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Take your business automation to the next level with generative AI development services
Serve unmatched experiences, optimize your business, and reduce operational costs with our generative artificial intelligence services.

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Capture Accelerating Value of Generative Artificial Intelligence

Fend off inefficiencies and reinvent your business models through generative AI applications.
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    Streamline Business Processes

    Implement generative AI algorithms into your digital core to build up human capabilities, and maximize the efficiency of your back-office operations. Our ML engineers embed generative AI models in your automation solutions to set new performance frontiers.
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    Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Solve your customer care problem by having an always-on conversational model. Have a generative AI tool that produces personalized responses to customer queries, recommends relevant products, and provides self-service options across channels.
  • data analysis

    Perform Large-Scale Analysis

    From sentiment analysis to market research, generative AI platforms support your enterprise sense-making with fast, effort-free analytics. Change the way you interrogate your data, augment existing data products, and get millions of insights with a few clicks.
  • Analytics

    Accelerate Innovation Pace

    Bring unprecedented speed of innovation to all areas of your business - from production design to visual identity to real-time personalization. Leverage our AI development services to stimulate new product creation and get into the fast lane of your industry.
Custom chatbot development for your needs
Analyze the sentiment of conversations and get a deep understanding of your customers with the help of custom-build chatbot.

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Innovate Faster with Our AI Development Services

We provide full-scale generative AI services that transform your business.

Strategy and Consulting

Our generative AI development company offers AI technology consulting services that help you strategize, plan, and kick-start your project. Our experts estimate the impact of innovation on your operations, calculate your ROI, and provide all the levers needed to boost AI acceptance across your company.

  • Business case analysis
  • Proof of Concept
  • Data analysis
  • Project estimation and planning

Generative AI Development

Our engineers design and implement custom language models based on the capabilities of GPT, DALL.E2 and more. We bring our NLP, machine learning, and data science expertise to create robust solutions designed specifically for your business.

Model Training and Customization

We customize generative AI tools and fine-tune LLMs with your own proprietary data. This helps the models to support your unique downstream tasks, operate with high accuracy within your business case, and deliver innovation to your company at less cost.

Upgrade and Maintenance

Our support team monitors the performance of your language model, introduces updates, and prevents model drifting. We ensure the long-term value of your AI applications and help them grow according to evolving market needs and your business requirements.

  • Model monitoring
  • Model updates
  • Data retraining pipeline
  • Risk management and compliance
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Bring Cross-Functional Skills to Your Generative AI Projects

We magnify your language model performance with a spectrum of smart capabilities.
  • ai consulting services

    Machine Learning

    Our developers enhance the intelligence of your language model and expand its capacity to predictive analytics, fraud detection, trend analysis, and more - to help you generate higher value from your digital transformation initiatives.
  • State of the Art Models

    Natural Language Processing

    With almost a decade of experience in NLP tools,
    we deliver market leverage packed into sentiment analysis
    and customer analysis applications that will make your language model even more intelligent and customer-centered.
  • cloud

    Cloud Computing

    Our cloud engineers set up modern enterprise data platforms built on the cloud to fuel your applications of generative AI, enable enterprise-wide analytics, unlock seamless streams of information, and democratize data access.
  • data engineering and architecture

    Data Engineering

    We improve the maturity of your company’s data lifecycle
    to promote AI adoption at scale, enhance the quality
    and reliability of your enterprise data, and prepare your company for a leap to generative artificial intelligence.

Generative AI Use Cases

Reimagine your application landscape with granular personalization and at-scale analysis.
  • first
    Generative AI Customer Service
    Ease the strain on your customer support team, enable your chatbots to create more natural interactions with customers, and provide lightning-fast responses to customer issues.
  • second
    Real-Time Personalization
    Automate personalized messaging, target specific customer segments, generate high-converting sales copy, and serve tailored marketing offers based on thorough analysis of customer data.
  • third
    Customer and Business Analytics
    Broaden your scope of analysis by combing through troves of data, automate insight generation, pave the way for cost-effective data analysis, and turn your dashboards into your own data consultant.
  • four
    Business Process Automation
    Complete business processes with minimal human intervention. From document management to procurement, generative AI apps automate resource-intensive tasks across all functional areas.

How We Approach Your AI Project

Following your project requirements, we build custom generative AI solutions with added business value.

Generative AI Algorithms Across Industries

Reap exceptional domain-specific benefits from our innovative language models.

Why InData Labs?

