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  • InData Labs Named World Leading Machine Learning Company
    Leading ML Firm

    Machine Learning (ML) is a part of artificial intelligence (AI). It helps systems learn and do tasks in the way humans do. It manages masses of data, empowers algorithms, and brings advances to computing power. Today, it’s a growing trend, and it’s here to stay. IndustryWired has featured the 10 best machine learning companies, and…

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  • AI Revolution: Big Data And Advanced Computing Power Opens Up New Doors
    AI Revolution

    Intelligence: the only weapon human species ever had to survive in the wild. In fact, with the use of smart intelligence, the human species broke the jungle’s only rule, survival of the fittest, and became the most dominating species across the globe. Millions of years down the road, humans are on the verge of witnessing…

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  • 6 Automated Data Capture Methods For Business Development
    Data capture methods

    Today, digitization penetrates all spheres of business. 2.5 quintillion bytes of data that people create every day is predominantly unstructured data. Whether it is audio, video or text, big data – if meticulously collected, recognized, and processed – can generate business value through leveraging state-of-the-art technologies. But no matter how intelligent machines may be, they…

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  • AI Revenue Management for E-commerce Businesses

    AI has been disrupting most of the industries lately. In this article, we’re going to witness how AI’s been making its way into pricing and revenue management. According to a recent survey of 1,700 business leaders conducted by Bain, 85% of B2B teams think their pricing decisions could be better and only 15% of them…

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