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Intelligent Healthcare IT Analytics Solutions

We Create Solutions for Better Patients Outcomes and Efficiency.

Areas of Expertise

Unlocking the power of AI for healthcare organizations.

Predictive Analytics & Healthcare Delivery Enhancement

Meet unique patients’ needs and enhance healthcare delivery with stellar predictive analytics solutions.

Diagnostics and disease prediction can be easier with big data analysis and machine learning. Use our ML-based predictive models for automatic detection of anomalies in patient clinical data. Analyze the results to adjust the intended treatment plan and navigate medicine risks like adverse reactions and medication side effects.

Prevent chronic diseases and improve patient outcomes. Analyzing patient-generated data, you can predict disorders like diabetes or heart disease. Predictive analytics tools will help you identify high-risk patients and predict their future outcomes. Make personalized predictions and treatment plans reducing the risk for hospitalization.

OCR & Healthcare Business Processes Optimization

Tired of managing paper documents? Make a smooth transition from paper to digital with our custom OCR solutions. Optimize healthcare business processes through data capture, retrieval, and extraction. With OCR solutions it’s easy to digitize all kinds of healthcare documents including patients’ records, prescriptions, claims, reports, invoices and etc.

Allow automatic data entry and smooth health data transfer between organizations. Deploy bespoke OCR software into your hospital for laborious tasks to save time and money.

NLP & Medical Document Analysis

Get to know your clients better with NLP API software.

Find out who your target audience is – age, gender, interests, specifics, etc. Use the data to better market yourself, retain old customers, and attract new ones.

Analyze comments on social media about customer experiences to see how they rate your services. Score comments into people, places, and services to see if your patients are happy with your brand or there’s room for development. Use the insights to improve the overall quality of services and care.

Analyze medical documents to predict conditions. Use NLP to extract data from clinical documents for intelligent diagnostics.

Computer Vision for Physical Therapy Transformation

Transform physical therapy with AI health solutions like pose estimation. Implement pose estimation models into your app to track, estimate and provide therapeutic feedback on patient joints and posture in real time. Bring guidance on doing the exercising and motivation to carry on. Check the progress of the patient over the course to navigate treatment protocol.

Сomputer Vision for Authentication Procedures

Today there is a growing demand for different types of personnel authentication tools & technologies for both online and in physical systems.

With our robust computer vision algorithms, it’s easy to collect and store facial data. Use the data to verify personnel and provide or ban access to certain areas.

Сomputer Vision for Customer Services Improvement

Want to better market your hospital but afraid of being salesy? Impress your patients with Face Recognition Greeting Tool. Recognize and greet patients by the name as soon as they enter the hospital.

Integrating our tool into your infrastructure, you’ll deliver great customer service and boost patient retention and referrals with ease.

Сomputer Vision for Medical Image Analysis

Detect and identify diseases with medical image analysis powered by Machine Learning. Get meaningful data insights for on-time anomaly detection and early disease intervention based on clinical imaging. As a result, streamline the workflow of the radiologists and get better patient outcomes.

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Services We Provide

Artificial intelligence solutions in healthcare on demand.
  • Consulting

    Have a business problem? Use our consulting services, strong tech expertise, and experience in the healthcare IT solutions market.
  • Healthcare IT Solution Development

    Not satisfied with packaged healthcare software available on the market? Let our tech team build web or mobile solutions specifically for your needs.
  • Healthcare Analytics and Business Intelligence

    Want to get insights into clinical care, administration and costs? Make use of analytics and BI tools to track KPIs and readjust your strategies.
  • Testing and QA

    Document processing systems, AI apps for mental health or physical therapy – we’ll make sure your healthcare IT solution runs smoothly.

Value You Get

We offer our experience in Artificial Intelligence for healthcare organizations.
Diagnosis Made Easy
A helping hand to analyze large volumes of medical data.
Care About
Enhanced Patient Care
Patient-centric care and better patient outcomes.
Data Privacy
Data Privacy
Your data is safe with you. You process it locally.
Simple-to-Use Solutions
Quick to adapt, easy to use for non-tech audiences.
Business Process Automation
Business Process Automation
Higher level of operational efficiency and reduced human error in the workplace.
Custom Solutions
Custom Solutions for Your Needs
Haven’t found the right fit? Need a healthcare IT solution tailored to your specific needs?
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Why Partner with InData Labs?

What makes us your perfect healthcare IT solutions provider? We have an excellent repute in implementing artificial intelligence in healthcare organizations and we’re always ready to address your business challenges.
  • Highly Experienced Team
    60 + Experts

    Our data scientists and engineers are shaping modern medical technologies. We’re experienced in digital healthcare and MedTech solution development.

  • Industry-Focused

    We stay on top of the industry trends. We understand the needs of our clients and aid them with AI-based solutions that solve their problems.

  • Reliable

    We prioritize our clients. Our goal is to help them reach new heights by innovating their businesses with AI.

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Customer Success

We’ve been leveraging AI in healthcare organizations since 2014. Take a look at some of the most prominent projects we’ve created for our clients from the healthcare industry.

Pose Estimation for Fitness and Therapy

Improved pose estimation and error detection by 64%.

The client is US-based. They specialize in human activity recognition and motion analysis. They asked InData Labs to develop custom pose estimation models for real-time human pose detection during physical therapy and fitness.

As a result, we built proprietary pose estimation and error detection algorithms to level up the client’s app. The algorithms detect human position and provide feedback on how to correct the moves.

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ML to Improve Period Accuracy Prediction

Increased period prediction accuracy up to 15%.

The client is a media and entertainment company located in Japan. The client needed to advance the overall period prediction accuracy without impacting the app performance.

The benefits from cooperation with InData Labs include:

  • prediction accuracy increased up to 15%
  • app allows predicting irregular periods
  • tips on implementing ovulation prediction into the app
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BI Implementation for Baby Care Mobile App

Elimination of data bottlenecks.

The client is a US company developing an iOS and Android mobile app related to baby care. The client was looking for a reliable vendor with expertise in data analysis and BI. The client needed to implement data analysis and structure the existing data assets.

During the project we were analyzing and collecting the data. We built dashboards for users and came up with a solution how to streamline reports. As a result, the overall user experience has increased, as well as the content relevance.

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