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  • How Face Recognition Can Empower Retail
    Face recognition in Retail

    As the world is adapting to life in COVID-19, retailers think of smart ways to revive their businesses. And obviously, this revival won’t go without AI. In retail, a tech boost is not temporary, it is here to stay. Stayed afloat but now facing the grim outbreak’s fallout? Then it’s the right time to rethink…

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  • Automated Ball Tracking Using Computer Vision
    automated ball tracking using computer vision

    Ball detection and tracking in sports has been gaining momentum recently. No matter what sports it is, if you manage to detect the ball, it’s easy to predict the results with computer vision systems. Today, ball tracking software enables both game results prediction and detailed analysis of the ball movement. The latter is of help…

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  • Power of Big Data and Precision Medicine in Healthcare
    power of big data and precision medicine in healthcare

    The future of healthcare starts with precise data analytics. Healthcare organizations are revamping their investments in precision medicine and big data analytics to improve patient outcomes. Despite recent advancements to implement these data models into clinical systems, there are still obstacles to their adoption on a global scale. Nowadays, technological advancements allow for merging and…

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  • Important AI and Computer Vision Trends to Watch Out in 2021
    top ai and cv trends 2021

    The idea of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision trends for the automation of business and its transformation is sweeping the world. Every year AI and CV are becoming more popular among business owners. Over the past decade, Artificial Intelligence has dramatically evolved within the market and no doubt it will only grow. According…

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