Machine Learning Consulting and Development Services

Innovate and explore new opportunities in your business field with the aid of our machine learning consulting and development services

The InData Labs’ team of seasoned data scientists and machine learning (ML) engineers closely cooperates with every client to provide cutting-edge solutions for businesses of any size. We take a deep dive into each case and pick best-fit innovative tools and proprietary technologies. The output is our custom machine learning-based solutions created in line with our clients’ business strategies, requirements, and goals.

We are a one-stop firm guiding clients through the whole development lifecycle, including strategic consulting, solution development, and ML-based software deployment.

As a machine learning consulting services provider, we help our clients make machine-driven systems learn on their own to achieve outstanding performance. As a team of machine learning engineers, we place a focus on the development of more profound self-learning solutions. Such systems are capable of performing well on unstructured data and giving a highly accurate output. Data-driven business success is what we offer to our clients.

Our Machine Learning Consulting Services

The InData Labs’s technical experts provide consulting on machine learning solutions based on your unique requirements, use cases, and peculiarities of your datasets.

  • Identifying Issues and Unveiling Opportunities for Data Collection

    We are well aware of data challenges that organizations may face, e.g., the ways of collecting data and storing it for further analysis. We help companies pull together the requirements for data collection, identify core issues, and uncover relevant opportunities.

  • Conducting Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

    We plunge into step-by-step cooperation with organizations of any size, starting with EDA to pass to the model development and training process. As a result of EDA, our clients can retrieve valuable reports and data-based recommendations.

  • Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms

    Whatever is the difficulty of clients’ tasks and challenges, our team is here to help implement machine learning algorithms in business workflow. On analyzing client’s data, we offer the best-fit approach for implementing and processing the provided data.

InData Labs is a machine learning consulting and development firm ready to assist you in your business endeavors.

Our Machine Learning Development Services

  • Deep Learning

    We provide our clients with quality assistance to streamline business processes and significantly improve business metrics by fine-tuning the performance of algorithms powered by artificial neural networks.

  • Custom Web Application Development

    Our customers can get expert assistance in matters relating to custom machine learning-based web development services to enhance their business efficiency and gain results unseen before.

  • Enterprise Machine Learning as a Service

    Our hand-picked team builds machine learning solutions for enterprises to help business owners automate and optimize business operations through deriving valuable insights from raw data with human intervention eliminated.

Machine Learning Development Lifecycle at a Glance

We take care of your entire project from day one, starting from clarifying the requirements and ending with the delivery of a fully automated system.

As one of the leading machine learning consulting and development companies, InData Labs presents a world-class data science team and machine learning consultants. Our experts have hands-on experience in applying cutting-edge ML tools and development approaches. They also use Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) to ensure the highest quality of solutions and services that meet your requirements.

  • Computer Vision
    Extract more insights from visual data, detect and classify images according to their features into topic groups.
  • Predictive Analytics
    Anticipate customer behavior and outcomes and steer your business in the right direction.
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing)
    Extract meaning from text data and speed up reporting and analysis processes.

Start Your Next Machine Learning Project with InData Labs

Being a reliable and one of the leading Machine Learning Consulting and Development companies, InData Labs offers state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Data Science services, keeping in mind your unique requirements and use-cases.

Our highly qualified team of data scientists, statisticians, and engineers will take care of all your data needs ensuring the highest accuracy and quick turnaround.

Let’s Discuss Your Project
Let’s Discuss Your Project

How We Work

  • Analyze your requirements and goals
  • Scrutinize provided data
  • Draw up a roadmap with your technical team
  • Perform model prototyping and implementation
  • Test and verify the results; perform additional operations (if needed)
  • Assist in deploying a tailored custom system

Thanks to our well-established engineering culture, proprietary technologies, and proven expertise in ML-based software development and consulting services, we are always open for new fruitful cooperation. Let’s build top-notch machine learning enterprise applications for your organization together!


Customer Success
Making a Project Management System Smarter

InData Labs was hired to еliminate the lack of information managers face estimating the duration of a project. Our team employed machine learning and significantly improved the performance of a project management system for enterprises.

Building Predictive Models to Improve Debt Collection Process

The Client needed to improve debt collection effectiveness with the help of predictive analytics.
InData Labs managed to build machine learning model for predicting the probability of promise to pay and improved the efficiency of the debt collection process.

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Start your ML project with InData Labs and gain business outcomes unseen before.

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