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Сustom Image Recognition and Picture Analysis Software Development

We tailor robust custom solutions to serve your business needs. Derive valuable insights from your visual data with the help of proven solutions.

InData Labs has 7+ years of experience in computer vision under the belt. We cooperate with clients across multiple industries and assist them in levelling up their businesses by harnessing the power of Big Data.

We have gained clients’ trust across the globe by creating and delivering top-notch custom solutions for different industries. Our team of machine learning (ML) experts has extensive experience in on-demand computer vision and image recognition software development of any complexity.

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We Develop Custom Image Recognition and Analysis Solutions Focused on Your Business

We can create bespoke solutions that:

  1. Detect, recognize & identify objects from raw images of different quality
  2. Have a convolutional neural network algorithm under the hood
  3. Amplify security, sentiment analysis, object classification, diagnostics, etc.

Your Project Development Roadmap

Visual content is a trend in information provision. It makes image identification and recognition and analysis solutions an integral part of many business workflows. Developed for the client’s business, they enable process automation and reduce labour costs.

Businesses get in touch with InData Labs having different initial queries. We never take a one-size-fits-all approach but foster close cooperation with each client over a best-fit custom solution. Together, we map out development phases based on the available datasets.

Starting Your Project From Scratch
  • Clarify Requirements

    Analyze requirements
    Make high-level estimation

  • Create PoC (Proof of Concept)

    Verify the concept
    Prepare technical documents

  • Develop a Prototype

    Develop a solution prototype
    Perform internal and release testing

  • Start Production and Implementation

    Final testing of the complete system
    Live release after approval

  • Provide Support & Maintenance

    Knowledge transfer
    Support and maintenance of the custom solution

Enhancing Your Existing App
  • Clarify Requirements

    Analyze requirements
    Make high-level estimation

  • Analyze the Existing App

    Analyze the client’s app
    Investigate and analyze issues

  • Develop an Optimal Solution

    Suggest options and develop the most optimal solution
    Integrate new custom features into the client’s app

  • Start Production and Implementation

    Final testing of the complete system
    Live release after approval

  • Provide Support & Maintenance

    Knowledge transfer
    Support and maintenance of the custom solution

The solution we offer is based on state-of-the-art technologies, and may include using different image recognition APIs developed by market leaders such as Amazon, Azure, Google, etc.

Computer Vision Technologies

  • Libraries

  • Services

  • NN Architectures

    YOLO, Fast RCNN, SSD, LWL, KYS, VGG, AlexNet, ResNet, UNet, FCN, DeepLab v3, HRNet, PoseNet, OpenPose, Siamese networks

How We Build Custom Image Recognition Solutions

  • Сustom Image Recognition

    We collect datasets, label images, and add meta tags to each unlabeled picture.

  • Сustom Image Recognition and Picture Analysis

    We use collected and labeled data to train an algorithm to process and analyze image datasets.

  • Image Recognition Analysis Software

    We provide a ready-made model with REST API calls to work with new datasets by using a computer vision model.*
    (*Other formats of transfer solution are possible.)

How You Can Use It

how to use it

Implementation and integration of custom image recognition and picture analysis solutions empower machines to replicate human vision and the ability to identify objects in day-to-day reality. ML algorithms enable the recognition of objects and people on raw images with quite low error rates.

At InData Labs, we train powerful ML algorithms to fuel custom image object recognition software that helps gather, recognize, analyze visual data and present accurate statistics.

Custom image recognition software development by InData Labs can give your business the following perks:

  • Faster and safer visual data processing
  • Optimized business processes
  • Enhanced performance
  • Increased profitability
  • Reduced support costs
  • Industries

    We have gained clients’ trust across the globe by creating top-notch custom solutions for different industries. Our team of machine learning (ML) experts is experienced in on-demand computer vision and image recognition software development. We tailor solutions to clients’ industry-specific queries. We serve such industries as logistics, retail, media & entertainment, healthcare, etc.
  • Picture Analysis Development


    Analyze, plan, design, and control transferring processes, cargo locations, routes, etc.; monitor delivery status in real time by using ML algorithms for image processing.
  • Picture Analysis Software Development

    Media & Entertainment

    Get a solid bespoke solution developed for your needs to analyze visual content, provide your consumers with highly accurate and diverse recommendations, foster user engagement, and reach new audiences.
  • Picture Analysis

    Digital Health

    Facilitate analysis of medical images, enable computer-aided diagnostics, allow predictive analytics and therapy, enhance mobile healthcare apps with custom computer vision software development.
  • Picture Analysis Software


    Improve search experience by developing image recognition and analysis software solutions to please your customers with intelligent search by photo and help them find merchandise easily.
  • Сustom Image Recognition


    Enable machines to efficiently perform a variety of repetitive tasks, such as object and target recognition, navigation, manufacturing & assembly, assisting physically challenged people with image processing techniques, etc.


