Vehicle and License Plate Recognition Software Development

Developing automatic license plate and vehicle recognition custom solutions optimized for your location

License plate recognition technology

Your Clear Vision of Any Vehicle in Any Weather

Vehicles are a source of data in information systems, and data should be used to generate value. Being engaged in vehicle and traffic monitoring, you need to saturate your information system with vehicle data. Make use of data-driven intelligent equipment to detect and identify registration plates and vehicle types in all environments.

State-of-the-art OCR and computer vision algorithms enable us to create automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) or number plate recognition (ANPR) software custom-built.

We know the weak spots of out-of-the-box solutions for reading license plates and offer a client-tailored approach to live up to individual needs and expectations determined by the location, business niche, and objectives.

Read Vehicle Information as in an Open Book

We build our ALPR solutions attuned to the client’s needs and design custom systems to work smoothly with complicated input data.
  • Plates numbers
    Plates of Different Colors and with Unique Fonts
  • Low-res image recognition
    Night-Time and Low-Res Image/Video Recognition
  • Two-raws number plates
    Plates with 2 Rows or Condensed Characters
  • Location optimization
    Location-Optimized as per Each Client’s Needs
  • Motion image processing
    Motion-Blur Video/Image Processing
  • Angle recognition
    Recognition at an Angle
  • Vehicle type recognition
    Identification of Vehicle Types and Models
  • Weatherproof recognition
    Weatherproof Recognition Adapted to any Factors and Environments

How You Can Benefit From ALPR Solutions

We develop custom ALPR software based on unique functionalities for each client individually. Use your custom solution by InData Labs for the following tasks:
  • Manage Parking Facilities
    Facilitate or automate payment operations, vehicle entry/exit.
  • Electronic Toll Collection
    Supervise toll roads, bridges, tunnels, etc.
  • Access Control
    Oversee entry permits at airports and places restricted for public transport.
  • Control the Movement of Traffic
    Use vehicle plate recognition and vehicle identification to collect vehicle location data for the needs of highway agencies.
  • Receive Alerts
    Be automatically notified about a vehicle on a watch list driving past a security camera.
  • Traffic Control
    Control the traffic on the street and easily capture the license plates of all vehicles that break the traffic rules.

Why Custom License Plate Recognition Software by InData Labs Is Your Ideal Choice

  • Data Selected Carefully
    We train algorithms on thoroughly gathered high-quality datasets applicable to meet a variety of country-specific requirements.
  • High Accuracy
    Our license plate recognition software development rests on carefully gathered data. Algorithms work accurately and provide you with valuable output.
  • Optimized Locally
    Different countries have different plate formats, standards, and styles. We create solutions in tune with the customer's unique preferences.
  • Engineer Support
    We offer solution maintenance after the project end. Our engineers provide support and respond to all related issues our clients may face.

ALPR Development Technologies

The InData Labs’ team uses the latest computer vision technologies and tools for ALPR development.
  • technology keras
  • technology tensorflow
  • technology openCV
  • technology tesseract ocr

Why Work with InData Labs

  • Highly Experienced Team
    We pursue greatness in everything we do for our clients and provide best-in-class solutions in computer vision application development.
  • State-of-the-Art Models
    We use convolutional neural networks, inspired by biological neural activities, to train efficient algorithms.
  • Customizable Solutions
    We don’t settle for average. Our solutions are tailored to fit in with customers’ specific needs and the nature of their data.

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