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We Accept Guest Blog Posts

Hi there and welcome! We appreciate your interest in contributing to InData Labs blog.

We are here to provide our readers with real value and to get them on the path to data science and AI excellence. Please, note that we are quite selective in our choice and we won’t accept articles of poor quality. So, before you send us your materials, please read the contributor guidelines carefully.

A Few Words About Our Audience:

Our audience — people who are interested in business automation, AI technologies, data science techniques, computer vision, and development of AI-powered apps and software.
They are entrepreneurs, tech experts, data scientists, startups or mid-sized businesses from different industries.

Currently, we’re looking for new thoughts, ideas, and tips to help our readers be aware of the latest trends, make business decisions more accurate, and be one step further than their competitors.
We won’t accept material not related to the general topics of our website and materials our audience is not interested in.

NB! To publish your article in our blog and get a backlink to your website, please note that your material should be devoted to technologies, artificial intelligence, business automation, and research.

The domain authority (DA) of your website should be 45 or higher and the domain rating (DR) 50 or higher.

Type of Materials We Accept:

  • Articles
  • Infographics
  • Researches

We won’t include links to the link building websites, casinos, adult content, gambling, or essay writing sites.

Guest Contributor Guidelines:

  • Please, don’t send ready written articles to us, as our audience is interested in particular topics and technologies. If you have some interesting and fresh topic ideas devoted to AI and data science techniques, we will be happy to discuss them.
  • If you are interested in writing a guest post for our blog, please, send your request to with a subject line ‘guest blog contribution’. We will share a list of topics our audience is interested in and provide you with a tech assignment.
  • We only accept content that is 100% unique and hasn’t been published anywhere else before. Plagiarism is not permitted.
  • Please make sure that your material is crafted in third-person, it is grammatically correct and well-structured.
  • The images selected for your article or research should be from the public collection available on the internet or created by you or your company.
  • The preferred format for article submission is in a Word document. Please, send images separately as an attachment. If you send us an infographic, send it in a png format.
  • The post should be at least 1000 words. It may contain relevant images, short videos, and outbound links. If you share with us such content like infographics or research, less amount of words is accepted.
  • The material you send to us should not be promotional or advertorial. You can’t advertise your product, business or service within your guest post. Also, note that we won’t include screenshots that promote your product or online properties.
  • Please note that if an article crosses three strikes of rejection consecutively from the InData Labs editor's team, no article would be taken into consideration from the same author, company, or domain for the next 3 months.

Please carefully check everything prior to submitting the post. Posts cannot be taken down or edited once they are live!

Editorial Process:

Our team reviews each article and reaches out within 7-14 working days. If you don’t hear back from us within the mentioned period, your item is not the right fit for our audience.

Please note that we reserve the right to remove links and edit the content for readability before publication. Posts with multiple mistakes, requiring heavy editing and corrections will be rejected.

What InData Labs Can Do for You:

  • We give you a do-follow backlink in case your domain authority is higher than 50 as mentioned above, so that readers can find out more about you and your work.
  • We will give you a byline at the end of an article in which you can provide our readers with your bio. You can also set a backlink to the domain that you like here.
  • We will also promote your article on our social channels – FB, LI and TW and within thematic groups across different platforms.
  • Your article will also be shared in our monthly newsletter.

To submit your material, send us an email to with a subject line ‘guest blog contribution’.