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Full-Cycle Web Application Development for a Retail Company

Retail shrink decreased by 35%.

Full-Cycle Web Application Development for a Retail Company
Key Details

Retail shrink decreased by 35%.

  • Challenge
    Website development and effective inventory management
  • Solution
    Online retail website development with predictive analytics module integration
  • Technologies and tools
    JavaScript, .NET, Predictive Analytics


The client is a medium-sized retail company in Europe. With strict lockdowns becoming the new normal and the cutthroat competition between retailers, they decided to develop an E-commerce platform and provide their customers with an online ordering and delivery option.

Some years ago, the InData Labs team developed a custom solution for the client. The face recognition module helped thwart fraud and shoplifting threats. As a result, they reduced internal shrinkage and prevented crimes from occuring.

This time they needed full-cycle web development and a predictive analytics-based module for inventory management.

Challenge: website development and effective inventory management

The retail company has seen sales decline since the pandemic broke out. With the uncertainty lingering around the future of retail, they decided to move their brick-and-mortar store online. So they contacted InData Labs for full-cycle software development services.

They also needed a solution to prevent overstock and stock selling out. We suggested building a predictive analytics module to address this problem.

Solution: online retail website development with predictive analytics module integration

We offered our full-cycle web application development services to help the client bring their store online.

The main goal was to build a solid website for customers to browse and buy products with ease ensuring great customer experience.  So we built an E-commerce platform that is high-functioning and user-friendly. All the users are authorized and have personal accounts. They can search for items online. If necessary, they can fill in the questionnaire about the needed items. As soon as it appears in the stock, they’ll be notified.

We developed a predictive analytics module to forecast inventory needs. Using the solution, the client can navigate supply chain needs and reduce costs. The solution derives insights from data on the seasonal demand for particular goods, sales history, competitor-based pricing, etс. This improves planning and setting item restock levels.

Result: swift website with effective inventory management

The InData Labs’ team has helped the retail company establish their online presence and make their brand visible through full-cycle web app development. The website we developed is robust, powerful, and user-centric. The predictive analytics module for item demand forecasting and price optimization enables better inventory management and cost cutting for the client.

Key Benefits from the collaboration with InData Labs:

  • A high-performance user-friendly website
  • Maximized sales and profits with online ordering
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Retail shrink decreased by 35%
  • Revenue boost of over 25%
  • Overstock prevention
  • Item demand forecasting
  • Dynamic price optimization

Develop an Online Store to Stay Ahead of E-commerce Competition

  • E-commerce
  • Web Development
  • Predictive Analytics

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