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Generative AI Consulting Services

Explore the AI frontier with our generative AI consulting company. Embark on the GenAI journey with InData Labs.
Generative AI Consulting
  • transparent processes
    AI Digital Transformation Consulting
    Looking for a smart way to automate repetitive tasks, streamline business processes, and enhance your overall operational efficiency?
    Our team will analyze the specifics of your business and the industry you are in, ensure alignment with your goals, and decide how you can implement generative AI technologies to stay ahead of the curve, fostering innovation in your organization.
  • icon data
    AI Data Consulting
    Need help with data quality & governance?
    Our generative AI consultants can help you establish robust data governance, ensuring that data is accurate, consistent, and meets quality standards. We can evaluate your data infrastructure and recommend improvements like upgrading hardware, implementing cloud solutions or adopting Big data technologies to support your future AI initiatives.
  • generative ai
    Generative AI Solutions Development
    Our generative AI consulting company selects the right AI tools and fine-tunes LLMs with your data, or enables ChatGPT integration into your infrastructure to help you drive optimization and growth. With generative AI development, you can benefit from custom virtual assistants and chatbots, personalized recommender engines, customer sentiment analysis, and business automation solutions.

From Idea to Implementation

Generative AI consultants can design and implement custom solutions that align with your business objectives.
Generative AI Consulting for Your Business Growth
Get a consultation on how your business can achieve greater productivity with GenAI.

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Benefits of Generative AI Consulting

Embracing generative AI in consulting to beat your competition in today's evolving digital landscape.
  • Improved Visibility

    Improved Efficiency

    Streamline workflow, and enhance operational efficiency.
  • person decision

    Enhanced Decision Making

    Provide valuable insights for informed decision-making.
  • dollar increase

    Cost Savings

    Automate tiresome tasks and minimize expenses.
  • data processing Predictive Analytics


    Easily adapt to changing business environments and workloads.
  • Self improvements


    Transform the way you operate,
    and make strategic decisions.
  • icon list

    Regulatory Compliance

    Stay compliant with regulations by automating compliance monitoring.
  • AI retail vip

    Enhanced Customer Experience

    Provide round-the-clock support and increase customer loyalty.
  • cost

    Risk Management

    Mitigate risks by analyzing data patterns and detecting anomalies.

Why Hire AI Generative Consultants from InData Labs?

Our commitment to innovation ensures that your business benefits from our cooperation.
  • ai customer
    10 Years on the Market
    We are at the forefront of innovation and technology since 2014.
  • ai consulting services
    Strong AI Expertise
    Guidance on tools & strategies in GenAI consulting.
  • AI retail vip
    150 Successful Projects Made
    A team with a strong track record of AI projects for various industries.
  • Favorable/Convenient Terms of Cooperation
    100+ People on Board
    A fast-growing firm of generative AI consultants & engineers.
  • Global Experience
    Global Recognition
    A renowned leader in AI and data science software development.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Reviewed on Clutch
    Pavel Nurminskiy
    Pavel Nurminskiy
    Head of Machine Learning at Creative Research, Wargaming

    If you want to have a stable and efficient product, I recommend working with InData Labs.

    They created an anti-fraud solution for our company, implemented and improved algorithms, and collaborated to deliver a working product. InData Labs’ work helped us save a significant percentage of our marketing budget. Clients can expect a partner who excels at delivering products.

  • Reviewed on Clutch
    Ivan Akulovich
    Ivan Akulovich
    Project Manager of Business Development Department, AsstrA

    The competitiveness of InData Labs in the field of data science impressed us. More importantly, we learned many things from them.

    InData Labs built a new freight rates prediction software for our company. The increased quality of the data results we received dramatically improved our metrics. InData Labs did an excellent job and became our trusted data science partner.

  • Vishal Gurbuxani
    Vishal Gurbuxani
    Co-Founder & CTO, Captiv8

    Without InData Labs we wouldn’t have gotten all the exclusive data from social media that we offer to our customers today. With no doubt, I highly recommend InData Labs for any big data related projects.

  • Reviewed on Clutch
    Eudis Anjos
    Eudis Anjos
    Senior Engineering Manager of GSMA

    InData Labs completed the deliverables on time and met our expectations. They recommended improvements and shared ideas for new features. We appreciated the team’s friendly approach, engagement with the project and the friendliness.

    They were like part of my team, I had the confidence to reach any of the team members at any time. It was as if we were working in the same physical environment.

  • Reviewed on Clutch
    Brent McCarthy
    Brent McCarthy
    CEO & Co-Founder, Myka LLC

    Not only is the team fully capable of delivering what we want, but they also deliver in a timely manner.

