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AI-Driven Customer Care Analytics for Call Centers

Replace manual data analysis with AI-based customer care analytics
Set up omnichannel cloud contact center to drive better customer experience with Amazon Connect

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ai customer care analytics solutions

Customer Care Call and Text Analytics

Make use of Artificial intelligence solutions for call centers. Analyze customer data to create better customer experience strategies. Using well-rounded call and text analytics, you can understand how customers feel at the moment, rate your services and what you can do to upscale them.

Using customer care speech analytics, you can easily measure customer’s emotions:

  • Speaker classification & identification
  • Tone identification
  • Deescalation identification
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Empathy/confidence/politeness check
  • Speaking-Clearly check
  • Customer satisfaction measure
  • Problem/next steps identification
ai customer care analytics solution

Smart Contact Center with Amazon Connect

Make your call center technology-driven with Amazon Connect implementation. Let us implement and tune it in according to your needs for better customer service and operational efficiency.

  • Implement and maintain Amazon Connect call center solutions
  • Migrate your call center to Amazon Connect
  • Integrate your call center with 3rd party tools
  • Develop, deploy and manage complex call center solutions

Why Integrate Amazon Connect for Call Center?

  • phone

    Telephony, omnichannel, automation

    Contact center automation: trusted telephony providers, high-quality audio, web and mobile chats, omnichannel outbound campaigns and simplified task management in one place.
  • Highly Experienced Team

    Agent experience

    Agent capabilities rolled into one: task management, skill-based routing, customer data and workforce schedules. Efficient case management for customer issues tracking and handling with care.
  • ai consulting services

    AI & Machine Learning

    Real time customer troubleshooting with relevant content recommendations, caller authentication and fraud risk detection, and sentiment analysis. Detailed call summarization and follow-up thoughts.
  • data analysis

    Forecasting, capacity planning & agent scheduling

    Accurate short and long term contact forecasting for better operational efficiency optimization and smart resource planning. Meeting scheduling and insights on agent staffing and capacity.
  • recommendation engine

    Setup, administration & reporting

    Self-service and flow builder for automated customer experiences, real-time and historical analytics for faster decision-making and better agent productivity. Call recording for employees performance review.
Want to improve customer satisfaction in your call center? Develop best-of-breed AI call center solutions.


InData Labs is a certified AWS Partner. We have certifications that qualify our skills, knowledge and expertise.
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  • aws data analytics
  • AWS Database Specialty
  • AWS Machine Learning
  • AWS Developer Associate
  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate
  • aws solution architect
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  • microsoft certified expert
  • power bi data analyst
  • logo microsoft azure data engineer
  • azure ai engineer
  • microsoft azure administrator
  • microsoft certified azure
  • confluent apache kafka
  • data bricks spark
  • ibm data and ai

Benefits of AI Call Center Solutions

Empowering call centers with artificial intelligence to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Strong ML team

    Advanced Customer Care

    Take the power of AI to improve your customer care and deliver quality services.
  • Reduced Costs

    Reduced Agent Overload

    Leave mundane tasks for AI and let your agents handle complex specialized interactions.
  • recommendation engine

    Work Automation

    Make your business tech-driven to optimize internal processes and increase productivity.
  • ai customer care

    Deep Customer Insight

    Give your agents full visibility of customer feedback, metrics, and previous customer experiences.
  • icon list

    Improved Call Wrap-Up

    Enable your agents to make notes and faster wrap-up with speech-to-text transcripts.
  • ai customer

    Reliability and Call Quality

    Leverage AI to minimize downtime and ensure quality for inbound/outbound phone calls.
  • business intelligence

    More Loyal Customers

    Optimize workforce management and boost customer engagement to retain customers.
  • ai customer care analytics

    Scale Up or Down Instantly

    Serve your customers 24/7 with no wait regardless of call volumes and staffing challenges.
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Customer Success

AI Customer Analytics Solution

AI Customer Analytics Solution

The client is a medium-sized US FMCG company. They were looking for a solution to analyze customer data efficiently. We’ve provided them with a data analysis pipeline for insight extraction.

As a result, they started tracking customer sentiment and adjusting their services according to their needs. Now, they can mine the email and audio data and extract valuable business insights real-time.

View Details
Customer Review Analytics Solution for E-commerce

Customer Review Analytics Solution for E-commerce

The client is a big US E-commerce platform. They requested InData Labs to build n automated system which identifies sentiment in customers’ reviews.

We’ve developed an AI-powered sentiment analysis software for sentiment detection. As a result, they enabled efficient data collection and analysis of total customer reviews and tracking of the company’s brand strength.

View Details
game dev

Helping a Leading Game Developer Automate Customer Feedback Analysis

The client is a world-known game developer and publisher. They were looking for a tech partner to develop a customer feedback tool for timely download and analysis of the reviews from YouTube and forums.

We’ve developed bespoke NLP software for fast and accurate data collection and analysis. Using the solution, the client reduced the time and cost of customer feedback analysis.

View Details

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mostly, AI is automation. AI helps automate time-consuming tasks and empower agents with tools for faster and more efficient customer service.

  • AI-powered customer service tools automate monotonous tasks, cut costs and level up the whole customer experience.

    Here’s how AI is beneficial to customer care:

    • Customer data collection and analysis
    • Chatbots and smart AI assistants
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Advanced analytics
    • Call summariztion, etc.
  • AI customer care solutions can help enrich customer experience through the following:

    • Efficient task management
    • Predictive routing
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Fraud risk detection
    • Call follow-ups
    • Administration and reporting, etc.

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