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Big Data Development Services

We build data lakes, lakehouses and data warehouses
implement cutting-edge analytics
and develop Big Data applications
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Big Data Engineers & Architects | Deep Expertise in AWS and Azure

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  • Big Data Development for Your Company

    Big Data Development for Your Company

    We provide insights-as-a-service: you get actionable business insights out of your data based on specific data pipelines designed to achieve your goals.
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    Big Data Consulting

    Big Data Consulting

    We review your business processes vs business goals set and offer the best way to digitize it. As a big data development service provider, we’ll make it data-driven and transparent in terms of decision-making. We’ll provide project assessment, design, implementation, testing, deployment, and support on-demand.
  • data engineering and architecture

    Data Infrastructure & Engineering

    Data Infrastructure & Engineering

    We’ll collect, clean and structure your data for analysis and visualisation. We’ll design a data pipeline with real-time data streaming, batch data streaming or lambda architecture, build data lakes and warehouses. Big data implementation services include data warehouse architecture consulting and development, implementation, advancement or migration.
  • data analysis

    Data Analytics

    Data Analytics

    We’ll arrange data lakes and warehouses for effective data storage, retrieval, and insights mining. We get raw data coming from businesses’ various sources. Considering business’s specifics, we clean and analyze data, and yet find new ways of using it to enhance the business’ value.
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    Data Visualization

    Data Visualization

    We visualise insights mined, so it’s easy-to-understand for the business’ owner. We agree on reports and dashboards, and develop a system to generate them based on data from data lakes and warehouses. Data visualisation is insightful and valuable for reshaping business strategy and improving its competitiveness on the market.
  • ai consulting services

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    Based on the data, we build custom AI models that simplify decision-making. Outsourcing big data analysis to artificial intelligence, you prevent human error, improve business efficiency and cut costs.
Need big data app development?

How You Can Benefit from It

Our cross-functional team of data scientists, big data engineers, solution architects and consultants provide big data consulting and big data development services to help you leverage your data and the latest AI technologies for business value and get the most out of your investment.
  • Strong ML team
    Better Insights into Customers
  • speed
    Increased Operational Efficiency
  • icon engineering
    Business Process Automation
  • advanced data analysis
    Data-Driven Product Innovation and Promotion
  • Reduced Costs
    Cut Costs from Smart Decision Making
  • ecommerce
    Improved Market Intelligence

Our Approach

  • 1. Business Challenge Review

    We analyze your business environment and domain specifics, performance, data sources, define the challenges and set up goals. Our team of skilled business analysts and engineers brainstorm to suggest to you the solutions that address your challenges and take your business to new heights.
  • 2. Data Collection and Preparation

    We aggregate data into representations adapted for storage and processing. Preparation includes standardization, missing values handling, outliers filtering and other operations, e.g. specific to textual/visual information.We collect business data and transform it into a form processable by available intelligent tools.
  • 3. Data Analysis

    To analyze data we use cutting-edge statistical methods, and various machine learning and data science algorithms. The insights we get during data analysis, help the business owner see roadblocks or unobvious things in the business process and get them improved promptly.
  • 4. Business Implementation

    We use data science tools and cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud. If the client prefers an on-premise solution, we’re ready to create a custom system based on Python Scientific and ML Stack and integrate it into the client's business infrastructure using tools (databases, containerization, web frameworks, etc.) appropriate for the use case.
Get the most of your data


See how big data software development services disrupt the industries. Get inspired to enhance yours.

Manufacturing: Better Operational Efficiency

Big data developers from InData Labs can help you harness your data for predictive maintenance or condition monitoring, warranty reserve estimation, workplace accident prevention, anomalous action detection, and supply chain optimization. Using big data development tools and services for manufacturing, it’s easy to forecast product demand and organize manufacturing planning for resource and capacity.

