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  • Major Problems of Artificial Intelligence Implementation

    AI continues to improve every niche that it touches upon. According to the Mckinsey report, In greater detail, AI is a broad term that incorporates everything from image recognition software to robotics. The maturity level of each technology strongly varies. Nevertheless, the number of innovations and breakthroughs that have brought the power and efficiency of…

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  • The Role of Computer Vision in AR and VR
    the use of computer vision in ar & vr

    As AR and VR have expanded reach to almost every industry, ranging from travel and healthcare to gaming and eCommerce, new business opportunities are sprouting up. According to Market Watch, Augmented reality (AR) is a huge hit for all the industries, whereas virtual reality (VR), created by gamers for gamers, is limited to gaming and…

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  • Pose Estimation to Empower Your Business
    Pose estimation technology for business

    What is Pose Estimation? Human pose estimation has been one of the most challenging aspects of computer technology to understand and perform. It refers to the process of detecting the location of a person or an object. This can be achieved by recognizing, locating and tracking a certain amount of keypoints on a person or…

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  • 10 AI and Computer Vision Conferences 2020 [Still Not Canceled]
    AI and computer vision events 2020

    The coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, continues to take an impact on all industries across the world, and the business of tech conferences is not an exception. The major tech events are being canceled over coronavirus concerns. Google I/O, Facebook’s F8, Strata Data + AI are some of the events that have been postponed for…

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