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  • How AI is Revolutionizing Healthcare

    How artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques are shaping the healthcare industry and health outcomes for millions of people around the world.

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  • InData Labs founders on specifics of building a Data Science company. data science company

    In just three years data science company InData Labs became a significant player on data research and artificial intelligence market both in Belarus and overseas. In their big interview to, this start-up from Minsk share successful projects experience, talk about technological stack and intricacies in working with data. “Back in 2014, when the idea…

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  • Converting Spark RDD to DataFrame and Dataset. Expert Opinion. Spark RDD to DataFrame

    Generally speaking, Spark provides 3 main abstractions to work with it. First, we will provide you with a holistic view of all of them in one place. Second, we will explore each option with examples. RDD (Resilient Distributed Dataset). The main approach to work with unstructured data. Pretty similar to a distributed collection that is…

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  • Superset: benefits and limitations of the open source data visualization tool by Airbnb open source data visualization tool

    In economies where the role of big data is ever-increasing, companies turn to business intelligence (BI) and reporting tools to have their data analyzed and presented in a precise and readable format. In this article, I will tell why we chose Superset among other BI tools, what are the main benefits and drawbacks of the platform.

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  • 3 Major Problems of Artificial Intelligence Implementation into Commercial Projects problems of artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad term that incorporates everything from image recognition software to robotics. The maturity level of each of these technologies strongly varies. Nevertheless, the number of innovations and breakthroughs that have brought the power and efficiency of AI into various fields including medicine, shopping, finance, news, and advertising is only growing….

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  • Meet InData Labs at Big Data Innovation Summit in London Big Data Innovation Summit London

    The Big Data Innovation Summit London will bring together executives from the data community for two days of keynotes, panel sessions, discussions & networking. The event focuses on all areas of Big Data including Data Strategy, Data Science, Hadoop, Data Mining, Cultural Transformation and much more. We look forward to seeing you there!

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  • The Best Ways of Applying AI in Mobile Apps Applying AI in Mobile Apps

    While mobile apps continue to be a prime focus for the enterprise, there is an increasing interest in artificial intelligence technologies. Gartner predicts that intelligent apps will be one of the top ten strategic trends for 2017. When an app claims to be powered by “artificial intelligence” it feels like you’re in the future. What…

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  • Reproducibility and Automation of Machine Learning Process Reproducibility and automation of machine learning process

    We’re very happy to keep engaging with professional communities on topics we’re passionate about. This time, our Data Science expert Denis Dus spoke at PyCon Belarus’17. At the event he covered the topic of Reproducibility and Automation of Machine Learning Process.

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  • What hides behind the effectiveness of neural networks and deep learning neural networks

    It wasn’t long ago when artificial intelligence was associated mostly with disappointment and something clearly overestimated. How come that since recently it suddenly became the hottest field in technology that is integrated into the lives of ordinary people on a regular basis. Does artificial intelligence really bring tangible results, or is it again promising much…

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