Big Data Development Services

Agriculture: Precision Farming and Yields’ Profitability

InData Labs, a big data development company, provides tech services and solutions for field condition monitoring, crops monitoring AI, and precision agricultural decision-making. With big data solution services, farmers can gain insights on field irrigation, fertilization, pesticide prevention, etc. to achieve greater results.

Big Data Development Services agriculture

Retail & E-commerce: Understanding the Customer through Analytics

Big data and mobile app development together with web custom solutions can help store owners leverage insights out of customers’ data (clicks, reactions, orders, bounce rate, abandoned carts, etc) and plan efficient targeting and cross channel marketing. Recommendation engines boost sales and enhance customer experience increasing customer ROI and lifetime value.

Big Data Development in retail

Healthcare: Disease Identification And Risk Satisfaction

Big data software development can help healthcare organizations in proactive health management. Predictive models based on the real-time patient data help assess risk patient profiles and help doctors with diagnosis. Patient triage optimization allows decreasing waiting time and risk of infection. Wth sentiment analysis the healthcare provider can track the patients’ satisfaction with the services provided.

big data development in healthcare

FinTech: Risk Analytics and Regulation

Harness big data services for building effective customer-focus strategies, identifying high-risk client profiles, and detecting fraudulent financial activities and managing financial risks. Get insights out of data to forecast and assess ROI.

big data development in fintech

Logistics: Increased Operational Efficiency

We, as a big data service provider, develop custom solutions for efficient warehouse (tracking available items) and inventory management (understock and overstock prevention). Big Data analytics allow real-time fleet tracking for routing optimization and improving delivery times.

Data-driven logistics companies can save considerable costs, enhance operational efficiency and improve service level with AI and big data.

big data development in logistics

IoT: Business Insights Generation

Glean and structure data from your IoT devices for smart analytics. Reap value from your IoT data for decision-making and improving your practices. With the help of big data services, you can open new revenue opportunities.

big data development in iot

Energy and Utilities: Energy Demand and Supply Analytics

Get strategic insights out of your data for smart and efficient use of energy. Forecast energy demand and prices with custom big data solutions.

Key benefits:

  • Power usage analytics
  • Seismic data processing
  • Carbon emissions and trading
  • Customer specific pricing
  • Smart grid management
big data development and energy

Emerging Technologies We Use in Projects

Here’s the example of high-level architecture of a data foundation solution.
  • databricks technology
  • delta lake
  • aws
  • microsoft azure
  • hadoop
  • dbt
  • technology kafka
  • cassandra technology
  • snowflake technology
  • clickhouse
  • technology elastic
  • apache storm technology
  • technology spark
  • apache airflow
  • Tableau technology
  • power bi


InData Labs is a certified AWS Partner. We have certifications that qualify our skills, knowledge and expertise.
  • badge aws partner
  • aws data analytics
  • AWS Database Specialty
  • AWS Machine Learning
  • AWS Developer Associate
  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate
  • aws solution architect
  • logo aws certified cloud practitioner
  • microsoft certified expert
  • power bi data analyst
  • logo microsoft azure data engineer
  • azure ai engineer
  • microsoft azure administrator
  • microsoft certified azure
  • confluent apache kafka
  • data bricks spark
  • ibm data and ai

Why Work With InData Labs?

Here, at InData Labs, we always invest time and effort in finding the best suitable solutions for our customers’ needs and provide BI and data warehouse services
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    Savvy Data Science Team
    80+ members of the development team are ready to bring to the table years of production experience in big data projects to assist you in achieving a competitive edge.
  • icon-innovate
    Innovative Solutions
    We strive to find the most suitable, innovative, and cutting-edge technologies tailored to meet your specific business needs.
  • AI
    High-Quality Results
    Our big data development services help our clients improve overall performance, increase profitability, and gain a competitive edge.

Customer Success

Food Supply Chain Management
Food Supply Chain Management – Digitization with Azure Data Lake & IoT

The client is a food service company. They were looking for a reliable Big data solutions provider. Their main goal was to migrate outdated data assets into the cloud with IoT.

