Online Reputation Management

Understand key factors and trends influencing your online reputation.

At InData Labs, we use our expertise in social media analysis to provide brands with strategic insight on key factors and trends influencing their online reputation. With the help of enriched social listening we are able to define who is saying what about your brand. This provides companies with more opportunities to manage negative mentions and reward brand advocates.

Social media analytics allows to identify brand-loyal individuals and influencers among brand’s audience and surprise them with upgrades, bonuses and other perks in order to improve or maintain their loyalty. On the other hand, social media analytics is helpful for churn prevention. Detecting and reacting to the messages from dissatisfied customers may prevent circulation of undesirable information about your brand online.

Our algorithms define influence of every message on the web, you can set triggers to be alerted about the most influential and the most emotional posts to manage them promptly.

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