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Customer Experience Consulting Services

Make your customer experience services your strongest competitive advantage

InData Labs, a customer experience consulting company, harnesses the power of AI and machine learning technologies with a view to implement a cutting-edge approach to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

We ease the adoption and use of predictive analytics, text/sentiment analysis, and AI & machine learning models for customer analytics. We offer AI consulting services and custom solutions that aid our clients in gaining knowledge of the needs and behavior of their prospects and loyal users. With a five-star custom-made solution at their disposal, our clients turn customer experience into their main advantage over the competitors.

Global State of CX

  • By 2035, AI technologies are projected to increase business productivity by up to 40%.
  • By 2030, 69% of decisions made during customer engagement will be completed by smart machines.
    Business Review
  • United States businesses are losing $75 billion per year through poor customer service.

Our AI-Driven Customer Experience Consulting Services

  • Churn Prediction and Customer Retention With AI
  • Behavior-Based Audience Segmentation
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Customer Targeting and Advertising Optimization
  • Customer Service and Customer Journey Analysis
  • Predictive Personalization
  • Customer Engagement Solutions Development
  • Customer Review Analytics of Products/Services

Data Science Techniques We Apply

  • advanced data analysis
    Advanced Data Analysis
  • icon cost
    Predictive Analytics Solutions
  • icon five stars
    Automated Review Collection and Analysis Engine
  • fraud detection
    Fraud Detection
  • recommendation engine
    Recommendation Engines
  • icon vision
    Computer Vision and Visual Search
  • data capture
    Data Capture, Extraction, and Processing
  • nlp icon
    Text Analysis and Natural Language Processing


The InData Labs team is ready to design, implement, and integrate custom AI systems. We offer transformative power that adds value to our clients’ businesses and helps improve customer experience across a range of industries.
  • energy
  • finance
  • logistics
  • retail
  • entertainment
  • pharma

Why Implement Artificial Intelligence to Improve CX?

customer needs

Delve Into the Needs of Customers

Implementing AI allows you to extract massive amounts of data from multiple sources. With the help of comprehensive data, you will be able to better understand the behavior of your customers and offer them the most relevant goods and services.



AI helps you enhance data-driven opportunities and multiply the uses of data to revamp your existing practices. With AI, you can go one step further in creating unique and personalized experiences for every single customer based on user historical data and behavior.

smart interactions

Smart Interactions With Customers

With the aid of an AI-led solution, not a single customer interaction or conversation will happen in isolation.
You can turn collected data on interactions into rich datasets to work with across multiple databases. Data-based advice on improvement actions will help you push your business forward.

efficient human interactions

Increasingly Efficient Human Interactions

Good customer experience requires investing a lot of effort.
You need to shift the focus from routine and repetitive tasks to meaningful and unique operations.
By adopting AI technology, you enable long-lasting, customer-centered cooperation, which is more, need-focused, and fruitful.

Why You Need InData Labs for Customer Experience Consulting

  • first
    We are a cross-functional team of 80+ experts in data science and machine learning ready to assist with the specific needs of your business.
  • second
    We always strive to find the most suitable, innovative, and cutting-edge technologies tailored to meet your business needs.
  • third
    Our team maintains a collaborative and communicative approach throughout the cooperation with every client.
  • four
    InData Labs has over 7+ years of proven experience in CX automation.
  • five
    We work with inspiration and create solutions based on a thought-out strategy and carefully selected data.
  • six
    We have certified, agile experts in our midst.
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Want to Enhance Your CX Services and Grow Your Business?

Exceptional CX is key to success and growth. Drop us a line if you want to enhance your CX services and gain a competitive edge.

Our team will be happy to help you improve your business efficiency. Whether you need the aid of expert consultants, or want to enhance your customer experience management software, we are here to help!

Customer Success

Customer Review Analytics Solution for E-commerce
Customer Review Analytics Solution for E-commerce

The client is a US E-commerce platform. They needed to build an automated system that identifies sentiment in customer reviews about the products and services.

Our team of engineers suggested developing a customer analytics review solution. We’ve created an AI-driven sentiment analysis software that enables data collection and analysis of total customer reviews, tracking overall customer satisfaction and customer churn prediction.

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AI Customer Analytics Solution
AI Customer Analytics Solution

The client is an FMCG company. They were looking for an NLP solution for data collection and analysis from various sources.

The InData Labs team developed a pipeline for unstructured data insights gleaning and customer sentiment detection. As a result, our customer service text analytics mines email and audio data and extracts valuable insights out of it.

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Customer Churn Prediction Software for Online Sports Betting Company
Customer Churn Prediction Software for Online Sports Betting Company

The InData Labs team worked with a reputable sports betting company that strives to create a long-term association with each customer.

Our task was to reduce customer churn on the betting platform.

Working closely with the client’s team, we delivered a solution that allows them to predict customer churn and implement necessary measures to prevent it.

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tv movie stream recommendation
Building a Movie Recommendation Engine for Smart TV App

The client required a recommendation engine that would offer up-to-date, personalized movie recommendations for every single user, thus improving customer experience and driving more sales from the recommendation page.

Our team used machine learning to build a custom recommendation engine that makes individual recommendations to millions of users.

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