Data visualization

Use powerful data visualization tools to harness social media data

Because of the way the human brain processes information, using charts or graphs while analyzing large amounts of complex data is easier than working with raw data. Sometimes in order to make the right decisions for your business, you need to get out of the trenches of your data and get more of a bird’s eye view. Data visualization helps you do that.
Especially if you are planning to harness the complex social media data, visualizations should become your Swiss Army knife for discovering insights.
InData Labs can give you access to customization and editing tools needed in order to create seriously advanced visualizations with complex data sets.

Why visualize your data:

  • visuals can help simplify complex information
  • visuals are processed faster by the brain
  • visuals can reveal patterns, trends, changes, and correlations
  • data visualization is a quick, easy way to experiment with different scenarios by making slight adjustments.

See beautiful interactive maps by InData Labs that visualize Instagram activity in Hong Kong and London. These maps uncover what brands are dominating on Instagram, who their audience is, and which brand has established the best relationship with its funs.

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