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Top 10 data science consulting firms in 2023

16 February 2023
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We’re living in an era of disruptions. Market storms, geopolitical uncertainty, and costly supply chains typify the operational landscape for most organizations in 2023. To weather disruptions, companies invest in ingenious technologies such as data science and analytics.

StatisticsIf you’re looking to leverage the power of analytics for your company, you’ll need a team of trusted data science consultants. Below, we’ve curated the list of top data science consulting firms that will take care of your analytics needs.

Innovative companies in data science for 2023

The best data science consulting firms to work with will depend on your project needs. However, years of experience, portfolio diversity, and domain expertise are the default selection criteria you need to consider when picking a partner.

InData Labs

Headquarters: Nicosia, Cyprus
Foundation date: 2014
Rating on Clutch: 5.0

With an almost decade-long track record as a global data science consultancy, InData Labs has accumulated solid experience in data science projects of all complexity levels.

As a digital native, this data science consulting agency provides a broad spectrum of other data-related services, such as cloud computing, AI, predictive analytics, NLP, and more.

Over its years of service, InData Labs has delivered 150+ projects to businesses across geographies, including the UK, the USA, Canada, and other locations. Top-performing companies and mid-size businesses, including Wargaming, Flo, AsstrA, Captiv8 and other industry leaders, rely on the deep expertise and data science proficiency of InData Labs experts.

From E-commerce to manufacturing and finance, this cross-functional team of 80+ data experts possesses profound knowledge of next-gen technologies and impressive industry expertise.

Veraqor, Inc.

Headquarters: Princeton, USA
Foundation date: 2015
Rating on Clutch: 5.0

Veraqor, Inc. is a team of data science consultants with over 5 years of experience. The company has been broadening its horizon in Big data consulting, IT strategy, and cloud computing.

The industry focus of this data science consulting company is concentrated mainly on healthcare, retail, and the energy domain. Veraqor, Inc caters to mid-market and enterprise organizations to solve their data science challenges.

Cobit Solutions

Headquarters: Denver, USA
Foundation date: 2018
Rating on Clutch: 5.0

Cobit Solutions is one of the top-rated boutique data science consulting firms with a team of 12 experts.

The company specializes in business intelligence solutions and interactive reporting to help businesses communicate their insights. Despite its young age, Cobit Solutions has delivered over 450 dashboards in 22 industries.

The company is also an expert in Microsoft Power BI analytics and introduces global businesses to the capabilities of this platform. The featured projects include ones delivered to Meest China and Helen Marlen Group.


Headquarters: Oakland, USA
Foundation date: 1995
Rating on Clutch: 4.7

CI&T is one of the longest-serving IT partners with a 27-year track record of accelerating business value through smart digital solutions. The company’s clientele is the majority of Fortune 500 companies, including SITA, Lenovo, iHeart Media, Panasonic, and other tech giants.

With a globally distributed team of 7,000+ professionals in data science, enterprise app modernization, and custom development, CI&T delivers innovation at scale for forward-looking businesses.

Synergo Group

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada
Foundation date: 2005
Rating on Clutch: 4.9

Synergo Group is a data science consulting firm with offices in Canada, the USA, the U.K., Denmark, Germany, Romania, and the Netherlands. Its team of 50 professionals takes over the end-to-end software development services, including analytics software and cloud migration.

The company also has a diverse portfolio of projects completed for Caseware International, Samsung Electronics, Caliva, and other companies across healthcare, financial services, real estate, and other domains.


Headquarters: New York, USA
Foundation date: 2000
Rating on Clutch: 5.0

Although data consulting is not the core service of Icreon, the company offers a wide range of digital transformation services – from cloud migration to data engineering.

For over 20 years, Icreon has been trusted by the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies operating in retail, customer services, education, and other sectors.

Icreon is based in New York City and has offices in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Miami, New Delhi, and London. Companies including IMG Models, National Geographic Channel, and FOX Movies rely on Icreon to meet their objectives.

JCommerce by Inetum

Headquarters: Katowice, Poland
Foundation date: 2005
Rating on Clutch: 4.8

JCommerce is a community of 300+ IT professionals dedicated to delivering business intelligence to global companies. The company is geared toward product design, custom software development, IT consulting, and Big data consulting.

For 18 years, the team has been delivering innovative solutions to virtually every area of the economy, including banking, insurance, manufacturing, and trade. As for data science consulting services, JCommerce specialized in dashboards and reporting.


