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  • What is Visual Search Technology and How it Helps Users Get What They Are After
    visual search CV

    As one of the most hyped fields of AI, computer vision has applications in different areas of business and everyday life. Cision reports that computer vision is set for more growth in popularity. Computer vision technology has revolutionized retail, healthcare, sports, automotive, and fintech industries. The benefits it’s provided them with are immense. Improved customer shopping…

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  • Deep Learning for Product Recognition on Retail Store Shelves
    Product recognition with deep learning

    In retail, there has always been a demand to improve customers’ shopping experience and automate business processes. A series of previous tech breakthroughs like retail product recognition has shaped the in-shop retail industry to the state we all have already got used to. Probably, the latest commonly used technology in retail is barcode recognition. It…

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  • 7 Ways Machine Learning Can Improve Marketing
    Machine Learning for Marketing

    Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are ingrained in the lives of most people in ways we can’t even imagine. We see AI whenever we unlock our phones and browse social media. AI is at work at some of the simplest things like smart thermostats and smart fridges. We get some first-hand interaction with…

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  • How AI Сan Нelp Stop Cyber Attacks in Banking Sector
    AI Cyber Security

    Cyberattacks are not uncommon in any industrial sector, but even more so within the banking sector. According to the latest IBM Security X-Force report the finance and insurance industry was the most-attacked industry, for the fifth year in a row. It accounted for 23 percent of the total percentage of attacks on the top 10…

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