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  • AI Revenue Management for E-commerce Businesses

    AI has been disrupting most of the industries lately. In this article, we’re going to witness how AI’s been making its way into pricing and revenue management. According to a recent survey of 1,700 business leaders conducted by Bain, 85% of B2B teams think their pricing decisions could be better and only 15% of them…

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  • InData Labs Listed among Top AI and Big Data Companies in Belarus
    InData Among Top AI Companies

    AI has become an integral part of our personal lives. During the pandemic, it’s been helping combat the virus, facilitating access to home workouts, reshaping home work, and more. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global AI market will reach USD 266.92 billion by 2027. And that’s just the beginning. In the coming years, AI…

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  • Personalized Care and Predictive Analytics: New Trend amid Pandemic
    Predictive Analytics in Care

    Predictive analytics in personalized care is much more than only treating and preventing disease. It is also about reimagining the healthcare system to better serve future generations. Personalized Big Data precision medicine has the potential to offer efficiencies that will ensure the sustainability of healthcare systems in the face of growing prices. In 2021, healthcare…

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  • AI and Machine Learning In Business: The Big Overview
    Machine Learning in Business

    Each day, marketers bombard us with tempting promises of a brighter future. Most of these promises reference the applications of AI and Machine Learning in business. But business opportunities in machine learning are no longer a subject of the future. Thus, the global AI market is expected to reach over a $190.61 billion market value…

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