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Category: BI and Big Data

  • Top 12 AI Trends Transforming E-Commerce and Online Retail in 2019

    Artificial intelligence (AI) boldly infiltrates retail and e-commerce industries. Market analysts from Juniper Research predict that retailers will spend on AI about $7,3 billion each year by 2022. No wonder. According to IBM researchers, intelligent automation can make annual revenue growth to go up by 10%. And depending on the nature of your business, audience,…

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  • Data Warehouse Concepts: Types, Examples, and Link to Big Data
    data warehouse concepts

    If your company keeps up with the trends in data management, you likely have encountered the concepts and definitions of data warehouse and big data. When your data professionals try to implement data extraction solutions, they need a data repository. For this purpose, they can use a data warehouse and a data lake. Roughly speaking,…

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  • Big Data: Revolution To Transform Business Models
    big data for business

    Big data refers to large sets of unstructured, semi-structured, or structured data obtained from numerous sources. Among the sources are customer databases, medical records, business transaction systems, social networks, mobile applications, and scientific experiments. Today, companies are focusing on overhauling their data architecture, consolidating data, and discarding legacy systems. Big data has a great impact…

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  • 6 BI Implementation Issues to Avoid and AI for Better Decisions
    6 BI Implementation Issues

    Business intelligence (BI) is a set of strategies and tools that companies can employ to handle the analysis of business data. The tools and solutions, especially custom-made ones, facilitate the work of experts in monitoring KPIs of business, analyzing fast-changing market realities and factors impacting performance. To opt for business intelligence solutions is a trend…

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