Influencer Marketing

Launch great influencer marketing campaigns

According to Gartner, automation can bring speed and power to your influencer marketing program. With our technology you will be able to conduct automated influencer search and analytics to easily find individuals who fully resonate with your brand.

What can InData Labs technology do for my influencer marketing campaigns?

  • identify influencers among millions of social media users
  • analyze influencer follower base
  • analyze topics that influencer usually covers
  • get a list of influencers who were selected for your company based on three factors — reach, relevance and resonance.

You can choose from different types of influencers: celebrities, brand advocates, every-day influencers whose prices differ a lot, while engagement of their audience may be the same.

The biggest value that we can bring to our clients is influencer’s audience analysis. Before investing your money into an influencer marketing campaign you can see demographics of the audience that you could potentially reach and the average engagement rate of the audience. It allows you to make better decisions based on real data.

The rise of social media influencers creates the world of possibilities for modern world companies. All you have to do is to find the right person that will communicate your message to your potential customers in a creative way.

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