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  • Sentiment Analysis for Winning Customer Centricity Battle

    In the era of customer-centricity it is important for businesses to integrate the most efficient tools and technologies for customer service. One of the most effective modern solutions that can help start creating outstanding customer service is consumer sentiment analysis.

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  • What Computer Vision Is and What It Gives Technology-Led Industries
    computer vision

    Computer vision is a subsection of artificial intelligence (AI) that is on the rise. Its focus is on developing and refining techniques that let machines see and understand digital images and video content. Today we live in reality awash in visual information. According to HubSpot, 54% of consumers want their favorite brands to deliver more…

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  • How Visual Search Works and Helps Users Get What They Are After
    visual search CV

    As one of the most hyped fields of AI, computer vision has applications in different areas of business and everyday life. Cision reports that computer vision is set for more growth in popularity. Computer vision has revolutionized retail, customer services, automotive, and healthcare sectors. Experts argue whether it is possible or not to teach machines to…

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  • InData Labs at Imaguru Data Challenge, Datathon 2019
    indatalabs event imaguru

    Two weeks back, 19-21 of July, our team took part in the 3rd Datathon, Imaguru Practical Data Challenge. The competition was held with the support of the US Agency for International Development, USAID, in Belarus. Over the three days, 12 teams consisting of 120 participants worked hard to nail the tasks by Datathon partner companies:…

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  • Deep Learning in Image Recognition Opens Up New Business Avenues

    Present-day image recognition is comparable to human visual perception. It has entered daily life and serves different needs. Facebook and other social media platforms use this technology to enhance image search and aid visually impaired users. Retail businesses employ image recognition to scan massive databases to better meet customer needs and improve both in-store and…

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  • 6 BI Implementation Issues to Avoid and AI for Better Decisions
    6 BI Implementation Issues

    Business intelligence (BI) is a set of strategies and tools that companies can employ to handle the analysis of business data. The tools and solutions, especially custom-made ones, facilitate the work of experts in monitoring KPIs of business, analyzing fast-changing market realities and factors impacting performance. To opt for business intelligence solutions is a trend…

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  • What is Data Extraction and How It Can Serve Your Business
    What Is Data Extraction

    In the highly competitive business world of today, data reign supreme. Customer personal data, comprehensive operating statistics, sales figures, or inter-company information may play a core role in strategic decision making. It’s vital to keep an eye on the quantity and quality of data that can be captured and extracted from different web sources. By…

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  • Artificial Intelligence in Finance: 5 Ways to Finest Customer Experience
    AI in Finance

    The concept of harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) for business automation and transformation is sweeping the world. In our blog, we have been diving into the matters of retail, tech, and healthcare giants adopting cutting-edge technologies. Another sphere where AI demonstrates its great transformational potential is finance and banking. Be it a startup or an established…

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  • 11 Practical Considerations to Effective BI Implementation Strategy
    BI Implementation

    Several issues often mar BI implementation, be it technical issues to unclear user requirements to company politics, BI implementation has never been easier for companies. With so many odds stacked against them, project planning and problem anticipation have become tough even for seasoned BI professionals. And, unlike smaller companies, BI implementation takes a considerable time…

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  • InData Labs is a Data Science Partner of Imaguru Datathon 2019
    Imaguru InData Labs

    This year we are happy to announce that on the 19-21 of July 2019 Imaguru Practical Data Сhallenge Datathon will take place in Minsk. Imaguru Datathon is an annual hackathon that connects all enthusiasts about Data Science for solving specific problems of companies with the help of data science and big data techniques. Partner companies…

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