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  • InData Labs Named Top Machine Learning Company in 2021
    top machine learning company 20201

    Machine Learning (ML) has blended into our life without our much notice. ML is everywhere. Healthcare organizations use it for better diagnosis and enhanced patient care, banks for efficient fraud detection, the automotive industry tests automatic cars and autopilots with the help of ML. The technology has gained momentum, and it is here to stay….

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  • InData Labs Named Best Artificial Intelligence Company of 2021
    top ai company 2021

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has continued to transform the world in recent years, making it a better and more comfortable place to live in. It has brought innovation to the healthcare sector, having made early disease detection possible. It has introduced automation to banking processes and upscaled E-commerce platforms. All of that couldn’t have been possible…

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  • Managed IT Services for Imaging Company
    managed it services for imaging company

    Background Introduce your business and what you do there. I am a project manager at an image capture company. We have an automated system designed to streamline the product imaging process for customers. Opportunity / Challenge What challenge were you trying to address with InData Labs? There is part of our process that handles images…

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  • Announcing “Big Data Days with BPS-Sberbank” Datathon [ONLINE]
    big data days datathon

    Contributing to the data science community is one of the main priorities for our company. This time we are happy to announce that our partner Imaguru Startup HUB is opening the hackathon season, and our data-science team is ready to provide expert support. On October 19-25 the “Big Data Days with BPS-Sberbank” datathon will take…

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