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  • The Significance of Predictive Analytics in Business’s Sales & Marketing
    predictive analytics for sales and marketing

    Any successful business requires sales and marketing to operate together rather than as silos. It’s their collective responsibility to work alongside each other to guide a customer from the first time they become aware of the product to when they finally make a purchase. To do that, they need to know their customers. It is,…

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  • InData Labs Named Top Machine Learning Company in 2021
    top machine learning company 2021

    Machine Learning (ML) has blended into our life without our much notice. ML is everywhere. Healthcare organizations use it for better diagnosis and enhanced patient care, banks for efficient fraud detection, the automotive industry tests automatic cars and autopilots with the help of ML. The technology has gained momentum, and it is here to stay….

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  • Head Pose Estimation with Computer Vision
    head pose estimation with computer vision

    Recently, head pose estimation has become a popular area of research. Data scientists have spent over 20 years researching the most effective approaches to it, уеt haven’t settled for one. The technology is needed for facial recognition, eye gaze estimation and emotion recognition. For instance, it can be used for safety monitoring on the road,…

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Data Preparation
    preparing data for analytics

    The fact that data is now called the “new oil” is true. There is considerable money being made by the ones who are cleverly utilizing it. Fundamentally, big data is unlike oil. With the help of machine learning, It provides a lot more than just profit – it offers understanding and insight, with one exception…

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