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Consumer Sentiment Analysis Solutions Development

Get into how consumers feel about your brand and get more clients on board

Consumer sentiment analysis example

Make Your Reputation Your Most Valuable Tool

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Then don’t ignore consumer sentiment. InData Labs’ top priority is to arm you with a unique custom solution to help excel at building your online brand reputation.

Customers have made social media platforms their major venue for sharing opinions. And that is the largest source of consumer sentiment data that can aid your business in designing breakthrough products and better service provision.

InData Labs creates custom text analysis and opinion mining solutions from scratch based on the data of various types and sizes. We inject our cross-domain experience into building custom big data solutions aligned with individual business needs and data specifics of our clients.
Machine learning analyzes customer sentiments

Tap into Machine Learning to Analyze Customer Sentiments

Consumer sentiment analysis is a critical component of social listening. It lets you make an instant health check of public opinion about your brand and verify if it is in the green or the red zone.

We help organizations of different sizes tap into the capabilities of machine learning for open-text responses and brand conversations to identify and monitor how optimistic customers are about a brand.

You can also use our solutions for benchmarking the strengths and weaknesses of your brand against competitors and detecting reputation risks before they break loose.

Sentiment analysis solution by InData Labs

“Voice of the Customer” Solutions Development by InData Labs

Consumer sentiment analysis solutions by InData Labs combines sophisticated linguistic algorithms and machine learning. Their use will help you to determine whether a piece of writing is positive, negative, or neutral. And they will show you whether a consumer happy, sad, distressed, satisfied, etc.

The value for a business is in the solution application options to discover how the target audience feels about a particular product, trend, topic, brand, and more. That can save companies a lot of time and resources otherwise spent on routine research and cold calling.

Opportunities that You Can Get

Using our customer sentiment analysis solutions, you can take the following opportunities:
  • Monitor Specific Keywords across the Social Web
  • Filter out Irrelevant Content and Information
  • Discover Topics and Sentiment of Customer Messages
  • React Quickly to Any Alerts about Your Products/ Services
Sentiment analysis solution use case

How You Can Use Our Solution

Our clients use our sentiment analysis solutions within their organizations to facilitate such tasks as:

  • Monitoring online product reviews, emails, tweets, social media posts, and other types of text data
  • Monitor customer feedback and provide quick response
  • Predict customer churn
  • Deliver products and services the right time to the right customer
  • Analyze employee sentiment to resolve issues before escalation

Key Benefits

  • Get Live Insights
    Use our custom sentiment analysis solutions to recognize emotions behind texts across the web and measure customer satisfaction.
  • Provide Better Services
    Gain a clear picture of the level of customer happiness. Improve and maintain high service quality that you ensure to your customers.
  • Reduce Customer Churn
    Identify frustrated customers as quickly as possible. You will be able to provide first-rate servicing and calm tense situations to eventually retain customers.
  • Detect Changes in Customer Opinion
    Detect drops and rises in optimism about your brand. Monitor trends and see the way your customers feel when turning to you.

Why Work with InData Labs

We ease your way to owning awesome sentiment analysis software.
  • Customizable Solutions
    Customizable Solutions
    We don’t settle for average. Our solutions are tailored to fit in with the specific needs of customers and the nature of their data.
  • data processing
    Scalable Results
    We plan for the future. Our solutions will grow with your business, constantly increasing your capabilities.
  • Deep Learning
    State-of-the-Art Models
    We use convolutional neural networks to train efficient algorithms inspired by biological neural activities.
Customer Success
solution for a game developer
Helping a Leading Game Developer Automate Customer Feedback Analysis

The Client – an international game developer and publisher with an audience of over 150 million. Our team built for the Client a customer feedback tool that allowed to timely download and analyze all the reviews from YouTube and forums.

Now the Client’s team has all the necessary information at hand as soon as the new release goes live and can react to their players’ feedback as fast as possible, avoiding a complex review retrieval process.

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