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  • Facial Recognition for Healthcare Disruption. Key Use Cases

    Workforce shortage, heavy workload, and salary disparities have never been more poignant in healthcare than they are today. It’s safe to say that doctors and nurses can’t deliver good care to their patients if they neglect their own health. In the circumstances, vendors and healthcare advisors and workers have high hopes of integrating technology into…

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  • How Tech Innovations Are Shaping the Future of Ecommerce
    The future of ecommerce

    Being able to clearly estimate the future of ecommerce allows the sellers of today to get ahead of the curve, and the key indicator is the advancement of technology. After all, though it seems pedestrian today, ecommerce itself was a consequence of technological progress. Before the internet moved from a curious concept to a practical…

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  • How Face Recognition Can Empower Retail
    Face recognition in Retail

    As the world slowly awakens from the COVID-19 coma, retailers think of smart ways to revive their businesses. And obviously, this revival won’t go without AI. In retail, a tech boost is not temporary, it is here to stay. Stayed afloat but now facing the grim outbreak’s fallout? Then it’s the right time to rethink…

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  • Great Ideas of AI-Powered Mobile Apps You Can Develop in 2020
    Great ideas for mobile apps

    Artificial intelligence has come a long way and now is after mobile app development. With the wealth of technology advances, the era of generic mobile apps is waning. App complexity is the new trend. The reason behind that is mobile disruption, complex business processes mobile apps have been developed for, and the end-users’ tech-savviness. What…

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