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Sentiment Analysis Services For Your Project

Activate consumer interaction data at scale with our sentiment analysis services

Refine Your Business Strategy with User Sentiment

Sentiment analytics is a cutting-edge NLP-based technology that identifies the underlying emotional tone of consumer sentiment data.

Our Services

Our company offers a full range of NLP-based services to address the unique needs of your data.

Real-Time Sentiment Monitoring

Achieve an end-to-end view into your consumer preferences with our dynamic emotion tracking solutions. Detect consumer mood changes, prevent churns, and be the leader of proactive customer service.

  • Emotion AI model development
  • Social media listening tools
  • Smart customer service solutions
  • ChatGPT conversational solutions

Intent Classification

Know exactly what your customers are up to with our user intent analytics solutions. Track and classify queries, comments, emails, and other data to reduce the time and costs of customer service.

  • Custom intent classifier development
  • Sales and marketing campaign analysis
  • Conversational AI applications

Text Mining and Information Extraction

Gain knowledge from unstructured content with and extract valuable information from all kinds of data. Make the most out of your emails, scripts, documents, and conversations – with less effort and quicker turnarounds.

  • Voice-of-the customer solutions
  • Document analysis (CMS, RPA, ERP, and others)
  • Text analytics for call centers

Full-Cycle NLP Software Development

Transform your business requirements into full-fledged smart solutions based on Natural Language Processing. Uncover insights buried in your data and transform opportunities into great products.

  • Topic modeling solutions
  • Text categorization
  • User feedback analysis

Adopt Sentiment Tracking to Stay on the Edge

Put the customer’s perspective at the core of your operating model.
  • Track Sentiment Across Channels

    Track Sentiment Across Channels

    Extract, analyze, and act on sentiments across multiple touch points. Make sure your product resonates with the consumers, score big on customer experience, and rely on real-user feedback to inform your strategy.
  • Plan Product Improvements

    Plan Product Improvements

    Take the pulse of public opinion and consumer sentiment data to analyze your latest product release. Collate user insights to identify gaps, add much-awaited features, and improve user experience.
  • Customer Service Issues

    Prioritize Customer Service Issues

    Identify critical customer issues and put top-priority service tickets at the head of the queue. Enable ChatGPT solutions to avoid escalations when consumer complaints arrive - based on users’ real-time feelings.
  • Brand Reputation

    Monitor Brand Reputation

    Let our sentiment analysis company help you establish a strong brand image through NLP and machine learning. Use sentiment data to spot negative mentions, react swiftly to alerts, and effectively manage your online reputation.

Sentiment Analysis for Brand Building

Get a leg up in the competition through innovative technologies for sentiment tracking.
  • icon like

    Monitor Your Brand’s Social Media

    Make a health check of public opinion about your brand and verify if it’s in the green or the red zone. We build custom opinion tracking solutions that run opinion mining on unstructured data from the brand's social media channels.
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    Focus on The Voice of the Customer (VoC)

    Gain insight into consumer expectations, preferences, and pain points to gain competitive intelligence. Our VoC solutions analyze and derive insight from all types of VoC data using a variety of analytical and visualization techniques.
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    Get Insights from Product Analysis

    Convert negative comments into positive interactions and keep customers satisfied during product changes. Uncover gaps between your product and the competition and predict your customers' response to new products.
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    Track Your Competitors

    Benchmark the strengths and weaknesses of your brand against competitors and detect reputation risks before they break loose. Lift your business ranking, get a better handle on your competition, and position your products strategically.
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Sentiment Analysis Steps

Let our experts guide you on the path to market success through calibrated flows and well-balanced processes.
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Supplement your strategy with robust tools for customer analysis from a leading sentiment analysis company.
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Capture the Whole Picture with Sentiment Analytics

Transform emotions into quantitative metrics and deliver the right products at the right time.
  • first
    Get Live Insights
    Use our custom sentiment analytics solutions to recognize emotions behind texts across the web and integrate customer interaction into a single source of truth.
  • second
    Provide Better Services
    Gain a clear picture of the level of customer happiness, close the gap between your company and your customers, and maintain high service quality.
  • third
    Reduce Customer Churn
    Gather unsolicited feedback to surface what’s truly top of mind for your clients, identify frustrated customers, and respond with the right retention strategy.
  • four
    Detect Changes in Customer Opinion
    Detect drops and rises in optimism about your brand, monitor recurring trends, and align messages to consumer mindsets to build a positive brand image.


We inject our cross-domain experience into building custom solutions aligned with individual business needs.

Your Trusted Sentiment Analysis Company

Our team of problem solvers builds intelligent solutions with long-term value and added business benefits.
  • Customizable Solutions

    Customizable Solutions

    Our solutions are tailored to fit the needs of our clients and overcome the challenges of their domain.
  • data processing Predictive Analytics

    Scalable Results

    We base your solutions on scalable architectures to let them grow in lockstep with your business.
  • ai consulting services

    State-of-the-Art Models

    Our sentiment analysis services are based on cutting-edge AI algorithms to deliver results with high accuracy.

Your Certified NLP Partner

Our company has access to internationally recognized best practices shared by leading software providers.
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Let Our Clients Do the Talking

Sentiment Analysis Use Cases

AI Customer Analytics Solution

Smart Client Service Solution

Our client, a US FMCG company, needed a smart solution to mine actionable insights from emails and audio using NLP.

The InData Labs team set up a data analysis pipeline for sentiment analysis that became a central tool for the customer strategy of our client.

View Details
game dev

Automated Customer Feedback Analysis

Our team was hired by an international game publisher to build a cost-effective feedback analytics tool.

Our engineers delivered a custom, NLP-powered solution that reduced the costs and time of analysis and minimized the bias in the decision-making process.

View Details
Customer Review Analytics Solution for E-commerce

Emotion Intelligence Monitoring

The project was delivered for a large US e-commerce platform that strived to improve the quality of its customer experience with automated sentiment analytics.

Our team has implemented an ML-powered emotion analysis software that identifies the tone in customer reviews.

View Details
Smart Cooking Assistant

Smart Cooking Assistant

Our team provided project rescue services to our client to improve the existing product and fix the speech recognition functionality.

We addressed all client’s concerns and delivered a revamped version of an AI cooking software with hands-free control and other smart add-ons.

View Details


  • Sentiment analysis as a service allows companies to look into the customer sentiment expressed through text or audio data. The technology enables individuals to identify, extract, quantify, and analyze subjective information as well as act on the subjective data to boost customer loyalty.

    Businesses can improve consumer satisfaction by analyzing how well the products or services click with the user’s needs. Companies can also employ the technology to predict the success of a new product or service.

  • This type of data gives you an overall image of your customers’ emotions and opinions based on engaging with your brand at a specific moment. By getting a better handle on this data, you can measure customer satisfaction, identify pain points, and track opinions over time.

  • The technology is based on the latest advancements of machine learning and NLP techniques. Sentiment analysis as a service can also be divided into fine-grained, aspect-based, emotion, and intent-based analysis. The tech stack is different for each type.

  • The technology has been proven to be an effective tool for improving customer experience, driving sales and increasing revenue.

    Some of the most popular use cases in marketing include:

    • Brand reputation monitoring
    • Audience research
    • Marketing/PR effort tracking
    • Influencer marketing
  • There is no single best model for this technology. Instead, there are a variety of methods that can be used to build a sentiment analysis model with high accuracy. Some of the most popular methods for building sentiment analytics models include support vector machines, Naive Bayes classifiers, and recurrent neural networks. Our ML engineers select a custom set of technologies that fit your data specs.

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