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  • AI as Magnet for Customers in Entertainment if Used Wisely
    The use of AI for entertainment

    The entertainment industry goes on flourishing, and AI has provided its input into it. Many experts across sectors, such as game development, movie production, advertising, and also providers of a variety of entertainment services, agree on AI unleashing an entirely new approach to creativity. In 2020, organizations in the entertainment industry will apply AI to…

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  • AI in Influencer Marketing and How You Can Benefit from It
    Artificial intelligence in influencer marketing

    Influencers generate opinions and impact the public acting as a powerful force to be reckoned with. Like trendsetters, they have broad and loyal audiences. Influencers are more than popular bloggers: they are a consumer’s best friend worth listening to and following. Mostly, influencers are sharply segmented by niches, which makes them a perfect marketing tool…

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  • Top 12 AI Trends Transforming E-Commerce and Online Retail in 2019

    Artificial intelligence (AI) boldly infiltrates retail and e-commerce industries. Market analysts from Juniper Research predict that retailers will spend on AI about $7,3 billion each year by 2022. No wonder. According to IBM researchers, intelligent automation can make annual revenue growth to go up by 10%. And depending on the nature of your business, audience,…

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  • InData Labs Named as a Global Leader in Big Data in 2019
    Top big data company by Clutch

    At InData Labs, we know that it can be difficult to stay on the cutting edge of technological advancement while also ensuring your business success. That’s why we specialize in bringing AI to every business, and help organizations of all sizes and shapes craft intelligent business processes. Since 2014, we’ve had over 40 projects worldwide,…

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