    Thanks to our team at InData Labs, we were able to quickly correct all issues/bugs from our previous developers, while implementing a custom algorithm for our most pertinent feature of our app, artificial intelligence. They turned our app around from unusable to outstanding and marketable in a matter of months.

  • Reviewed on Clutch
    Andrew Kovzel
    Andrew Kovzel
    CTO, Flo: Smart Period Tracker

    As a growing company, we found InData Labs’ expertise in data science invaluable. In almost two years of our cooperation, they’ve helped us define our data analytics strategy, build a scalable data pipeline, and improve menstrual cycle predictions with a sophisticated neural network.

  • Reviewed on Clutch
    David Cairns
    David Cairns
    CEO & Co-Founder, Skorebee

    We have used InData Labs help us create not only the scoring models, but also build frontend and backend components which have all been completed with high quality, within expected timelines, and with clear visibility into ongoing status. The InData team think in terms of being a long-term partner…not just a provider, and I would recommend them to anyone who values intelligent, diligent & proactive development partners.

  • Reviewed on Clutch
    CEO and Co-Founder of an Spinout from the University of Copenhagen

    Their competence in data science, machine learning is second to none. The algorithms and methods were extremely well-explained and documented. We were likewise impressed by the friendly and proactive engagement we got from every member of the team. We’re a very small organization with a limited budget, but they always treated us like our problems and our business was of utmost importance. In short, we got the same level of service that a company 1000x our size would have gotten.

  • Reviewed on Clutch
    Head of Business Development, Corporate Start-Up

    Their drive was strong, and the whole team pushed their limits to meet deadlines and make everything work. Their strengths showed throughout our collaboration.

    Give them a try, even with small projects to test them out. They won’t disappoint you, and they’re very open about what they can and can’t do. I would recommend them to anyone.

Global Recognition of InData Labs

A team of skilled data scientists, machine learning engineers, and AI specialists ready to provide generative AI consultancy and develop advanced solutions.
  • badge aws partner
  • aws data analytics
  • AWS Database Specialty
  • AWS Machine Learning
  • AWS Developer Associate
  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate
  • aws solution architect
  • logo aws certified cloud practitioner
  • microsoft certified expert
  • power bi data analyst
  • logo microsoft azure data engineer
  • azure ai engineer
  • microsoft azure administrator
  • microsoft certified azure
  • confluent apache kafka
  • data bricks spark
  • ibm data and ai

Our Stack of Generative AI Tools

Delivering innovative solutions to tackle your biggest business challenges.
  • gpt-4
  • Whisper
  • llama 2
  • MidJourney
  • BERT
  • stable diffusion
  • logo-stanza
  • flair
  • logo-spacy
  • styleGAN
  • cycleGAN
  • hugging face


Here’s everything you need to know before making a strategic investment into leveraging GenAI technologies.
  • InData Labs leverages generative AI to assist its clients in solving complex problems, enhancing business operations, and automating certain tasks. Some common applications of generative AI include chatbot development, knowledge-based chatbots, data analysis and management, sentiment analysis, recommendation engine development, and more.

  • An AI consultant provides guidance, expertise, and support to businesses and organizations seeking to leverage AI technologies for various purposes. The role of an AI consultant is multifaceted and can include the following responsibilities:

    • Business goals analysis
    • Strategic planning
    • Technology selection
    • Data infrastructure analysis
    • Model fine-tuning and development
    • Implementation support
    • Ethical and regulatory compliance, etc.
  • The price of generative AI consulting can vary widely based on several factors, including the scope and complexity of the project, the expertise of the consulting firm or individual, the duration of the engagement, and the specific deliverables required. The average project price is from $30k up to $100k.

    Here are some factors that can influence the pricing:

    • Project scope
    • Expertise and reputation
    • Duration of engagement
    • Customization and complexity
    • Client requirements
    • Market demand.
  • An AI consulting firm is a professional services company that specializes in providing expertise, guidance, and solutions related to artificial intelligence. These firms typically consist of teams of experts in various AI domains, including machine learning, data science, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and more. The primary goal of an AI consulting firm is to assist businesses and organizations in leveraging AI technologies to solve complex problems, improve processes, and achieve their strategic objectives. One of the firms of this kind is InData Labs, an AI premier service provider with 10+ years of experience and global recognition.

  • Here are some ways consultants can use generative AI:

    • Chatbot and virtual assistants
    • Content generation
    • Data collection, management, and analysis
    • Prototyping and design
    • Text summarization and sentiment analysis
    • Custom software development, etc.

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