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  • Data Strategy Consulting

    Align big data technologies with your business objectives

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  • Data Science

    Discover the true potential of your data

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  • Social Media Analytics

    Advance your business using social media data

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Our Products



    A smart customer analytics engine that uses data-mining models to improve recommendation relevance and reach higher customer engagement.

  • MoneyGraph


    A SaaS product, which is powered by statistical algorithms and scalable machine learning to provide access to advanced analytics of social media audience.

Welcome to the data driven world

For your business to succeed, you need to make a lot of great decisions every day. We are here to help you move towards better data driven decision ­making. Leveraging machine learning and Big Data technologies we develop advanced solutions for customer churn prevention, sentiment analysis, customer segmentation and risk management. We aim to enable professionals across industries to interact smoothly with their data and get sound answers to the most challenging questions. That is the data driven world we’re creating.

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