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Custom Web Development Services to Empower Your Business

We offer our extensive experience to build your custom web solution with rich functionality that would bring great value to your business.

Our Expertise

Our expertise to increase business efficiency with custom web solutions.
  • web-dev

    Custom Web Application Development from Scratch

    Have a perfect idea for a web app that will reinvent your business processes and workflow?

    We are ready to help you at all phases of professional web development from requirements gathering and prototyping to final release and after-sale maintenance and support.
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    Web App Modernization and Reengineering

    Have a legacy system that doesn’t fit your fast growing business but loved by your users?

    We have a solid experience in transforming client’s legacy software into robust working business solutions saving all the data and functionality.

Types of Systems We Can Build

We create different kinds of custom web solutions and implement modern technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and many others to help you transform your established working processes.
  • Business Analytics
    Get valuable insights based on your enterprise data to make your decision-making process more data-driven.
  • Data Visualization
    Visualize your data in a convenient and understandable way to gain a complete overview.
  • Project Management
    Enhance planning, projects & tasks monitoring, and interaction between your team members.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Optimize processes related to cooperation with your suppliers and customers.
  • Customer Relationship Management
    Improve interaction processes with your existing clients and potential customers to grow your business.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
    Manage dozens of your business functions in a single system, streamline all your processes with ease.
  • Content Recommendation Systems
    Deliver relevant content and engage users with personalized recommendations (products, news, etc) to improve user experience.

Web Development Process Flow

  1. Discovery Phase
    We gather all the information about your business processes, put all requirements together, dive into your business domain and analyze all the aspects to understand the scope of future work. We build a team for your project and kick it off.
  2. Web App Development Phase
    We build up a framework of the future web application, then we perform design, back-end and front-end development, and provide quality assurance service for the solution stabilization.
  3. Deployment Phase
    When the application is ready, the web development team deploys and sets it up in accordance with the customer's environment to make sure that the solution performs stable work.
  4. Maintenance Phase
    We support and maintain the application after installation to make sure your app functions properly. In case any problems appear we make some improvements to eliminate them.

We Bring Value to the Following Industries through Web Development Services

  • E-Commerce
  • marketing
    Marketing and Advertising
  • icon-finance-banking
    Banking and Finance
  • logistics
    Logistics and Transportation
  • insurance Healthcare
  • e-commerce
  • data processing Predictive Analytics

Your Future Web App Will Have

  • Custom Web Development
    Excellent Performance
    To be robust and work smoothly.
  • Custom Web Dev
    Well-designed Architecture
    To be able to evolve according to your growing business.
  • High-Quality
    Eye-catching Design
    To win your users’ hearts with a proper user interface.
  • Custom Web
    Vast Functionality
    To cover all your business requirements and needs.

Tech We Use

  • technologies-webix
  • DHX
  • technologies-reactjs
  • Vue.js
  • JS
  • technologies-nodejs
  • PHP
  • technologies-laravel
  • technologies-net

Why Work with InData Labs

We help to transform your business with state of the art solutions.
  • ai consulting services
    Excellent Team
    Our talented IT specialists with broad experience in web development dive deep into your business needs and ideas to bring true value to your business through a comprehensive working solution.
  • AI
    Deep Expertise
    We have a proven record of projects that we have delivered to our customers from different business domains across the globe. So, you can be sure we put all our talent and experience to meet all your needs.
  • icon five stars
    Modern Technologies
    We leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help you solve business problems, stay competitive and conquer your market share in a constantly changing business environment.

Customer Success

project management system
Project Management System to Handle Projects On-the-Fly

The client from the construction business faced the difficulty in managing and monitoring a plenty of projects simultaneously, and asked us to build an intuitive custom web application for easy and efficient project management.

Our team created a multifunctional web solution for project management with better resource planning, workload monitoring and team collaborating features for the client to get a competitive edge.

app optimization
Workflow Application for Processes Optimization

Our client is a large company with plenty of partners, suppliers, and customers, asked us to build a custom web application for easy management and monitoring of all business processes and participants. The client specifically requested to add an important feature of economic forecasting of demands, profits and costs.

We released a complex web solution that helps our client handle all the parties and forecast future demand using predictive analytics, decrease operational costs and manage overall company’s performance.

e-commerce web development
Full-Cycle Web Application Development for a Retailer

The client is a retail company from Europe. They needed to move their retail business online. So they asked the InData Labs team to develop a solid web platform for smooth online ordering. The platform should also have a predictive analytics module for effective inventory management.

We provided the client with an online retail website that is fast, user-centric and easy-to-use. It’s enabled online selling and maximised sales and profits. The predictive analytics module has helped the client prevent overstock and optimise prices.

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