  • first
    Improved Accuracy
    Automate different manual operations, reduce errors, and improve your business efficiency with ML algorithms powering image recognition solutions.
  • second
    Lower Operational Costs
    Eliminate simple errors and cost overrun by adopting a cost-efficient custom solution to help with workflow automation and acceleration.
  • third
    Revamped Services
    Cut time spent on routine tasks, improve service provision and redistribute your intellectual resources to focus on tasks requiring a human touch.
  • four
    Automated Workflow
    Boost employee productivity, increase budget savings with minimal efforts through implementing custom recognition and analysis algorithms into your business workflow.

Why Work with InData Labs

At InData Labs, we invest time and efforts in finding the best custom solution for working with each client’s visual data. We provide comprehensive custom image recognition and analysis software development services
  • Highly Experienced Team
    Strong R&D Team
    We are a team of 80+ experts delivering successful custom solutions over the years.
  • Visual Search Engine
    Cross-Domain Experts
    We bring our vast experience in multiple areas – from brand detection and security to intelligent search and predictive analysis – to solve your business challenges
  • icon five stars
    Five-Star Results
    Our focus is on compelling results. We build our custom solutions to address business-specific challenges and uphold our clients' trust


We use the best technologies available on the market, and we are continually expanding our tech stack.
  • technology python
  • technology tensorflow
  • technology scikit learn
  • technology spark
  • technology keras
  • technology apache
  • technology kafka
  • technology postgresql
  • technology elastic

Customer Success

predicting success of racehorses by images

Predicting Success of Racehorses by 3D Depth Images

The client manages some American horse breeding farms. They wanted to use the technology to see if a young horse would have prospects or not.

Our tech team has developed algorithms for horse race performance through 3D image data.

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consulting on invoice data capture software

Consulting on Invoice Data Capture Software and ML Implementation

The InData Labs’ team worked on image capture and identification with a software provider. They needed a vendor experienced with ML.

The project goal was to implement ML in their document recognition solution for fast and accurate invoice and tax return recognition.

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DL-based anti-counterfeiting solution

Deep Learning-Based Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

The client is a scientific organization from Europe. The client needed a strong tech team to come up with a goods verification method. So, our team of data scientists was engaged in developing an anti-counterfeiting solution for QR-code recognition.

As a result, our team achieved 99% accuracy in QR code verification. Additionally, we made false pattern detection in the database.

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Pose estimation

Pose Estimation for Fitness and Physical Therapy Application

The client is a startup engaged in human activity recognition and motion analysis. They turned to the InData Labs team to help with pose estimation and motion analysis.

Challenges solved:

  • Image and activity recognition in bad lighting, with frame loss, occlusions, etc.
  • Error detection algorithms developed from scratch
  • Operational efficiency optimization
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OCR and API for secure infrared brand verification

OCR Solution and API for Secure Infrared Brand Verification

The client is a security printing startup, needed an OCR expert to help with scanning and recognizing printed marks for Android phones.

Our engineers developed a bespoke algorithm for code recognition. The algorithm was required to capture and identify characters, then send a code to the server and validate it. At the client’s request, we provided camera support for Android phones.

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ocr to retrieve data from receipts

OCR-Based Solution to Retrieve Data from Receipts

The client – a banking and finance solutions provider, contacted InData Labs for data extraction services consulting and implementation.

The client had difficulty capturing and identifying images and characters on receipts.

Our tech team developed an OCR-based solution to recognize and process unstructured data from receipts.

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image analysis for ticket processing

Image Analysis to Enhance Ticket Processing Software

The client – a train operator, wanted to streamline the work processes with AI. They needed to replace paper tickets with smartcards.

Our engineers developed an AI-powered ticket processing system. It had to enable automated ticket recognition and claims processing.

As a result, we provided the client with a solid solution for recognition, classification and analysis of different types of tickets. With the help of it, the client’s streamlined paper-based processes and increased efficiency.

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AI comparison tools

Creating AI Comparison Tools

The InData Labs’ team worked on a system for object comparison to achieve such end-results as:

  • Develop a deep learning-based solution from scratch
  • Build an AI-powered object comparison model
Picture Analysis Soft

Custom Computer Vision Solution

InData Labs experts were engaged in building custom computer vision software to solve the following challenges:

  • Capture and measure 2D and 3D images
  • Employ deep learning algorithms for visual data crunching

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Do you seek to enhance your existing image recognition software or need a custom solution built from scratch? The InData Labs’ team is at your disposal to provide excellent computer vision services and custom solutions.

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