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Category: BI and Big Data

  • Big Data: Revolution To Transform Business Models
    big data for business

    Big data refers to large sets of unstructured, semi-structured, or structured data obtained from numerous sources. Among the sources are customer databases, medical records, business transaction systems, social networks, mobile applications, and scientific experiments. Today, companies are focusing on overhauling their data architecture, consolidating data, and discarding legacy systems. Big data has a great impact…

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  • Power of Big Data and Precision Medicine in Healthcare
    power of big data and precision medicine in healthcare

    The future of healthcare starts with precise data analytics. Healthcare organizations are revamping their investments in precision medicine and big data analytics to improve patient outcomes. Despite recent advancements to implement these data models into clinical systems, there are still obstacles to their adoption on a global scale. Nowadays, technological advancements allow for merging and…

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  • Top 12 AI Trends Transforming E-commerce and Online Retail in 2021

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a game-changer for the retail and E-commerce industries. According to Statista, retail sales are projected to amount to around $30 trillion by 2023. Source: Statista According to Nasdaq, 95% of purchases will be facilitated by E-commerce by 2040. No doubt, AI will be shaping retail digitization. AI has pretty much…

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  • AI in Mental Health
    ai in mental health

    The technology has boosted the growth of each industrial sector around the world. One of those sectors is healthcare, which has seen a remarkable elevation in recent years. The rise of technologies like ML and AI has also shown many promising prospects in healthcare. One of them is the scope of AI in Mental Health….

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