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NLP for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis

NLP for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis

Want to learn what players like about your games most? Collect data from forums and social media channels and analyze it in a few clicks. Gain insights to readjust your game development plans and player retention strategies with automated player review analysis.

Classify players’ reviews by topics such as interface, characters, game speed issues, music, etc. to understand the direction for further game development and improvements.

Predictive Analytics in Games for Player Churn Prediction

Predictive Analytics in Games for Player Churn Prediction

Want to boost your game revenue? Detect early signs of player churn to increase a player’s lifetime and revenue contribution with effective predictive analytics solutions in games. Analyze log data and player behavior to get valuable cues on game enjoyment and retention strategies. Incentivize high-value players or cross-link them to other games to maintain a stable income.

Eye Tracking Based on AI to Improve Gaming Experience

AI Eye Tracking to Improve Gaming Experience

Looking for a way to enhance your PC games? Try bespoke eye recognition and tracking software. Improve gameplay experience through controlling the in-game camera with your gaze. Provide your players with freedom of movement and total immersion into the game environment.

AI Facial Emotion Recognition for Personalization

AI Facial Emotion Recognition for Personalization

Need tips to boost player retention? Try emotion recognition using AI. Recognize the player’s emotions and change the gameplay per player’s personality and mood with biometric facial recognition algorithms. Real-time emotion recognition of joy, rage, astonishment, antipathy, and fear help personalize games and maximize the fun.

Pose Estimation for Body Movement in Video Games

Pose Estimation for Body Movement in Video Games

Collect and analyze the movements of players during video games with pose estimation and tracking. The technology enables real-time human skeletal joint location, human motion recognition, and analysis. Sports or dance video games – estimate players’ moves and choose the winner. Make the experience immersive and fun with AI game solutions.

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Make use of artificial intelligence in games to pull ahead of your competitors.
  • consulting


    Need a recommender system to increase in-app purchases? Or want to implement ChatGPT into your gaming business? Talk to our AI experts to see how we can help.
  • AI Game Solutions

    Artificial Intelligence in Game Development

    Planning to utilize AI in the gaming industry? Let us apply our expertise for your game to make it onto the top charts and bring insane profits.
  • AI Game

    Mobile Gaming Analytics

    Use Machine Learning models for smart player analysis. Extract insights from gameplay data for player behavior prediction.
Planning to use AI in game development?

Enhance Your Gamedev Business with AI Technology

A few examples of how you can use Artificial Intelligence in games.
  • innovative approach

    In-Game Personalization

    Analytic tools for game parameters tuning catered to the player.
  • AI Game Solution

    Game Experience Booster

    Gaming technology solutions for game enjoyment and achievement.
  • AI Game Solutions app

    AI for Mobile App Development

    Utilize AI for better gameplay experience, app performance, and efficiency.
  • flexible cooperation models

    Player Churn Prediction

    ML models to identify player churn and increase the player’s lifetime.
  • AI Game Apps

    Immersive Experiences with AR

    Real first-person experience and more immersive game possibilities.
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We bring AI to the gaming industry.
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    We’re a team of skilled data scientists and engineers with 8+ years of experience in AI software development.

Customer Success

AI Game Solutions
Customer Feedback Analysis Automation for Game Developer

Topic retrieval and classification automation

The client is a well-known game developer. They needed an AI solution for game developers.

Our team built a customer feedback collection tool that enables game slang collection and analysis.

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Building Predictive Analytics Module
Emotion Recognition for Personalized Game Experience for Kids

Personalized learning and working memory enhanced

The client is a US private elementary school. They wanted to implement into their kid brain trainer emotion recognition so to better identify emotions and offer personalized exercises.

We integrated an AI model into the app for fast face recognition and analysis. Thanks to the app, kids get exercises per their mood and develop cognitive skills.

Winner Predictor Technology for Game Developer
Winner Predictor Technology for Game Developer

Enhanced calculation of winning probabilities

The client is a well-known game developer. They requested an AI solution that uses data to predict the game results.

Our team implemented the technology that based on the process replays, filtering and clustering data calculates the winning probabilities as well as visualises the results.

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