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Levels of Social Media Intelligence

29 September 2015
social media intelligence

The information that companies need to stay competitive is moving quickly from traditional proprietary sources to the open, unstructured world of social networks. Businesses need Social Media Intelligence to be able to interpret the data and make socially informed decisions.

Talking about Social Media Intelligence we imply a set of tools that allow organizations to monitor social channels and conversations, respond to social signals and synthesize social data points into meaningful trends. Social media intelligence delivers multi-dimensional insight into a company and its products, promotions, clients, and influencers. These result in deeper trend analysis, behavior tracking, and overall understanding.


The social media intelligence stack includes 4 levels. All starts with social listening or social media monitoring – a process of identifying and assessing the information being said about a company, individual, product or brand on the social web.

The next big step is data management, which is all about filtering, categorizing and customizing data for further analysis. Given the volume, variety and speed of social media data, we call this level big data management. Big data management requires new specific skills from the team and companies usually turn to big data consulting services to help them embrace fast-growing pools of data.

The third level in social media intelligence stack is our favorite – advanced analytics. At InData Labs we are passionate about turning social media data into actionable insights. Natural language processing, social patterns detection, automated influencer identification and other processes that we use for social media analysis provide windows into the plans of competitors, suppliers, and customers.

Companies can only benefit from these insights if they are delivered in a clear way, to the right people, at the right time. For that reason, social media intelligence cannot exist without distribution level. We build alerts, reports and open API’s to ensure necessary insights being delivered to the right person at the right time. Thus operators can react quickly to malicious activities, managers can build automated reports in a matter of seconds, analysts can make specific queries and get tailored answers right away.

Getting value from social media requires all the levels described above to function well both individually and in conjunction. Then you will not just listen to the information storm from social media, you will be able to find information that really matters, hear and understand it and react adequately to the signals that come from the social web.

Social intelligence is ideal for brands looking to deeply understand their markets, identify trends, understand customer behavior. On the other side, it’s also ideal for enterprises looking to detect and track behavioral patterns that may lead to social or corporate security threats.

Big data technologies and data science bring social media analysis to the next level. Now every company can determine and gain the level of insight and understanding of social media required to reach its business goals.

Using machine learning, AI and Big Data technologies InData Labs helps tech startups and enterprises explore new ways of leveraging data, implement highly complex and innovative projects, and build breakthrough AI products. Our core services include Data Strategy Consulting, Big Data Engineering, Data Science Consulting.

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