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  • What is Data Extraction and How It Can Serve Your Business
    What Is Data Extraction

    In the highly competitive business world of today, data reign supreme. Customer personal data, comprehensive operating statistics, sales figures, or inter-company information may play a core role in strategic decision making. It’s vital to keep an eye on the quantity and quality of data that can be captured and extracted from different web sources. By…

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  • OCR Algorithm: Improve and Automate Business Processes
    OCR Algorithm Business

    Businesses of mid and large scale have massive amounts of printed documents in daily use. Among them are invoices, receipts, corporate documents, reports, media releases. And millions of them can be handwritten, which makes documents understandable for humans but difficult to read for machines. Basic Concept of OCR Optical character recognition (OCR) algorithms allow computers…

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  • 6 Automated Data Capture Methods For Business Development
    Data capture methods

    Today, digitization penetrates all spheres of business. 2.5 quintillion bytes of data that people create every day is predominantly unstructured data. Whether it is audio, video or text, big data – if meticulously collected, recognized and processed – can be used to generate business value through leveraging state-of-the-art technologies. But no matter how intelligent machines…

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  • Brand Identity Issues: How Does Logo Detection Work for Effective Marketing Campaign?
    logo detection and brand monitoring

    Social media has evolved into the main method of communicating ideas, sharing experience, brand stories, and building communities. The user engagement with ads on Facebook has tripled in the last 2 years, as Hootsuite reports. So far, more than 60% of users discover brands and goods on Instagram, employ such apps as Like2Buy that allows…

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  • How OCR Can Help Employees Fight Through Most Mundane Tasks
    optical character recognition

    These days, office employees need an AI hero. Can you imagine the number of hours wasted on handling a paper-based workflow? Isn’t it time to save employees from piles of paper? No one is saying it will be easy to eliminate paper documents promptly. For instance, in the legal sphere where the cost of a…

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  • AI at the Forefront of Digital Transformation Process in 2018

    Digital Transformation Definition Digital transformation has been a big topic for a few years now, and it has many definitions. From a business perspective, digital transformation is about leveraging digital technologies to improve processes, competencies, and business models. It is also about changing the culture of the company because it requires letting go of old…

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  • A 7-step Guide to GDPR Compliant Software Development
    GDPR compliant software development

    The GDPR, or General Data Privacy Regulation, is coming into force already in May this year. The regulation requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU residents. And non-compliance could cost companies dearly. GDPR pertains to the full data life cycle, including the gathering, storage, usage, and retention of data. GDPR applies…

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  • Keys to Building Robust Data Infrastructure for a Data Science Project
    Keys to building robust data infrastructure for a data science project

    Ones you decide to leverage data science techniques in your company, it is time to make sure the data infrastructure is ready for it. Starting a data science project is a big investment, not just a financial one. It involves a lot of time, effort, and preparatory work. Data science is about leveraging a company’s data…

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  • Converting Spark RDD to DataFrame and Dataset. Expert Opinion.
    Spark RDD to DataFrame

    Generally speaking, Spark provides 3 main abstractions to work with it. First, we will provide you with a holistic view of all of them in one place. Second, we will explore each option with examples. RDD (Resilient Distributed Dataset). The main approach to work with unstructured data. Pretty similar to a distributed collection that is…

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