based company engaged in designing iOS and Android mobile apps related to baby care provision was looking for a big data solutions provider with proven expertise in BI implementation. Our team designed a BI implementation plan and strategy to make the Client’s app more aligned with the current business goals and improve customer experience.

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