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Snowflake deployment services

Let us upgrade your ecosystem with a modern architecture based on scalable Snowflake solutions
Our Snowflake professional services solve the challenges of instant data scalability, availability, and unified analytics.

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How You Gain from Snowflake Technology

Get your digital transformation off to a good start with the unique benefits of Snowflake solutions.
  • Improved Visibility

    Speed to Value

    Leverage a unified view and data exchange capabilities of the Snowflake database to get insights fast. Bring data out of your silos, run an unlimited number of analytics workloads and make your assets work for your business.
  • snowflake

    Cloud Agnostic

    Access a rich landscape of all major cloud providers within a single Snowflake SaaS interface. Switch between the clouds, eliminate vendor lock-in, deploy in regions, and integrate natively with Snowflake analytics.
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    Easy Scaling

    Build up or down your workloads with automated scalability management. Become flexible, optimize performance, and stay in control of your expenses - with little management and zero disruption to your services.
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    Near-Serverless Experience

    Snowflake is a managed cloud data warehouse platform with automated data loading, scaling, and Big data workload operations. You get an all-in storage, processing, and analytic solution that is fast, flexible, and easy to manage.

Snowflake Architecture

Snowflake Cloud Services We Provide

Collate data across clouds to step up your analytics workloads with the least effort.

Snowflake Data Warehouse

We help you build a low-maintenance, cost-effective, and shared environment to consolidate all your data silos into a single source of truth. Let our Snowflake solution architects modernize your data storage to cut back on analytics costs.

  • Unified solution for all data types
  • Built-in integration with BI & analytics
  • Easily scalable workloads
  • Cloud interoperability

Snowflake Data Lakes

Our data engineers create a single repository for all your raw data in native format and set up an integrated pipeline that runs analytics to uncover fresh insights. Support real-time decision analytics without putting effort into data management.

  • Support for all data types
  • Elastic and scalable processing
  • Easy governance and security
  • Cross-cloud replication

Data Engineering

Build an open and integrated ecosystem with optimized performance, low processing costs, and serverless management. Support powerful pipelines, AI workloads, and analytics with a single Big data engineering solution built on Snowflake.

  • Enterprise-ready data pipelines
  • Near instant scalability
  • Serverless architecture
  • Simplified data loading
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Our Snowflake Consulting Roadmap

  • Discovery
    Business case analysis
    Tech stack review
    Project planning
  • Implementation
    Transformation/ merging
    Security evaluation
    Performance tuning
  • Migration
    Scope definition
    Selecting architecture
    Choosing migration strategy
  • Support
    Change management
    Security support
    Optimization and maintenance


We deliver transformative cloud solutions across multiple industries and lines of business.

Why InData Labs?

We couple deep expertise in database management and analytics with forward-thinking cloud leadership.
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    Team of Certified Experts

    Our balanced teams of 80+ data and cloud engineers make sure your Big data analytics solution is high-quality and value-added.
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    Your Reliable Cloud Consultant

    Since 2014, our cloud services development company has been delivering comprehensive data vision to global companies.
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    Diverse Business Case Expertise

    With over 150 delivered projects, we have accumulated broad domain expertise - from logistics to healthcare and beyond.

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We’re well-versed in major cloud and data architectures to deliver game-changing solutions to your business.
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Let Our Clients Do the Talking

Customer Success

customer 360 platform

Customer 360 Platform for Retail

Our client was looking to eliminate silos and unlock new data flows for granular customer insights and targeted marketing efforts.

Our engineers transformed existing assets into a standardized digital estate and delivered a tailored CDP system based on Azure and ML analytics. The result is a unified customer view across multiple touch points within one cloud solution.

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AI Customer Analytics Solution

AI Customer Analytics

An FMCG company needed a smart analytics solution to glean insights from email and audio customer feedback across multiple channels.

We set up an ongoing analytics pipeline based on the AWS architecture and integrated it with ML workflows. The result is an intelligent analytics environment that extracts complex insights from audio and text input.

View Details
Delivering Data Intelligence for Chemical Industry

Analytical Solution for Real-Time Sales

Our team onboarded the project to transform existing disparate flows into a unified analytics solution to look into the chemical composition of mixtures and the sales trends.

Our engineers transformed the unstructured data stack with Azure, built a custom analytics solution, and set up real-time streaming in Power BI for better reporting.

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  • Snowflake cloud technology is a unique cloud-based data warehousing service that offers a great number of advantages over other similar services. One of its key benefits is its scalability. Snowflake is designed to easily scale up or down as needed, which gives it a big advantage over fixed-capacity data warehouses.

    Another benefit of Snowflake is its performance. Snowflake uses a columnar data storage format, which is optimized for analytics workloads. This results in much faster query times compared to traditional row-based data warehouses.

    Lastly, Snowflake database administration is very easy. It has a simple interface that makes it easy to get started, and it offers a set of automated features that facilitate data management. Overall, it is a great option for anyone looking for a cloud-based data warehouse solution.

  • Yes, Snowflake software can be rapidly deployed on AWS and offers its infrastructure for AWS users as an official AWS partner. Overall, this cloud-based data warehouse service is available on various platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

  • Snowflake data management platform cannot be run on private cloud infrastructures, be it on-premise or hosted environments. As it is not a packaged software offering it cannot be installed on on-premise infrastructures.

  • Snowflake is a cloud data platform that offers a managed service for data warehousing, lakes, and engineering. Unlike other platforms, Snowflake does not require any proprietary hardware or software, making it a fully managed service. As a result, Snowflake can offer customers a simpler, more cost-effective solution for their data needs. This also means that you do not need to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure or scaling the service to meet your needs as Snowflake takes over the heavy lifting.

  • It is a unique platform that allows you to tap into the combination of both. While it is usually classified as a data warehouse, it has many features that give it the flexibility of a data lake, including:

    • Mixed data types
    • Unlimited scaling
    • External data access
    • Separation of storage and compute
    • Workload isolation
    • Pay-for-use model

    Therefore, you can use this platform as a hybrid between the two, which is the main differentiator of Snowflake.

  • Snowflake is one of the go-to options for data management as it offers a highly scalable warehouse as-a-service. It means that you can focus on analyzing the assets rather than spending time managing and right-sizing. It also supports multi-cloud infrastructure environments such as Amazon, Microsoft, and GCP, which helps you integrate all assets under one roof.

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