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  • Churn Prediction

    Predict customer churn and take effective actions to retain the customer before it is too late.

  • Recommendation System

    Leverage machine learning to tailor recommendations to each of your unique customers.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Power your products with NLP features and turn emails, tweets, or any text data into actionable insights.

  • Customer Segmentation

    Achieve deeper customer understanding and more effective customer marketing.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Adopt advanced analytics to transform an increasing amount of big data into business value.

  • Real-time Stream Processing

    Explore huge data volumes and gain actionable business insights in near real-time.

  • Data Warehouse Creation

    Build a custom data warehouse to ensure your data is available when and where it is needed.

  • New Data Sources

    Ensure your data warehousing solution captures all the essential data types including GPS, social media, GeoIP data, and etc.

  • Churn Prediction

    Acquiring new customers is 15 times more expensive than retaining the existing ones, which makes strategies built around churn and retention the most cost-efficient.

    We analyze your customer data to identify which customers are most likely to churn and why, so that you can implement an effective targeted retention campaign in a timely manner.

    Need help improving customer retention?
  • Recommendation System

    Recommender systems allow companies to provide personalized offers and experience to their customers. Quality recommendations increase customer engagement and impact customer lifetime value.

    InData Labs solutions are adjusted and tailored according to each company’s KPIs.

    Need help creating personalized user experience?
  • Natural Language Processing

    We help our clients extract and understand the who, what, where, and why from their text content. Ranging from Marketing, Sales and Customer Service, InData Labs can analyze thousands of texts to automate business processes.

    We possess a deep understanding of gaming, media & advertising industries and combine it with sophisticated natural language processing techniques in order to rapidly extract the value from our clients’ documents, social media accounts, and web pages.

    Need a solution to get actionable insights from thousands of texts?
  • Customer Segmentation

    The assumption that different customers have different needs and wants is nothing new, therefore segmented marketing campaigns are as high as 50 percent more successful than unsegmented ones.

    We help companies identify groups of customers with common needs and wants and behavioral patterns to effectively divide a customer base into categories.

    We create custom segmentation strategies that are relevant to specific business models and business objectives.This enables companies to proactively target the right customer at the right time with the right message.

    Maximize the impact of every marketing action!
  • Advanced Analytics

    Developing an advanced analytics roadmap can become a frustrating challenge even for a cutting edge company. The process requires an overhaul of the data infrastructure. The majority of companies choosing that road need a substantial upgrade to their data platforms.

    We take our clients through such transformations as replacing legacy systems with cloud-based solutions that support scalability, or replacing ETL with data management processes that support a move to real-time analytics.

    Ready to get started with an advanced analytics roadmap?
  • Real-time Stream Processing

    Real-time data processing and analytics technologies are helping companies quickly find useful information in streams of big data and make informed decisions to boost their business operations.

    At InData Labs we help to build real-time stream processing systems that can analyze semi-structured, unstructured or geospatial data while coping with fast-changing shapes of it.

    Need a solution to explore huge data volumes and gain business insights in near-real time?
  • Data Warehouse Creation

    Our team of world-class data engineers will help you design and build a custom Data Warehouse that will accommodate massive data volumes, diverse data types, and all necessary data processing workloads.

    We can also help you with legacy system retirement, replacing traditional Data Warehouse with a modern one optimized for today’s requirements in big data, analytics, real-time operation, high-performance, and cost control.

    Keep your Data Warehouse aligned with new business and technology requirements.
  • New Data Sources

    Filling the data lake can be a very complex process requiring a comprehensive approach. A lot of organizations are currently being challenged by the diversification of data types and formats, plus the diversifications of data sources.

    We start the process of filling the data lake with identifying the data sources and the type of data that can support specific decisions and business objectives. Most of the exotic data types poised for future growth are the least managed at the moment, so we make sure to take into account GPS, social media, GeoIP data, and etc.

    Seeking new ways to incorporate more data from diverse data sources in your decision making?

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Our mission is to bring the power of AI to every business

We are a professional services firm delivering AI-powered software and technical solutions to companies who want to leverage data and machine learning algorithms for business value.

Focusing on predictive analytics, natural language processing, and computer vision, we help businesses innovate with AI, enrich customer insights, automate processes & be more cost-efficient. This is ensured by our proprietary technologies, exceptional customer care, constant investment into talent development and R&D.

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