Our team of data scientists has built robust cloud infrastructure based on Azure that enables real-time smooth data processing for business process visualization.

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Delivering Data Intelligence for Chemical Industry
Delivering Data Intelligence for Chemical Industry

The client is a chemical manufacturer. They needed to create a solution for effective chemical mixture composition analysis.

Our team has provided the client with a tech solution for real-time sales and product analytics. Now the client can easily extract insights out of chemical mixture compositions, analyze sales data, and simplify decision making.

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BI Solution for Unification Construction Projects Analysis
BI Solution for Unification & Construction Projects Analysis

The client works with large amounts of data. They have lots of construction projects and wanted to enable unified analytics (KPIs, pricing history, etc).

Our team has developed real-time business analytics and smart reporting solution. Using our solution, the client can aggregate data from various resources, analyze, extract actionable insights out of it, and unify them in automated reports.

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Data Lake Implementation for Efficient Big Data Processing and Visualization
Data Lakes for Big Data Processing and Visualization

The client is a construction company helping businesses manage their data. They wanted to improve their existing AI solution with accurate analytics. The challenge was to collect, analyze, process and visualize data.

The solution was to implement data lakes for efficient data processing and visualization. It’s accelerated decision making and increased efficiency.

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Bi for baby app
BI Implementation for Baby Care Mobile Application

The client develops apps for the baby care industry. We were challenged to simplify data collection and reporting. Our team gathered, analyzed, processed much of the data and decided to implement BI for effective data bottlenecks elimination.

Our solution has improved the client’s app adding better reporting functionality and greater customer experience.

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AI Software Development
Building Influencer Marketing Analytics Platform

The client is a platform that connects influencers and brands. They needed to enable real-time analytics and connect to different social media platforms. We suggested integration of our custom social media analytics solution into their platform.

As a result, we’ve enhanced the client’s platform with real-time social media analytics and insights gathering.

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  • Big Data implies an enormous and steadily expanding set of data which cannot be processed and analyzed only by human intelligence. The significant advantages of Big data development include not only data processing, but also the possibility to visualize the obtained information.

  • Big Data is divided into Structured Data, Unstructured Data and Semi-Structured Data.

    Any information that can be saved and processed in a fixed format is described as “structured” data. This type of data is the one that enables you to analyze information in the shortest time frame.

    Unstructured data has no predefined structure and can be represented in text, video, audio or image form. Such information tends to be a bit more challenging to analyze, but it often provides the most relevant insights.

    Semi-structured data does not have to be represented in any particular, clearly fixed form, but it should have tags or other markers to differentiate the presented items.

  • Big Data is extensively applied to process information in an effective manner and provide a superior competitive advantage in the marketplace. Big Data analysis helps to systematize information and identify invisible cause and effect relationships. Using Big Data, a web development company is able to optimize communication with its clients, improve operational efficiency, enhance service quality and minimize expenses.

  • Big data technologies refers to modern software tools that are used to operate and analyze various types of information.

    Big data technology can be categorized into Operational Big Data Technologies, that interact with real-time activity and maintain the required data, and Analytical Big Data Technologies, which in turn analyze a larger amount of information and offer the most appropriate business solutions for the ongoing business operation.

  • A Big data developer is a specialist who designs and tracks data processing systems, creates the interface of the Big data model and upgrades it.

    The main aim of such a professional is to implement data management strategies and principles in order to tackle a concrete task.

  • Big data analytics tools predict the results of your strategic decisions, thereby optimizing operational efficiency and minimizing your company’s risks. Ongoing market research enables you to explore the existing trends in detail, as well as foresee the preferences of potential clients.

    Using Big Data in the working process of a web development company you can enhance customer service, boost the competitiveness of your business and not only increase your income, but also prevent any possible crucial errors.

  • Any modern technological solution required to simplify a number of business processes implies considerable expenses, particularly at the first stages of implementation. The final sum may vary, as it directly depends on the expertise of the chosen developer.

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