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Intelligent Fintech Solutions

Disrupting Finance and Banking with AI and Analytics.


Our custom Fintech solutions for better efficiency and customer service.
Fraud Prevention in Fintech

Predictive Analytics for Fraud Prevention

Use Fintech predictive analytics for real-time anomalous data detection in bank transactions, credit card transactions, insurance claims, home mortgage and loan applications. Fight fraud and money laundering with reliable financial IT solutions.

AI for Credit Scoring

Analytics for Credit Scoring

Red-flag certain entities and clients and prevent loan debt with custom AI software. Using analytical tools makes it easy to analyze the client’s credit history and detect credit default signals. Embrace AI in Fintech for easy risk management and decision making.

AI Customer Retention

Data Insights for Customer Retention

Need a customer retention strategy that works? Try a data-driven one. With bespoke financial IT solutions, you can derive actionable insights from data and optimize your business outcomes. Complement your existing retention campaigns with predictive analytics to track how your clients use and like your products and services. Pinpoint your clients’ pain points for retention growth profitability.

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Data Capture OCR Solutions

Data Capture/OCR for Paper Work Automation

Use ML-powered financial solutions to secure private data. Prevent mishandling, misusing and losing data with solid data entry and capture solutions.

Automate your work processes with advanced invoice data capture. Capture, recognize and retrieve large volumes of data in no time. Reduce invoice processing time and improve efficiencies. Make Fintech OCR software a part of your daily operations and automate routine tasks and lower labour costs.

NLP for Customer Insights Analysis

NLP for Customer Service & Insights

Empower decision-making with NLP in Fintech. Monitor social media posts, surveys, customer feedback forms to see what your customers are saying about the bank. Using sentiment analysis, get insights on customer needs and pain points, and come up with tailored offers. Use the data to readjust customer acquisition, experience and retention plans.

Want to beat up the competitors in the banking industry? Merge all types of social data to understand the current trends and customer preferences.

Face Recognition for Crime Prevention

Face Recognition for Crime Prevention

Uncover the potential of computer vision in Fintech. Secure your premises with bespoke face recognition solutions. Identifying human faces, it’s easy to detect unauthorized access and keep track of your employees on the bank premises. AI finance solutions based on facial recognition allow restricting which employees have access to key floors and rooms. You can also create a database of people banned from the building. Surveillance systems will identify them informing the security team immediately.

AI Violence Detection

Pose Estimation for Violent Behavior Detection

Unleash the benefits of AI in Fintech with pose estimation algorithms. Recognize human actions and detect violent behavior from the surveillance system’s video. Streamline security management and prevent bank robbery through finance artificial intelligence solutions.

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Creating Fintech solutions for the front lines.
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    Want to use AI in your Fintech projects but don’t know where to start? Explain your project vision and get a detailed estimate from our AI consultants.
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    Financial Technology Solutions Development

    Need a robust artificial intelligence fintech solution with a focus on quality and top industry trends? Get help from us.
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    Business-Relevant Analytics

    Get authentic insights that will move your business forward with our custom software built according to your requirements.
Want to transform your bank’s capabilities with financial technology solutions?


Embed AI in simple custom solutions for the Fintech market.
  • Custom-Built AI Software
    Document Process Automation
    Document capture, storage and extraction towards enhancing your efficiency.
  • Intelligent Fintech Solutions
    Prime Customer Service
    Customer segmentation to improve marketing results and boost sales.
  • Intelligent Fintech Solution
    Investment Analysis and Management
    Analytical insights for risk scoring and wise investment.
  • innovative approach
    Security Streamlined
    Pose estimation and face recognition in Fintech for crime prevention.
Need an AI solution for Finance?

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Let our team of experts help you make use of AI in legal and financial services.
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    AI Financial and Legal Services Development
    We develop industry-specific and client-centric software that boosts business growth.
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    A strong team of 60+ engineers ready to turn your project idea into reality.
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Customer Success

DL Anti-Spoofing
Applying Deep Learning for Face Anti-Spoofing

Security measures improved by 89%.

The client works in the E-commerce sector. They were looking for a face recognition solution for spoofing attacks prevention.

We’ve developed a solid DL-based model that detects digital/printed images and video fraud attempts.

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OCR for Paper Ticket Automation
OCR-Based Solution to Retrieve Data from Receipts

Back-office workflow enhanced by 42%.

The client needed a finance OCR & AI solution for data capture and extraction.

We developed an OCR solution for semi-structured receipt data extraction and processing. It helped automate routine tasks and boost overall performance.

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AI Invoice Data Capture
Consulting on Invoice Data Capture Software and ML Implementation

Document work automation.

The client needed an ML vendor to create a bespoke tax return and invoice recognition solution.

We’ve created a solution for data capture and extraction.

It automated document-based tasks and decreased the employees’ workload.

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Data Lake Implementation
Data Lake Implementation for Efficient Big Data Processing and Visualization

Improved decision-making and KPIs.

The client wanted some help with data collection, analysis and visualization.

We’ve come up with an BI solution that allows for real-time workflow monitoring across the organization.

As a result, the client’s enhanced KPIs and moved to data-driven business development.

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Predictive Analytics Models
Building Predictive Models to Improve Debt Collection Process

Customer segmentation enabled to increase revenue twice.

The client is a debt collection agency. They needed a predictive analytics solution to improve debt collection efficiency.

We’ve developed an ML model to analyze the payment probability.

The client’s optimized the debt collection processes and saved time for other tasks.

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Fintech Case Study
Helping a Global Brokerage Firm with Tableau Performance Optimization

Decreased compute time for Tableau reports by 99%.

The client is a brokerage firm. They were looking for a tech vendor to help with tableau optimization. They had difficulty analyzing account trading patterns and pricing.

Our team’s created tableau data extracts for smooth report extraction. It resulted in a compute time decrease of 99%.

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