Social Media Analytics

Data science & AI brings social media analytics to the next level. Determine and gain the level of social media insights required to reach your business goals.

  • Customer Insight

    Discover actionable customer insights from social media using statistical models and analysis, text-mining approaches, and machine learning algorithms.

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  • Influencer Marketing

    Find influencers who produce relevant content and discover the audience behind them to launch great data-driven influencer marketing campaigns and get higher ROI.

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  • Online Reputation Management

    Listen who is saying what about your brand on social media to understand key factors and trends influencing your reputation online.

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  • Competitive Intelligence

    Stay abreast of trends within your industry to stay competitive.

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  • Interactive data visualization

    Use powerful visualization tools to simplify social media analytics. Visuals help to reveal patterns, trends, changes, and correlations.

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  • Consumer Sentiment Analysis

    Understand consumer preferences, feedback, and intent more accurately with sentiment analysis machine learning models.

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