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  • Best Healthcare Predictive Analytics Case Studies
    best healthcare predictive analytics case studies

    Predictive analytics has been a goldmine for healthcare professionals for quite some time. With healthcare organizations starting to understand the importance of the technology, it’s not surprising that it’s making such a stir. Allied Market Research states that  In the upcoming years, we’ll be witnessing its mass adoption. Predictive Analytics in Healthcare: Examples Whoever said…

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  • Managed IT Services for Imaging Company
    managed it services for imaging company

    Background Introduce your business and what you do there. I am a project manager at an image capture company. We have an automated system designed to streamline the product imaging process for customers. Opportunity / Challenge What challenge were you trying to address with InData Labs? There is part of our process that handles images…

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  • AI in Business and Best Examples of Its Usage
    ai in business examples

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly paved its way into all human life domains, seizing to be a purely technical concept. The benefits of AI in business are becoming obvious every day, with many organizations adopting this technology to achieve greater automation, conduct precise data analytics, and improve their supply chains. AI-based business product and service…

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  • Why Are Machine Learning Apps Getting More and More Popular?
    machine learning apps are getting more popular

    Over the past few years, the rapid growth of software technologies and tools has seen the proliferation of machine learning (ML) apps. Any enterprise mobile app developer will admit that there is nothing comparable to the buzz surrounding the real, tangible value of machine learning in mobile app development, and its promising potential in changing…

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