Modern Data Architecture Consulting & Development

At InData Labs we integrate strong data lakes and warehouses, enabling unified governance and smooth data movement
Modern data architecture consultants design scalable data architecture to accelerate your time to insights.
Store Data in Various Silos? Need Data Aggregation to Do Analytics?
Develop adaptable data architecture for fast and easy generation of business value from your data.
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Modern Data Architecture Engineering Services

Modern data architecture engineering services to level up your business and unlock success.
Agile Client Data Strategy
From data mass to actionable insights: define how your data will be collected, stored, processed, and used.
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Data Ecosystem Implementation
Develop a high-performing data ecosystem to create business value and increase revenue.
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Data Warehouse Strategy
Implement modern data architecture services to make your data reliable, consistent, and complete.
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Data Catalog
Enhance your data accessibility across your whole business and enable actionable insights for every department.
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Data Management
Increase your business datasets’ visibility, enabling smooth data search and analysis with Big Data engineering.
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Analytics Process Optimization
Prevent data concerns and misuse with robust data services architecture developed according to your needs.

Data Lake Architecture Development and Integration

Strong data storage and management by implementing data architecture services and Big Data development.
Develop data lakes to add robustness and reliability to your data, and provide performance at scale and real-time analytics. Leave aside data concerns and start getting value from your data.

Benefits for Your Business

Get the most of the modern data architecture consulting: unlock the full potential of your organization's data and derive actionable insights.
  • Data Architecture Consulting
  • Data Automation
  • Data Safety & Scalability
  • Low-Cost Data Storage
  • Better Operational Efficiency
  • Top-Performing Business
  • Insights from Data in Seconds
  • Easy Analytics for Everyone
  • Smart Data Visualization

Modern Data Architecture: How Does It Work?

Let modern data architecture consultants create unified data governance and easy data management for you.
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Modern Data Architecture on AWS
Scalable data lakes
Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
AWS Lake Formation
icon visualization
Purpose-built analytics services
Amazon Athena
Amazon EMR
Amazon Elastisearch
Amazon Kinesis
Amazon Redshift
Seamless data movement
AWS Glue
AWS Glue Elastic Views
Unified governance
Row-level security for AWS Lake Formation
Performance cost effectiveness
Amazon EC2
AWS Saving Plans
Custom data warehouse solutions to ease up data management.


Here’s the myriad of industries our data architecture consultants have brought the depth of data architecture development & analytics.
  • marketing
    Marketing & Advertising
  • ecommerce
    E-commerce & Retail
  • logistics
    Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Game & Entertainment
  • finance banking
    Finance & Banking
  • manufacturing
  • healthcare
    Healthcare & Pharma
  • Sports & Wellness

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Why Hire InData Labs as a Modern Data Architecture Consultant?

InData Labs’ expertise spans the full spectrum of Big Data & data architecture from data strategy development and ecosystem implementation to analytics process optimization.
  • Highly Experienced Team
    Strong Data Architecture Skills
    We offer modern data architecture consulting services and develop solutions to accelerate clients’ digital transformation.
  • AI
    Your Reliable Technology Provider
    Since 2014, we’ve been delivering reliable solutions, investing in customer relationships, and most importantly, building brand trust.
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    Top Big Data Company According to Clutch
    InData Labs gets regularly featured among the key Big Data & AI market players on Clutch.


InData Labs is a certified AWS Partner. We have certifications that qualify our skills, knowledge and expertise.
  • aws partner network advanced consulting partner
  • aws data analytics
  • AWS Database Specialty
  • AWS Machine Learning
  • AWS Developer Associate
  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate
  • aws solution architect
  • logo aws certified cloud practitioner
  • microsoft certified expert
  • power bi data analyst
  • logo microsoft azure data engineer
  • azure ai engineer
  • microsoft azure administrator
  • microsoft certified azure
  • confluent apache kafka
  • data bricks spark
  • ibm data and ai
Modern Data Architecture Consulting
Explore the benefits service-oriented data architecture holds for your business and let InData Labs implement it.
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Customer Success

Data Lake Implementation for Efficient Big Data Processing and Visualization

Data Lake Implementation for Big Data Processing & Visualization

The client is a construction company. They needed to strengthen their AI platform with Business Intelligence.

Our team has enabled fast data collection, analysis, processing, and visualization. We created a BI solution for real-time workflow monitoring which improved KPIs and enhanced the clients’ business processes.

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Bi for baby app

BI Implementation for Baby Care Mobile Application

The client develops baby care apps. They wanted to enhance data collection and reporting.

The InData Labs team integrated BI into the client’s existing solution to detect data issues. We’ve also made changes to the client’s reporting system so it could work properly.

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Food Supply Chain Management

Food Supply Management – Digitization with Azure Data Lake & IoT Hub

The client is a food service company. They asked the InData Labs team to set up outdated datasets migration.

We’ve analyzed the clients’ requirements and helped them migrate to cloud. For now, the clients can visualize data and simplify decision making.

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Delivering Data Intelligence for Chemical Industry

Delivering Data Intelligence for Chemical Industry

The client works in chemical manufacturing. They were looking for a reliable technology vendor to help with chemical mixture compositions analysis.

The InData Labs team has developed a comprehensive solution for real-time analytics and product analytics.

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FAQ: Modern Data Architecture Consulting Services

  • Modern data architecture is designed to address complex data needs. It’s flexible, scalable, adaptable, and customer-centric, which means it supports a multiplicity of business needs, manages data flow wisely, and continuously evolves to meet new and changing customer information needs.

  • Data architects are the ones in charge of developing an overall organizational data strategy and designing its data management framework. The specialists in this field identify structural needs, create data models, and specify data standards. Thus, any company searching for a robust data strategy needs a data architect with skills in data analysis, machine learning, and managing large-scale systems with the use of programming languages.

  • Although both a data scientist and a database scientist work for a joint purpose and their functions overlap, these positions are not interchangeable. A data architect is involved at the outset where they look at a wider use of data and its design planning and establish suitable data models. Then a database architecture comes in to decide on the ways of implementing RDBMS and is responsible for its performance and further optimization.

  • We cherry-pick the most suitable consultants for your business needs in no time. Our professionals are committed to working out a consistent, reliable, and scalable approach to ensure that you have a comprehensive profitable data strategy and are able to leverage the full value of your data.

  • A few working days is the usual period required to find a suitable candidate for your goals. So, mostly it’s your goals, their complexity, and the availability of consultants that act as the key factors. As soon as we get to know your request, we make every effort to propose a consultant to you in a prompt manner.

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