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Category: Data Strategy

  • The Two Types of Data Strategies Every Company Needs
    different types of data strategy

    The volume of information that exists in the world is growing exponentially, where almost 90% of it was created in the last two years. And as the volume of information increases, so does the pressing need for a good data strategy. Many have been avid advocates of a coherent strategy for organizing, governing, analyzing, and…

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  • How to Build Your Data Science Competence for a Post-COVID Future
    how to build your data science competence after covid

    Does your company need data scientists? Absolutely. Your competitors are looking for data science solutions right now, hoping to get a competitive advantage. The future of data science seems promising and challenging. Even nowadays, data scientists can help to improve marketing, recruiting, cybersecurity, customer service, and other critical goals. So, the time to begin is…

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  • 7 Most Common Data Science Issues and How to Avoid Them
    data science issues and mistakes

    Did you know, some of the world’s most significant discoveries were made by mistake? From the famous Slinky toy and microwave ovens to Pacemakers and Penicillin, one famous novelist writes that ‘mistakes are the portal to discovery, and in many cases, he wasn’t wrong. However, when it comes to the world of AI data science,…

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  • 6 Data Collection Rules for Your Future Perfect Machine Learning Dataset
    data collection process

    Modern companies produce gigantic amounts of data. Later it becomes a part of their machine learning datasets. Those are further used to build models that aim to solve various problems business may face, and make it more profitable, customer-oriented and, of course, data-driven. Machine Learning depends heavily on data, that makes algorithm training possible.  Regardless…

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