Headquarters: New York, USA
Foundation date: 1996
Rating on Clutch: 4.8

Keyrus is one of the premium data science consulting businesses catering to enterprises and mid-market companies. To offer innovation at the edge, Keyrus partners with numerous software publishers, including Tableau, Qlik, Alteryx, and Snowflake.

The company’s clientele brims with well-known conglomerates, such as Heineken, Goodwill, Royal Bank of Scotland, and others.


Headquarters: Ra’anana, Israel
Foundation date: 2005
Rating on Clutch: 4.9

Fayrix is a custom software development provider with over 250 delivered projects. Having onboard consultants for data science, solution development, and other verticals, the company provides a broad range of services, including mobile app development, app design, web development, and Big data consulting.

As a data science company, Fayrix excels at strategy consulting, high-load computing, and data management services for education, consumer products & services, and healthcare.

Developers Dev

Headquarters: San Jose, USA
Foundation date: 2005
Rating on Clutch: 4.9

Developers Dev is a leading IT service and consulting firm utilizing data analytics to help organizations solve business problems and uncover opportunities. The company has delivered over 5000 projects to 3000+ global clients in finance, education, ecommerce, and other industries.

Developers Dev relies on an interdisciplinary team of data scientists to create device data analytics solutions, fraud prevention software, and other data lighthouses for enterprises and mid-market companies.

Why turning data into intelligence is crucial for your business

In 2023, positive business outcomes will largely depend on the effective use of industry-best technologies. Ninety-six percent of respondents feel that analytics will play an important role in business strategy in the next three years, fuelling better enablement of key strategic initiatives.

Here are five reasons why you need the best data science consulting firms to put your data to work.

Better decision-making

Using accurate data to guide their business operations is what sets high performers from laggers.

Data-based decision-making leads businesses in the right direction, optimizes current operational efforts, and makes their offerings fine-tuned to the customer.

Better decision making

Source: Unsplash

Those who flex data-driven decision-making muscle both internally and externally tend to score higher revenue levels and improve customer service, while 61% of analytics adopters easily identify business process improvements.

Reduced operational costs

With most companies in resiliency mode, cost optimization has become more relevant than ever.

By analyzing data, businesses can identify trends and patterns that allow them to optimize their operations and reduce costs.

Inventory management

Data scientists can also help businesses improve their customer service by identifying pain points and addressing them quickly. By gathering data from customer feedback surveys, businesses can pinpoint areas where their customers are unhappy and take steps to improve the situation.

Mitigating risk and fraud

Big Data applications also take the form of predictive models to prevent fraud and minimize business risks. They give companies the ability to look into the future and avoid potential risks by identifying early warning signs, whether it’s increasing churn rates or a non-paying customer.

Risk mitigating

Source: Unsplash

For example, telecoms can forecast overall customer satisfaction by examining the data they already have on service quality and other aspects.

To conquer churn, they can launch retention strategies and proactive offers geared toward the consumers at risk of leaving.

Battling recession

Finally, economic downturns reveal the true value of data science’s impact on businesses.

Not long ago, McKinsey told us about a utility that identified spending priorities, anticipated and quantified inflationary risks, and created live dashboards showing inflationary impact – all with the help of advanced analytics.

It means that in-depth analysis helps companies prepare defensive and offensive strategies for recession, including:


Forecasting market trends

Predictive analysis is critical in understanding market trends and anticipating future market movements.

By relying on historical data, businesses can identify patterns and relationships to make predictions about future market trends. This information can then fuel informed decisions about investment strategies and product development.

Trend prediction

Source: Unsplash

The immense predictive potential is especially helpful in marketing campaigns and customer management.

There, you can analyze customer data, social media sentiment, and market tendencies to forecast industry trends ahead of competitors. For example, L’Oréal uses AI and predictive analytics to stay ahead of consumer beauty trends.

Preparing for the future with data science

Pricing pressures, shrinking budgets, and a looming recession are likely to hit the business world in the coming years.

To prosper in the economic slump, companies need to adapt in real time, optimize costs, and navigate the crisis with data-driven forecasts.

Data science is what can give you the intelligence and actionable knowledge to achieve the following gains:

  • Personalized customer experience, ergo, higher retention rates;
  • Smart decision-making process
  • Strategic adjustments of operational costs
  • Early identification of potential risks
  • Better supply chain management, and more.

Having data analytics at the core of their business operations, companies are prepared to make worthwhile decisions no matter the variables and react proactively in complex business environments.

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