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  • Identifies InData Labs as a Leading Hadoop Consultant!

    As we have quickly grown over the last 5-years, InData Labs has been able to become a leading data science firm and AI-powered solutions provider. Our team strives to bring the power of AI to every business we work with in order to solve their big data challenges. We are excited to share that…

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  • Artificial Intelligence Taking Jobs Nurtures Demand for New Skills

    There is no consensus on whether artificial intelligence (AI) replacing jobs across various industries is an alarming sign or a natural outcome of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Anyway, the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs is too obvious to be denied. A hype-based viewpoint is that state-of-the-art technologies disrupt job opportunities and may soon empower…

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  • AI Project Success: How to Create a Valuable Solution

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is the core technology that disrupts today’s business reality. It comes as no surprise that the number of companies that have piloted AI and then expanded the use of intelligent systems is growing. In many fields, such as logistics, finance, retail, automotive and assembly, AI solutions became a silver bullet to enhance…

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  • 5 Steps to Enhance Customer Experience With AI: Tips and Cases
    5 AI for CX

    With the growth of computational power and, hence, machine learning solutions, artificial intelligence (AI) is creating more and more value across different industries. To cut off all the hype, AI is unable to do many things that humans can. In some aspects of life and business, AI can act smarter than humans but not in…

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  • OCR Algorithm: Improve and Automate Business Processes
    OCR Algorithm Business

    Businesses of mid and large scale have massive amounts of printed documents in daily use. Among them are invoices, receipts, corporate documents, reports, media releases. And millions of them can be handwritten, which makes documents understandable for humans but difficult to read for machines. Basic Concept of OCR Optical character recognition (OCR) algorithms allow computers…

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  • Business Intelligence Trends 2019: AI for Data Management
    Bi and Data Management

    Today, the digitization of businesses is in high gear. Digitally mature businesses harness exceptional opportunities. They can attract a larger audience, better predict consumer needs, automate in-house operations, save time and expenses. Business Intelligence (BI) is a tech-driven process for analyzing data. It implies that emerging technologies are extremely important for the BI industry. Latest…

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  • 6 Automated Data Capture Methods For Business Development
    Data capture methods

    Today, digitization penetrates all spheres of business. 2.5 quintillion bytes of data that people create every day is predominantly unstructured data. Whether it is audio, video or text, big data – if meticulously collected, recognized and processed – can be used to generate business value through leveraging state-of-the-art technologies. But no matter how intelligent machines…

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  • AI in Logistics: Data-Driven Shifts to Boost Your Business
    AI in logistics and transportation

    AI technologies in 2019 are not a luxury but a necessity for organizations to achieve and maintain their competitive edge in the field of logistics. According to Forbes Insight research, 65% of the industry leaders believe that logistics, transportation, and supply chain have ushered in the era of “profound transformation.” The report by Accenture reveals…

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  • Brand Identity Issues: How Does Logo Detection Work for Effective Marketing Campaign?
    logo detection and brand monitoring

    Social media has evolved into the principle method of communicating ideas, sharing experience, brand stories, and building communities. The user engagement with ads on Facebook has tripled in the last 2 years, as Hootsuite reports. So far, more than 60% of users discover brands and goods on Instagram, employ such apps as Like2Buy that allows…

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  • 4 Ways to Leverage Data Science for Business Endeavors
    data science for business endeavors

    Businesses across different industries face, however, similar obstacles on the road to success. Among such constraints are time-consuming manual tasks, poor conversion rate, low productivity, etc. As Gartner says, “Data scientists hold the key to unveiling better solutions to old problems.” There are lots of data science techniques that can be successfully used for building…

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