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  • The Use of Social Data for Retail Demand Forecasting
    demand forecasting

    Both online and offline retailers try to increase their sales through better understanding their customers. In order to do it they should be aware of what their clients’ preferences are or might be in the near future. Retailers should not only know what their customers currently buy, but also understand what the demand will be like.

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  • Is Data Scientist a new Santa?
    best present

    At some point each of us has been on the edge of nervous breakdown while choosing presents for our friends and families, colleagues and acquaintances, or just some random people we had to celebrate on the occasion. However, our data scientists don’t have such a problem. Instead, they use their expertise in social media analysis, trend prediction, text and sentiment analysis – almost as magical as Christmas time itself.

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  • Age Prediction Based on Social Network Statuses Analysis
    age prediction

    We all have behavioural patterns that remain unexplored by psychologists but can be easily recognized by machine learning algorithms. Having access to big data sets we can get use of it not only predicting age, but also contributing to psychological studies.

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