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  • How artificial intelligence will change decision making

    AI decision making serves as the future of intelligence in businesses. For several decades, the backbone of modern business has been data. It has helped businessmen and entrepreneurs shape their decisions. Besides, it allowed them to learn in-depth about their customers. However, with all the data comes a price; the human brain cannot process it…

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  • How to use AI for intelligent inventory management

    The latest technologies drastically reshape a lot of industries and change the way business is done. The implementation of AI in inventory management becomes a crucial benchmark of the organization’s digitalization to stay competitive in 2021. More and more companies are going digital nowadays: 12% of respondents are already using AI technologies; 50% of organizations…

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  • What is the cost of implementing AI in 2021 and beyond?
    AI project costs

    Total global investment in AI systems has already reached $67,85 billion and counting. With that in mind, a growing number of businesses start to look into the cost of implementing AI. However, AI pricing has no definite answer. The total of developing, and maintaining a bespoke intelligence system is led by a number of variables….

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  • Top 10 Big Data analytics trends this year and beyond

    The year 2021 breaks the all-time high of generated data per year – the jaw-dropping amount of 74 zettabytes. The information is flowing from 35 billion IoT devices, 6.3 billion smartphones, and other gadgets. This avalanche of new information gave birth to new trends in Big Data analytics. Along with the growing number of devices,…

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