Logo Detection &
Brand Exposure Analytics

We help marketers detect and recognize brand logos within images and videos. Our logo detection model is designed for both social media and broadcast video streams for you to get the complete picture of your brand presence on social media and in TV shows.

Logo Detection on the go

  1. Capture your brand’s logo on the screen.
  2. Calculate total on-screen time for your logo.
  3. Evaluate your advertising campaign.

How you can use it

Every marketer is eager to know how consumers are using his product, what is the ROI from his advertisements, is his logo being misused, how he is doing in comparison to his competitors. Our deep learning system for automated logo detection and visibility analysis provides both raw detections and a rich set of statistics. It enables you to measure parameters such as the number of exposures the logotypes get, the time they remain visible, their size and location.

Why Choose us as your CV technology partner

  • We offer pretrained models and the ability to build custom models, providing flexibility depending on your use case

  • We are a proactive team with years of production experience in AI projects and expertise in a large number of domains

  • We are experienced with convolutional neural networks – the latest type of artificial neural networks, inspired by biological processes

  • Delivering high-quality results is our highest priority

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