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AI Business Use Cases

Get a glimpse of various AI business use cases we’ve made. Get inspired for yours.

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Problem Solving Using AI

Get to know the most impressive artificial intelligence use case we’ve worked on.
IndustryGenerative AI / LLMNLPComputer VisionBig Data & Predictive Analytics

Marketing & Sales

  • Content generation
  • Personalization
  • Lead generation
  • Conversational marketing
  • Market research
  • Content summarization
  • Customer sentiment analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Audience analysis
  • Smooth user experience with visual search
  • Plagiarism detection with image similarity search
  • Personalized content recommendation
  • Historical data analysis on customers’ activity
  • Predictive sales analytics


  • Healthcare chatbots and virtual assistants
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Patient reports generation
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Medical research
  • Data extraction for intelligent diagnostics
  • Outcome prediction based on admission notes
  • Analysis of unstructured data in doctor notes
  • Prescriptions data analytics
  • Medical imaging & disease prediction / identification
  • Action recognition and fall detection for patient care
  • Physical therapy and fitness with pose estimation
  • Personnel authentication with face recognition
  • Medicaments demand forecasting for stockout prevention
  • Inventory optimization
  • Hospital personnel load prediction based on patient historical visits
  • EHR patient data analytics
  • Claims management
  • Prior authorization

Sport & Wellness

  • Training plan generation
  • Nutrition and workout planning
  • Mental health support with chatbots
  • Virtual coaches
Collection and analysis of sports fan feedback in social media
  • Injury-free workouts with personalized real-time feedback to optimize physical activity
  • Object tracking for players to analyse and train movements
  • Automated ball tracking
Sports performance analysis


  • Customer support chatbots
  • Customer feedback analysis
  • Personalized shopping experience (recommendations, notifications)
Customer sentiment analysis
  • Visual search of products for seamless shopping experience
  • Image similarity search for higher conversion rate
  • Customer behavior analysis and demand prediction
  • Competitor products analytics
  • Сustomer churn prediction
  • Price analysis
  • Inventory management


  • Personalized marketing
  • Customer service and support
  • Customer data analysis
  • Customer reviews collection and analyze
  • Quality issues detection with product sentiment analytics
  • Theft and shoplifting prevention
  • Personalized services to VIPs
  • Employee productivity monitoring
  • Product detection on retail store shelves; shelf stock-out
Historical sales data and trends analysis


  • Virtual farm advisor
  • Crop diagnosis and recommendations
  • Pest identification and disease management
Customer sentiment analysis
  • Crop and soil health monitoring with object detection
  • Crop field security
  • Inventory shrinkage reduction
  • Intelligent spraying & irrigation
  • Crop yield prediction
  • Monitoring livestock’s health and management

Game & Entertainment

  • Content and character design creation
  • Automated testing
  • Personalized gaming experience
Automated analysis of player reviews collected from forums and social media channels
  • Eye tracking to improve gaming experience
  • Emotion recognition for personalization
  • Players movements analysis for sports or dance video games
Player churn prediction


  • Chatbots and automated responses for customer support and supplier communication
  • Route planning and scheduling
Foreign language data cleansing and building data robustness
  • Cargo damage detection with visual inspection
  • Warehouse analysis
  • Supply planning
  • Demand forecasting
  • Route optimization
  • Freight rates prediction
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Sales and marketing analysis


Automated Q&A sessions based on internal knowledge base
  • SOP documents search automation
  • Warranty sentiment analytics
  • Visual defect detection
  • Forklift collision prevention
  • Analog gauge data reading
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Fraud detection in warranty claims


  • Virtual assistant for customer support
  • Financial products recommendations and loans application support
  • Automated Q&A sessions based on internal knowledge base
Customer sentiment analysis
  • Unauthorized access detection and crime prevention with face recognition
  • Security management
  • Anomalous transactions detection for fraud prevention
  • Credit scoring for risk management
  • Customer data analytics for clients retention


  • Customer support in filing insurance claims
  • Policy recommendations
  • Insurance education
Sentiment analysis Insurance property cost evaluation
  • Fraud claims detection
  • Insurance claims value prediction
  • High loss claims prediction
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Our Services

Our main goal is to empower businesses with innovative custom-made solutions.
We leverage artificial intelligence for business use cases.
  • first

    Consulting on AI Use Cases in Business

    Having a business challenge and don’t know how to handle it? Our consultants will audit your business, pay attention to bottlenecks that stop your growth and suggest examples of AI solutions.
  • second

