InData Labs Services

Our services include architecture advisory, engineering, data science, and machine learning development. InData Labs’ experts will help you explore what is possible with your data, build a quick POC, and deliver a production-ready solution on budget and time.


  • Data Science & AI

    Leverage artificial intelligence to discover the true potential of your data.

    • NLP
    • Computer vision
    • Predictive analytics
  • Data Strategy Consulting

    Align big data technologies with your business objectives.

    • Сapabilities, requirements & data identification
    • Use cases definition & prioritization
    • Architecture design
  • Big Data Engineering

    Develop big data environment that enables you to embrace all your data.

    • Data Warehouse modernization
    • Data Lake implementation
    • Big Data application development
  • Natural Language Processing

    Automate text analytics in any of your products.

    • Rapid actionable insights from thousands of texts
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Pre-built NLP APIs for social media analysis

Are you ready for take off?

If you are struggling to leverage the growing volume and variety of data, our big data services will prepare your company for takeoff.

Schedule a free consultation with IDL’s experts to learn about the use cases that we recommend to start with

  • Big Data Exploration
  • Data Warehouse Optimization
  • Operations Analysis
  • Customer Base Analysis

Let's build great products together. Get in touch with us.

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