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AI-Powered Sports and Wellness Solutions

We Develop Bespoke Solutions Committed to Injury-Free Sports and Physical Wellness.

Areas of Expertise

Using Artificial Intelligence to address sports and wellness challenges.
AI Sports and Wellness Solutions

Pose Estimation for Personalized Real-time Feedback

Want to speed up the healing with physical therapy? Enable human pose estimation in hospital settings. Modernizing your practice with AI, patients stay injury-free and get personalized real-time feedback to optimize physical activity. AI wellness solutions guarantee better patient outcomes through error detection algorithms.

Need to improve your existing fitness app? Enhance it with real-time pose tracking and estimation. Let workouts be motivating and personalized through your sports IT solution.

Want to keep your sporting event safe? Go for ML development of violence detection solutions. Making a shift to digital security with a custom surveillance system, you’ll enable violent behavior detection, crowd monitoring and analysis.

AI Sports and Wellness Solution

Computer Vision for Greater Customer Experience

Deliver great experience to your VIPs with face recognition. Identify your guests, greet them by the name and offer personalized services. Sports IT solutions like that will enable safety in VIP areas.

AI Sports

Computer Vision for Personnel Authentication

Keep the track of your staff at the sports venues with computer vision technologies. Integrating facial recognition into your surveillance system, it’s easy to see real-time staff location at the venue. Grant or ban access to training facilities and locker rooms with face biometrics. Protect privacy of famous sportsmen.

AI Sports and Wellness

Computer Vision for Dealing with Documents

Find, manage and process documents with ease. Save time through automatic data capture, retrieval and extraction. Pass on repetitive team management documentation tasks to OCR solutions.

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AI Sports Solutions

Predictive Analytics for Sports Performance Analysis

Want to become the team winning the competition in the world of sports? Use the power of artificial intelligence for sports performance analysis. Predictive analytics solutions offer insights based on player performance analysis and skill evaluation. With AI in sports analytics, analyzing and measuring specific skills, predicting recovery time is easier. Use custom predictive analytics solutions to adjust the training scheme and achieve greater results.

Utilize data mining for sporting event ticket sales prediction. Deploy ticket pricing based on past ticket purchase behavior, season trends, past and current ticket price. Leveraging artificial intelligence in sports ticket prediction, you’ll decrease empty seats and maximize the revenue.

AI and Wellness

NLP for Feedback Analytics

Measure your sports team brand in social media in a click. Use NLP to know what your target audience thinks of your brand. Segment your fans by age, gender, interests and use these insights for cutting-edge fan sport engagement and brand promotion.

Find out how your rivalries are performing with AI in sports solutions. Gather and analyze sports fan feedback in social media to outsmart them.

What We Can Do for You

Services that offer value to sports organizations and businesses.
Need an artificial intelligence-based solution for the fitness industry?


Stay ahead of a game with technology.
  • AI idea

    Powering Up Workout Apps

    Win the hearts and minds of your users with an AI-powered fitness app.
  • AI Sports and Wellness Solutions

    Rehabilitation Through Technology

    AI-assisted rehabilitation for injury prevention and speedy recovery.
  • analytics

    Advanced Sports Analytics

    Gain insights from data analysis for better sports performance.
  • AI Sports and Wellness Solution

    Business Process Automation

    Streamlined paper-based processes and increased business productivity.
Need an AI solution for fitness?

Why InData Labs?

We’ve got plenty of sports projects under the belt, and ready to help you with yours.
  • Highly Experienced Team
    Proven Experience

    We have a team of 60+ engineers with senior-level tech expertise and dozens of sports and wellness related projects.

  • State of the Art Models
    Proprietary Technologies

    At InData Labs, we work with convolutional neural networks driven by AI.

  • Custom AI Solutions
    Clear Communication

    We’re transparent, flexible, and always keeping clients in the loop.

Customer Success

Take a look at the projects we’ve completed. Get inspired for your own.
Pose Estimation API

Pose Estimation for Fitness and Physical Therapy Application

Improved pose estimation and error detection by 64%.

The client asked InData Labs to improve pose estimation accuracy and implement error-detection algorithms. To enable precise human pose estimation, we used DL. To implement error-detection, we chose data science algorithms.

As a result, we successfully integrated AI-driven algorithms into the client’s app. That enabled better pose estimation accuracy and made error detection possible.

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AI Sports Solution

Activity Recognition Model Using Accelerometer Signal

Improved accuracy of an activity recognition model by 48%.

The client – a global IoT company, was planning to integrate a module into their software for predicting intense moments in sport games.

Our team used sensor data to build human activity recognition models. We built models that could recognize and classify human actions in real time.

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AI Sport

Scaling Up a Fitness App with Deep Neural Networks

Boosted application performance by 19%.

The client is a fitness tech startup. They create fitness plans for no-equipment workouts.

The client needed a talented NN developer, so they contacted our team. The project goal was to develop activity recognition and error detection models.

As a result, we’ve created bespoke CNNs to detect human activity and detect errors in real time.

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