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Here you’ll find all the latest thinking in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Advanced Data Analytics along with company news and other useful resources to move your business forward.

  • How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Advertising
    The use of AI in advertising

    Did you know, you can actively start using artificial intelligence in your advertising efforts and as part of your strategy right now, even if you’re completely clueless as to how AI works? AI does make even the tech-savvy of us wince without knowing completely what it is, but it’s clear that it’s crucial since this…

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  • 8 Factors to Consider While Choosing a Data Science Consultant in 2020
    What does a data scientist do

    These days, a lot of companies are striving to be technology-driven. And it’s not surprising why. Wrapping up a business strategy around data and analytics can bring a lot of benefits to a company. With that in mind, business owners seek help from data scientists. Who is a data scientist? It is a data expert…

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  • AI in Digital Marketing: 3 Ways to Elevate Content Promotion Tactics
    The use of AI for digital marketing

    AI is finally within reach of small and mid-size companies. Should you try it, too? Depends on how high you want your business to go. I mean you can assemble something like an automation workflow yourself. Say, design a three-email nurturing campaign to send to clients who downloaded a lead magnet like eBook. It’s also…

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  • InData Labs Response to COVID-19
    InData Labs Response to Covid19

    During these times of instability and uncertainty, businesses around the globe are adapting to this “new normal.” At InData Labs, we’ve been doing the same as we’ve implemented new policies to support both our employees and local community. Remote Work In response to COVID-19, we’ve let our employees work from home. For those who remained…

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