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InData Labs is a predictive analytics company that build solutions to help you anticipate customer behavior and outcomes and steer your business in the right direction. Our predictive analytics services include data strategy consulting, custom machine learning model development, end-to-end predictive analytics software development.

Predictive analytics use cases

  • Churn prediction

    Predict customer churn and take effective actions to retain the customer before it is too late.

  • Recommendation system

    Leverage machine learning to tailor recommendations to each of your unique customers.

  • Customer segmentation

    Achieve deeper customer understanding and more effective customer marketing.

  • Lifetime value optimization

    Leverage CRM data with predictive analytics to optimize customer lifetime value.


  • Dynamic pricing

    Optimize your pricing strategies to stay competitive and reduce revenue leaks.

  • Credit scoring

    Use machine learning to improve quality of your credit scoring models.

  • Demand forecasting

    Respond to your business supply needs faster and more accurately.

  • Marketing campaign optimization

    Increasing your marketing campaign profitability with predictive analytics consulting services.

  • Churn prediction

    Acquiring new customers is 15 times more expensive than retaining the existing ones, which makes strategies built around churn and retention the most cost-efficient.

    We analyze your customer data to identify which customers are most likely to churn and why, so that you can implement an effective targeted retention campaign in a timely manner.

    Need help improving customer retention?
  • Recommendation system

    Recommender systems allow companies to provide personalized offers and experience to their customers. Quality recommendations increase customer engagement and impact customer lifetime value.

    InData Labs solutions are adjusted and tailored according to each company’s KPIs.

    Need help creating personalized user experience?
  • Customer segmentation

    The assumption that different customers have different needs and wants is nothing new, therefore segmented marketing campaigns are as high as 50 percent more successful than unsegmented ones.

    We help companies identify groups of customers with common needs and wants and behavioral patterns to effectively divide a customer base into categories.

    We create custom segmentation strategies that are relevant to specific business models and business objectives. This enables companies to proactively target the right customer at the right time with the right message.

    Maximize the impact of every marketing action!
  • Lifetime value optimization

    Lifetime value optimization starts from an accurate prediction of net profit that a customer will generate over the course of his or her interactions with your business.

    Each business model has different challenges for predicting LTV and we incorporate predictive analytics and machine learning to optimize accuracy for each of our customers.

    Maximize the value of every customer!
  • Dynamic pricing

    Setting optimal prices is very important for any business, both online and offline. It is critical to react to every change in the market and find the optimal balance that keeps customers satisfied.

    Dynamic pricing is the perfect approach that helps to find that kind of balance and makes the process of price fixing much easier and faster.

    InData Labs can help you build a dynamic pricing solution powered by machine learning in order to make optimal pricing decisions in real time.

    Start using intelligent pricing to drive sales and customer loyalty.
  • Credit scoring

    Even small differences in the quality of credit scoring models can lead to economically significant differences in the performance of credit portfolios.

    We combine time-tested traditional data science approaches and advanced machine learning technology to build more accurate scoring models while preserving simple interpretation of the results.

    Need help improving the quality of your credit scoring models?
  • Demand forecasting

    Better demand forecasting can reduce inventory and improve service levels of almost any company.

    We build custom demand forecasting models that accumulate a lot of historical data with both internal and external factors that shape future demand trends. This approach guarantees our clients get impeccable results.

    Need a highly accurate demand forecasting tool?
  • Marketing campaign optimization

    With excellent data analysis marketing professionals can better plan, develop, and implement future marketing campaigns. Predictive analytics gives marketers the analytical power to apply advanced marketing strategies that bring more impact across the customer lifecycle and result in significant increases in revenue.

    Predicting the right time, channel and the best offer to send to a given prospect are a few examples where InData Labs’ machine learning experts can help you achieve unprecedented business gains.

    Learn how we can serve as your insights team.

How we build predictive analytics models

  1. Define the Problem
  2. Data Extraction
  3. Exploratory Data Analysis
  4. Data Modeling
  5. Action
  6. Value

Why work with us

We make it easy to build awesome predictive analytics software.
  • State of the art models

    We are always looking for new ways to improve our predictions and get the best possible results.

  • Customizable solutions

    We don’t settle for average. Our solutions are tailored to fit in with customers’ specific needs and the nature of their data.

  • Scalable results

    We plan for the future. Our predictive analytics consulting services and solutions will grow with your business constantly increasing your capabilities.


  • Highly professional team

    We are determined to pursue greatness in everything we do for our clients.

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