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Data Science Services and Solution Development

Tap into our data science services to create a holistic data system for delivering insights

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Cross-functional data science and analytics services at the intersection of next-gen technologies and ample capabilities.
  • data science

    Data Transformation

    Give your data its due by eliminating silos, democratizing access, and communicating insights across the organization. Our data analytics services company puts your infrastructure straight and lowers the cost of insights.
  • ai consulting services

    Machine Learning

    Our ML engineers match your analytics challenges with the right supervised, unsupervised, or reinforcement learning algorithms, deliver autonomous data science solutions, and provide comprehensive machine learning consulting.
  • Deep Learning Predictive Analytics

    Neural Networks and Deep Learning

    We bring in our expertise in neural nets to enable transformative data science consulting and data science model development for your company. We create accurate forecasting, fraud detection, speech recognition solutions, and more to meet your project needs.
  • AI Solutions for Retail

    Natural Language Processing

    We help you make sense of customer insights across all touchpoints, no matter the format, volume, or complexity. Turn to our data science development company and get to know your customer with our custom NLP solutions.
  • data analysis

    BI & Visualizations

    Sharpen business performance, keep your teams focused on a single outcome, and contextualize insights to make them more actionable. We help your company tap into business intelligence and customize it to your unique needs.
  • cloud

    Cloud Environments

    Migrate your assets to the cloud and get a scalable, secure, and innovation-ready foundation for your projects. Our certified cloud engineers help you adopt and right-size cloud resources for cost-effective solution development.

Delivering Data Science Solutions Across Business Cases

Our data science company equips you with the right tools to solve business challenges of any complexity.
AI Language Models

AI Language Models

Stay at the edge of innovation with our custom language models based on the robust combination of AI and NLP. Automate customer service with human-like interaction, tap into the minds of customers, and reduce your admin burden with artificial intelligence.

  • Smart solutions based on GPT
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Natural language generation
  • Document processing
Customer Analytics and Personalization

Customer Analytics and Personalization

Our data science developers combine analytics and AI to create custom models that help you size up your customers and markets – and operate accordingly. Adapt to your changing behaviors in real time and drive value from interactions.

  • Unified analytics for omnichannel
  • Customer behavior analytics and predictions
  • Customer segmentation
  • Advanced analytics for CRM
Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Identify future trends, bring clarity to resource allocation, and increase production capacity by spotting emerging issues. Leverage our data analytics services to build custom predictive analytics models that move your company up the ladder.

  • Demand forecasting
  • Risk calculation
  • Fraud detection
  • Predictive maintenance
Recommendation Systems

Recommendation Systems

Connect with your customers on a deep level, make smarter sales decisions, and put the focus on the right products or services. Enrich your CX with a tailored recommendation system built by our certified software developers.

  • Collaborative filtering
  • Content-based filtering
  • Hybrid recommendation systems
  • Integration with existing software
Embedded Operational Intelligence

Embedded Operational Intelligence

Benefit from our professional services to get a better handle on real-time data and reduce your time-to-insight. Record and deliver performance analytics in a split second and act on dynamic insights instead of historical ones.

  • Real-time analysis
  • Analysis of imagery and video
  • IoT input analysis
  • Stream processing systems and Big data platforms
data science optical-character-recognition

Optical Character Recognition

Simplify data entry, facilitate document classification, and streamline the back-end of your business. Our data science development services include OCR solution development for multiple business cases and formats.

  • Unstructured OCR scanning
  • Structured data capture
  • Optical barcode recognition
  • Character recognition on raw images.
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Benefit from Our Data Science as a Service Model

Benefit from the latest analytics capabilities without investing in in-house competencies.
  • Predictive Analytics

    Strategy and Consulting

    Get professional advisory on data science and software development from experienced data service providers. We help our clients shape their business strategies, estimate upcoming projects, and select the right technologies.

  • data

    Data Engineering

    Establish high-performance infrastructure to make better decisions and add traceability to your information flows. Our engineers prepare your existing input for the model development process and optimize data management.

