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  • Keys to building robust data infrastructure for a data science project Keys to building robust data infrastructure for a data science project

    Ones you decide to leverage data science techniques in your company, it is time to make sure the data infrastructure is ready for it. Starting a data science project is a big investment, not just a financial one. It involves a lot of time, effort, and preparatory work. Data science is about leveraging a company’s data…

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  • Data Science experts on how business can benefit from big data how business can benefit from big data

    InData Labs data science experts Denis Pirshtuk and Denis Dus talked to Bel.Biz about how InData Labs solves business problems based on our own algorithms, using advanced technologies in the fields of big data and data science. Denis Pirshtuk and Denis Dus spoke about the prospects for the world of big data and shared their advice…

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  • Starting a data science project: Three things to remember about your data data science project

    Many companies are collecting and managing the data with little to no forethought. And just as planning is key to any strategic business project, forethought is utterly important when dealing with data. Here are the key points to remember when starting a data science project. Identify the right questions about your data In most cases…

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  • InData Labs is a Data Science Partner of Imaguru Datathon InData Labs is a Data Science Partner of Imaguru Datathon

    On July 25-30 we invite all data enthusiasts to join us for Datathon to apply your knowledge, challenge yourself and gain new skills! Datahon is a hackathon where participants solve real world problems using large, rich, and complex data sets. Apart from the competition, there will be a design thinking workshop, and many opportunities to…

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  • 6 Steps Towards Better Data Management for Startups Data Management for Startups

    Businesses nowadays accumulate tons of data, whether it is information collected through 3rd party tools like Google Analytics, or the data that is being stored within a site’s backend, like a MySQL database. What many of these companies don’t realize is the importance of data. In today’s world, data is a valuable business asset and…

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  • Why Start a Data Science Project with Exploratory Data Analysis? Exploratory Data Analysis

    How to ensure you are ready to use machine learning algorithms in a project? How to choose the most suitable algorithms for your data set? How to define the feature variables that can potentially be used for machine learning? Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) helps to answer all these questions, ensuring the best outcomes for the…

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  • Implementing a Data-First Strategy in Retail: Big Data Consulting Big Data Consulting in Retail

    We are witnessing a new industrial revolution. Marketing is becoming less of an art and more of a data-driven discipline that resembles pure magic to the consumer. The aim of retailers is to get inside the head of the customers and anticipate needs, desires, and options even before the person makes a conscious decision. The…

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  • How AI is Revolutionizing Healthcare

    How artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques are shaping the healthcare industry and health outcomes for millions of people around the world.

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  • InData Labs founders on specifics of building a Data Science company. data science company

    In just three years data science company InData Labs became a significant player on data research and artificial intelligence market both in Belarus and overseas. In their big interview to, this start-up from Minsk share successful projects experience, talk about technological stack and intricacies in working with data. “Back in 2014, when the idea…

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