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  • Deep Learning for Computer Vision
    deep learning for computer vision

    Imagine, you have a camera observable environment. What can you do with data from the cameras besides just recording videos for security reasons? What can you do with images taken by mobile cameras? Many things. Even if your production or product is not related to cameras. Production surveillance automation, smart car camera security systems, fitness…

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  • Top 12 AI Trends Transforming E-commerce and Online Retail in 2021

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a game-changer for the retail and E-commerce industries. According to Statista, retail sales are projected to amount to around $30 trillion by 2023. Source: Statista According to Nasdaq, 95% of purchases will be facilitated by E-commerce by 2040. No doubt, AI will be shaping retail digitization. AI has pretty much…

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  • Cognitive Computing vs. Artificial Intelligence: How Do They Differ?
    сognitive сomputing vs ai

    Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence [AI] are often considered the same term and used interchangeably by those who do not work in the technology industry. But questions regarding Cognitive Computing vs. AI have arisen in the past, and now they cannot be ignored. That is not a surprise since both terminologies imply that computers are…

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  • InData Labs Recognized as a 2021 B2B Artificial Intelligence Leader
    indata labs among top cognitive computing companies 2021

    Despite the many challenges of 2020, AI has consolidated its adoption. Safe to say, it’ll shape 2021 and beyond. As the COVID-19 spread, AI brought an arsenal of tools to fight against the virus and revive the economics. InData Labs has been named one of the top B2B leaders in the artificial intelligence industry in…

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