Logo Recognition &
Brand Monitoring Software

Enhance your marketing efforts with our AI-based logo detection and brand monitoring analysis software

Visual content is the most powerful and informative of all the communication means that brands all over the world use today. To gain an edge over the competitors and reach out to consumers, industries representatives strive to monitor brand visibility and measure the ROI of marketing campaigns. Such tasks, time- and effort-consuming as they are, remain important challenges.

The InData Labs’ team is on the mission to assist organizations and individual marketers by creating and delivering logo detection machine learning systems that help automate real-time detection and recognition of brand logos on images or in broadcast video streams and enable automated brand visibility analytics.

Logo Detection on the Go

Our Logo Recognition and Brand Monitoring software is capable of solving different tasks in the real-time mode

  1. Capture your brand’s logo on the screen
  2. Calculate total on-screen time for your logo
  3. Evaluate your advertising campaign

InData Labs’ Deep Learning Brand Detection System Serves For Multiple Purposes

  • Social Media and Web Monitoring

    Analyze how, when and where your customers are interact with your brand

  • Broadcast Video Streams

    Get the statistics on video ad in a real-time mode and analyze its performance

  • Sponsorship Monitoring

    Measure your marketing campaign effectiveness and see how many times your ad appears during the live events

How Does It Work

The InData Labs’ Logo Detection Software is at your service to provide the full picture of your brand’s presence on social media and in TV shows. See how our image processing logo detection software works

  • Videos or
  • Analitics
  • Report with Exposure Time and Coverage

How You Can Use It

Marketing departments can have a whole bunch of issues, including the following:

  • How successful is a product with consumers?
  • What is the ROI of advertisements?
  • Are there any misuses of an organization’s logo?
  • How to guarantee success against competitors?

Aiming to address all these needs, InData Labs designs custom deep learning systems for automated logo identification and brand visibility analysis providing both raw detections and a rich set of statistics. Our Logo identifier allows measuring the number of exposures that logos get, the time they remain visible on the screen or during the live event, their size and their location. It empowers you to handle such tasks as:

  • Collect and analyze images containing your brand’s logo
  • Get data on how, when, and where audiences see your logo
  • Discover the ways your consumers interact with your products
  • Find out some actual uses of your product by consumers in everyday life


Our brand monitoring software allows to achieve high results and gain a competitive edge across different industries adapting to the individual needs of the client

  • Retail and Marketing Agencies

    Collect and analyze the data on how people
    are interacting with your brand across multiple
    channels in everyday life

  • Media Monitoring Agencies

    Make your work more valuable for your customers providing them with the most relevant information and statistics using our logo recognition software

  • Television and Advertising Agencies

    Increase your ad performance and
    ROI with the full analytics of your
    marketing campaigns

  • Media Intelligence Solutions Providers

    Power your existing platform or logo recognition app with deep learning algorithms and custom features

Why Work With InData Labs

Here, at InData Labs, we always invest a lot of time and efforts in order to find the best suitable solutions for our customers’ needs and provide the best brand monitoring services
  • Skilled Development Team

    30+ Skilled development team with years of production experience in Artificial Intelligence projects and expertise in various domains

  • Customizable Solutions

    We don’t settle for average. Our solutions are tailored to fit in with customers’ specific needs, the nature of their data and specifics of their business area

  • High Quality Results

    Our system will help you to evaluate the effectiveness of your investments and achieve high results by using such indicators as:
    • Total brand coverage
    • Competitors coverage
    • Exposure time
    • Appearance count


We use the best technologies available on the market, and we are constantly adding new ones.

  • Python Technology
  • Tensorflow Technology
  • Keras Technology
  • apache technology
  • technology kafka
  • technology postgresql
  • technology elastic

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