    • Optimization of database and data warehouse platforms
    • Platform migration
    • Data discovery and augmentation
    • ETL pipeline development
  • web-dev

    Solution Development

    Our machine learning engineers train and validate AI-based models and deploy them in a tailored app. Following the ModelOps approach, we initiate a continuous operational cycle leading to high-quality model production.

    • Collection and exploration
    • Custom model development
    • Model training and evaluation
    • Data science app development
  • data analysis

    Maintenance and Optimization

    Ensure the long-term value of data analytics investment and build models to address evolving challenges. We monitor your model performance, enrich it with new input, and continually re-evaluate its accuracy.

    • Model performance monitoring
    • Data consistency analysis
    • Model enrichment
    • Stability monitoring and drift prevention


Implementing data science for development across business domains.

Technologies & Tools

Our data scientists use the best available technologies and embrace the new ones.
  • technology python
  • hugging face
  • Pytorch technology
  • technology tensorflow
  • deepspeed
  • ray
  • databricks
  • langchain
  • onnx technology
  • technology scikit learn
  • XGBoost dmlc technology
  • Light GBM
  • catboost
  • Open CV Technology
  • logo-spacy
  • prophet technology
  • microsoft azure
  • aws

Why InData Labs?

We partner with global clients on targeted projects through to end-to-end transformations.
  • Highly Experienced Team

    Strong Expertise

    Since 2014, we’ve been delivering complex data-based solutions to solve different business challenges.
  • AI

    Top Data Service Provider

    Our company is ranked in the top 1% of software solution partners according to industry ratings.
  • Strong ML team

    Diverse Expertise

    We handle the entire process of software development as an autonomous, dedicated team.
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Trusted Data Science Company

Our expertise is acknowledged and accredited by the leading software providers.
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  • AWS Database Specialty
  • AWS Machine Learning
  • AWS Developer Associate
  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate
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  • data bricks spark
  • ibm data and ai

Let Our Clients Do the Talking


  • Data science technology is a term used to describe the various tools and techniques used to extract insights from the existing input. This includes everything from visualization and machine learning to more traditional methods such as statistical analysis.

    The technology is constantly evolving, and new tools and techniques are being developed all the time. Our company selects a custom combination of methods and techniques to address the unique needs of a particular client.

  • Data science as a service is used for a variety of purposes, from analyzing customer insights to understanding satellite images. It is a way to outsource the data science model development process to data science as a service companies that can share their expertise and reduce the costs of hiring an in-house team.

  • The exact amount of upfront investment into data science in software development differs by project size, complexity, and location of your data analytics firm.

    It may cost you from $20,000 to $100,000 for PoC to validate the idea and guarantee the scalability of a project. Contact our company to get an accurate estimation of your project.

  • Some of the services that a data scientist can provide include data mining service, analysis, predictive modeling, and more. They can help organizations to make better decisions by providing insights that would not be apparent from looking at the input alone. Data experts can also help to improve the efficiency of decision-making by automating the process of input analysis.

  • Many companies are using data science technology and innovation to make better decisions and improve their businesses. Here are some of the benefits that data science service providers can deliver for your company:

    • Improved decision making: make better decisions by analyzing input and finding patterns.
    • Improved customer service: understand your customers better and provide them with better service.
    • Improved efficiency: automate tasks and processes, making your company more efficient.
    • Improved financial performance: optimize your business to improve your financial performance.
  • Hiring a data scientist can be a strategic decision for many businesses, but the timing can vary depending on several factors. Here are some scenarios in which hiring a data scientist might be beneficial:

    • Data-driven decision making
    • Complex data analysis needs
    • Building data products
    • Identifying business opportunities
    • Improving efficiency and automation
    • Addressing specific challenges and staying competitive.
  • InData Labs is known for its expertise in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Some specific talents and capabilities they might have include:

    • Generative AI consulting and development
    • NLP and virtual assistant development
    • Big data consulting and development
    • Data engineering and data architecture
    • Data visualization and warehousing.

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