Delivering innovative solutions to tackle your biggest business challenges.
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    Vast Experience

    Drawing on 9+ years of experience, we know how to make your AI solution a success story.
  • Strong ML team

    Multidisciplinary Team

    We have a team of senior AI developers with solid skills in AI, NLP, and Big data.
  • icon-innovate

    Domain Expertise

    We understand your unique challenges and offer optimal solutions based on your needs.

Our Stack of Generative AI Tools

We build solutions grounded in cutting-edge technologies.
  • gpt-4
  • Whisper
  • llama 2
  • MidJourney
  • BERT
  • stable diffusion
  • logo-stanza
  • flair
  • logo-spacy
  • styleGAN
  • cycleGAN
  • hugging face

Let Our Clients Do the Talking

Customer Success

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Virtual Assistant

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Virtual Assistant

We performed ChatGPT prompt engineering for our website virtual assistant. We needed to build our own conversational chatbot for business process automation and customer human-like interaction.

The solution must handle complex queries and provide personalized experiences based on collected data. It also should support the lead generation process by capturing and qualifying incoming leads.

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AI Customer Analytics Solution

AI Customer Analytics Solution

Our engineers has provided the client with a robust customer service text analytics for fast text mining and data analysis and analytics. The solution mines the email and audio data and extracts valuable business insights.

The customer service analytics AI solution helps the client track customers’ sentiment, adjust services and promptly respond to challenges, increasing customer satisfaction.

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NLP for Text Analysis Solution

NLP for Text Analysis Solution

We delivered this project for a US online university. The client was looking for custom text analysis software to extract insights from popular job listings.

Using NLP and data science techniques, the InData Labs team delivered an automated data extraction solution that powers a career student advisor module.

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Customer Review Analytics Solution for E-commerce

Feedback Sentiment Analysis Solution

Our developers implemented this project for a large US E-commerce company. The client wanted to enhance the customer experience by analyzing real-time customer feedback.

Our engineers built custom AI-powered sentiment analysis software based on ML models and deep neural networks.

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Building Predictive Analytics Module

Predictive Analytics Module for Retail

An e-commerce company approached InData Labs to build a recommendation engine that serves single-brand recommendations.

We addressed the business needs of our client by delivering an analytics hub for personalized search, automated sales, and enhanced customer experience.

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  • It’s difficult to pin down an exact figure as the accurate pricing depends on a large number of factors. At our generative AI company, the average cost starts from $10,000 and more depending on the project requirements.

    The cost varies based on the complexity of your solution (consume vs. customize), a particular business case, and a specific service (consulting vs development). As we typically build on top of the existing large language models (GPT, DALL-E, etc) and customize them for your unique business needs, the costs are lower than training an AI model from scratch.

  • Generative artificial intelligence is an area of machine learning in which algorithms are designed to generate new data or content based on the training data. It can produce multiple types of content, including text, audio, and video.

    Examples of generative AI include a large language model that consists of a neural network with multiple parameters. Large language models are trained on large quantities of unlabelled data to generate outputs.

    Companies using generative AI apply the technology in a broad range of tasks – from business-centered to customer-focused functions.

  • Generative AI use cases span the following areas:

    • Generative AI customer service
    • Marketing and sales
    • Administrative tasks
    • Recruitment
    • Business and customer analysis
    • Fraud detection

    Top generative AI companies rely on language models to automate their customer support and enable personalized interactions with customers. Other high performers apply the technology to analyze vast amounts of data, generate reports and alerts, and handle documentation.

    Language models also power chatbots, summarize texts to enable detailed social listening, and track consumer sentiment across channels.

  • The technology made inroads in many industries, including retail, healthcare, banking, education and manufacturing.

    • Generative AI healthcare – patient-facing assistants, enhanced clinical decisions, easier data management.
    • Banking – automated customer service, optimized loan origination, fraud detection.
    • Retail – real-time personalization, self-service capabilities, streamlined product research and analysis.
    • Education – personalized learning, curated materials, supplementary solutions.
    • Manufacturing – product defect analysis, supplier management, supply chain management.
  • To produce accurate output, a large language model must be trained on terabytes of data. Relying on neural networks, machine learning, and natural language processing, it identifies the patterns and structures within existing data to produce new content. The unique capability of the model is also its ability to leverage different learning approaches. This makes it a universal tool to tackle a wide number of business challenges while supporting multiple applications.

  • Yes, Chat GPT is a type of generative artificial intelligence called a large language model.

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