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Our team comprises world-class machine learning engineers and infrastructure architects who specialize in the use of artificial intelligence for solving complex computer vision problems. We use the most advanced computer vision algorithms to transform your ideas into reality. The intelligent computer vision applications that we build enable breakthrough innovation and bring real business results for our customers.

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Multi-object detection

We are using deep learning and convolutional neural networks to teach computers what different objects look like and identify important objects within a photograph all by itself.

Multi-object detection is usually used by e-commerce for product tagging and by social networks for photo tagging. This computer vision technology can also be used in retail for people counting, and in logistics for vehicle detection and counting.

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Image segmentation

Image segmentation divides an image into multiple parts and is typically used to change the representation of an image into something that is more meaningful and easier to analyze.

The technology of image segmentation is widely used in medical image processing, face recognition, pedestrian detection.

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Real time dense point cloud creation

Point clouds are used in 3D modeling for generation of accurate models of real-world items or scenes. Our big data experts can help you generate immersive 3D models of the physical world at great ease and speed.

In recent decades, there is a high demand for this technology for computer graphics, virtual reality, and communication.

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Why work with us

We make it easy to build awesome image analysis software
  • State of the art models

    We use convolutional neural networks – the latest type of artificial neural networks, inspired by biological processes.

  • Customizable solutions

    We don’t settle for average. Our solutions are tailored to fit in with customers’ specific needs and the nature of their data.

  • Scalable results

    Our deep learning engineers and infrastructure architects work together to achieve the best performance for our customers.

  • Highly professional team

    We are determined to pursue greatness in everything we do for our clients.


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