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AI Solutions for Retail

Rise above your retail competitors with AI technology.

Our Expertise

Artificial intelligence in the retail industry: made easy.
ai solutions retail

AI Predictive Analytics to Increase Profit

Inventory struggles? Transform inventory management with predictive analytics solutions in the retail industry. Calculate demand forecasts and sales for efficient goods allocation, purchasing and restocking in various locations.

Analyze historical sales data and trends for better seasonal events planning. Use artificial intelligence in retail for data analysis and visualisation for staying ahead of your retail competitors.

shoplifting prevention

Computer Vision to Prevent Shoplifting

Unlock the benefits of face recognition in retail. Detect store visitors, compare it to the offenders base and alert security managers if there’s a match. Secure your store from theft and returns abuse with solid computer vision applications in retail.

cv for employee biometric id

Computer Vision for Employee Biometric Identification

Make sure your customers receive premium service. With employee biometric identification, it’s easy to monitor employee productivity. See how your employees treat clients, how much attention they pay to them.

cv improve customer experience

Computer Vision to Improve Customer Experience

Deliver best-in-class services to VIPs with computer vision analytics. Boost turnover by greeting your regulars by the name and providing them with personalized services. Get a loyalty boost and increase sales.

cv data capture extraction

Computer Vision for Data Capture and Extraction

Utilize computer vision in the retail industry for data capture and extraction. Scan and derive data from invoices and other documents in no time. Save on employee labour through automation.

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nlp to boost

NLP to Boost Your Competitive Advantage

Find out how your clients see your brand with Natural Language Processing (NLP). Collect and analyze customer reviews from socials with sentiment analysis solutions. Get insights to address the problems and emphasize your competitive advantages on the retail market.

Cater your marketing efforts to the specific target audience with client segmentation. Get data-driven insights on customer needs to solve for them. Win your target audiences’ hearts by providing them with personalized experiences, and get more profits.

What We Offer

AI solutions in retail for your business transformation.
  • first
    Artificial intelligence is reshaping retailing. Want to adopt it, but don’t know how? Our data scientists and software engineers are ready to discuss your idea and help you make it a reality.
  • second
    AI Solution Development
    Need a robust AI solution for the E-commerce or retail industry? Our engineers can use the power of artificial intelligence in retail to skyrocket your business.
  • third
    Predictive Analytics in Retail
    Use data analysis and visualisation for faster decision-making, and holistic retail growth.
  • four
    Testing and QA
    We put emphasis on premium service quality. Before the product is launched, we make sure it is reliable and error-free.
Want to develop an AI solution for retail?

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Retail Industry

Uncover new business opportunities within retail with our AI-powered solutions.
  • AI
    Inventory Management Optimisation
    The right balance between overstocked and understocked.
  • AI retail
    Store Loss Prevention
    Face recognition technology to prevent theft and shoplifting in your chain.
  • AI retail vip
    Elevated Customer Experience
    Best customer experience with intelligent computer vision-based solutions.
  • AI
    Intelligent Document Processing
    Smart document automation for your convenience.
  • AI Solutions for Retail
    Sentiment Analysis
    Text classification and analysis for opinion mining in social media.
  • AI
    Client Segmentation
    Deeper customer understanding to improve marketing efforts.
  • increase
    Data-Driven Retail Strategy
    Decision-making based on cold facts.
  • icon like
    Better Brand Recognition
    Data analytics to strengthen your brand.
Develop artificial intelligence products with us

Why Choose Us as an AI Solutions Provider in Retail?

We offer a perfect mix of tech knowledge, skills and creativity.
  • Strong ML team
    Full-Time 60+ Engineers
    Our engineers dedicate their time to your project to succeed.
  • Global Experience
    Global Presence
    We go global. Our offices are located in the USA, Belarus, Cyprus and Singapore.
  • AI
    Experienced in Retail Solution Development
    We help retail businesses of all sizes to become technology-wise and benefit from it.
Discover 5 Big Data use cases and learn how retail companies can turn the growing volume of customer data into action.
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Customer Success

These are a few of our greatest retail projects. Have a look to get inspiration for your own.
AI business intelligence solution

Business Intelligence Solution for Retail Platform

Decision-making process improved and sentiment accuracy is 91%.

The client is a tech vendor that operates in international trade. Our team was asked to add up BI to the client’s platform for accurate sentiment analysis.

We’ve aided the client with an innovative solution that collects customer reviews, analyzes them and stores in the database. Using it, the client better understands their key audience.

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Building Predictive Analytics Module

Building a Predictive Analytics Module for E-Commerce Platform

Process automation and enhanced customer experience.

The client works in the E-commerce field. They contacted our team for a robust recommender system development.

Our tech team developed an ML-based solution to generate relevant recommendations. After its implementation, the client’s boosted the customer loyalty and increased brand perception.

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ai software

Automated Invoice Processing Software

Increased performance by 43%.

The client is a big retail company. They wanted to automate the invoice processing.

We used ML for data capture and extraction. With the help of our solution, the client now has increased performance by 43% and freed up the workload from the accounting department.

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