    AI Software Development

    Out-of-the-box solutions don’t meet your needs? Let our team of AI developers and data scientists create a bespoke solution that will not only troubleshoot your problem but strengthen your business.
  • third

    Complex Analytics & Insights

    Reshaping your business strategy? Try getting actionable insights out of analytics. Get insights on your services and products and build a stronger brand with efficient AI tech solutions.
  • four

    ChatGPT Integration & LLM Development

    Want to stay ahead of the competition? Leverage ChatGPT integration and LLM services to streamline tasks and increase business productivity. Reinvent your business processes to better manage opportunities and prepare for the future.

Benefits Your Business Gets

Transform your AI use case into a profitable business with a senior-level AI developers’ team. Get more doing less with AI solutions catered to your specific needs.
  • Business Processes Automation

    Human Error Reduction

    Digital Transformation

    Customer Churn Retention

  • Business Personalization

    Demand Forecasting

    Brand Health Monitoring

    Streamlined Security

  • Superb Customer Experience

    COVID-19 Tech Advancements

    Data-Driven Business Strategy

    Increased Sales

  • Data Safety

    Analytics​​ & Insights

    Cost Reduction

    Greater Performance

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How Our Team Solves Problems

Here you can see how we handle problem solving using AI. First we discover and analyze the business challenge, then we prepare a proof of concept, advance it, and implement it.
  • Discovery
    Reviewing your current capabilities and defining future goals to make recommendations for tools, technology, and architecture.
  • Improvement
    Improvement of previously built models to continuously raise the quality of insights and to keep up with the changing environment.
  • Proof of Concept
    Testing a small-scale system, and proving the viability of ML models for your problem.
  • Production
    Putting the ML system into production while considering implementation and maintenance costs during deployment.
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Why Work With InData Labs?

What makes you choose us as your AI vendor? We’ve been leveraging the power of AI for our clients’ success since 2014. We’ve worked with various industries and know how to handle even the most complex projects.
  • Strong ML team

    A Team of 80+ Experts

    We’re ready to share knowledge in AI software development to take your business to a new level. From consulting to development and quality assurance, we can do it all.
  • ai consulting services

    Reliable Vendor of AI Tech

    We’ve got over 8+ years in artificial intelligence solution development. Always on the lookout of cutting edge tech, we can solve your challenges and drive your business growth.
  • AI Predictive Analytics

    Focused on Your Industry

    We helped lots of industries, solved their cases and digitized businesses. We enabled paperwork automation, strengthened security, and reduced costs with our solutions.
  • Improved Productivity

    Results Guaranteed

    With AI software development services, we help our clients improve workflow, and streamline business processes. Once we arrange a partnership, we’ll drive your business with results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • AI can help business owners address challenges, enhance their functionality and even reshape marketing strategy with the purpose to increase the bottom line.

  • There are many. Paperwork process automation, streamlined business workflow, strengthened security, anomaly detection, disease prediction, product demand forecasting, customer churn prediction, customer reviews collection and analysis, brand health monitoring, etc.

  • Every case is unique, but the price of the Investigation stage which allows validating the idea at an early stage and to deliver the initial piece (PoC/Discovery) ranges from 20-30K $.

  • Generative AI (GenAI) can analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns and make predictions. The technology can enable low-cost data analysis and resource-intensive task automation. Moreover, GenAI can provide 24/7 customer support with natural interactions with customers, freeing you up from having a full customer support department.

  • Among the astonishing functions of GenAI are the following:

    • Customer support/Conversational AI
    • Website digital assistance
    • Appointement scheduling/setting reminders
    • Personalized content
    • Email sorting/routing
    • Customer sentiment analysis, and so on.
  • An LLM is a specialized type of AI that has been trained on vast amounts of text to understand existing content and generate original content. Being deployed on-premise or private clouds, custom-built LLMs provide strong security.

  • AI-based solutions implemented provide marketing department with the comprehensive marketing analytics including:

    • customer segmentation
    • audience analysis
    • customer churn prediction
    • anomaly detection
    • marketing campaign monitoring
    • demand prediction
    • forecasting insights
  • AI is widely used in healthcare and provide the industry with incredible opportunities improving healthcare delivery including:

    • anomaly detection
    • streamlined medical imaging
    • disease prediction
    • COVID-19 smart solutions
    • physical therapy apps
    • paperwork automation

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