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Looking to build an efficient AI face recognition app?

Face recognition, an important tenet of Machine Learning, widely used to detect and identify human faces. New businesses utilizing this top-notch technology have been springing up lately. And it’s only the beginning.

In fact, face recognition has already found its way into our life. Take digitization of paper documents and automation of paper-based processes. It’s getting employed by enterprises to create streamlined and efficient businesses. With all of these innovations, consumers go through multiple ID verification and check-in procedures.

At InData Labs, we build AI face recognition apps and models based on accurate training data. These apps and models can be a valuable asset in managing public and corporate safety issues. What is more, it can become your intelligent assistant in enhancing the quality of interaction with service consumers.

Face Recognition Algorithms

We are ready to build your facial recognition system based on intelligent algorithms, providing you the range of the following capabilities:

  • Identify & distinguish objects in the pic
  • Detect multiple faces simultaneously
  • Compare faceprints to stored images and verify legitimate users

We’ll aid you with a robust solution based on the existing pre-trained model.

We also create solutions for Android/iOS, Web, and other platforms.
Whether you need security, identification, or just greetings camera, we can do it all!

How You Can Use It

The InData Labs team delivers deep learning algorithms. They are aimed at gathering, storing data on a person’s facial features and shaping data-based faceprints.

The solutions we deliver allow to compare live captured and scanned images to stored faceprints to verify a person’s identity. It also ensures ultimate security and facilitates access control.

You can also automatically spot your VIP customers when they enter a business, providing them with world-class services. Once alerted, the staff immediately gets all the information about the customers. This way, they’ll greet your premier customers by name and offer them some refreshments (based on previous interactions with them).

Use Cases

AI-driven solutions by InData Labs can help you open up a new way to run your business and increase revenue.

Explore the potential of using our solution to augment your day-to-day business reality.

  • Fraud Prevention

    Analyze real-time videos to quickly pick out people from the crowd, immediately track suspicious individuals, and be notified about the presence of unwanted people at your events.

  • VIP Services

    Use AI face recognition to identify your VIP clients, greet them by name, and offer personalized services.
    Improve your loyalty programs recognizing valuable customers within seconds after they enter your premises.

  • Access Control

    Ensure a safer environment for your residents, employees, and visitors using facial biometrics solutions. They’re aimed at controlling entrance/exit and monitoring the actions in real-time.

  • Visitors Identification

    Identify your visitors with AI-based face recognition. Discover statistics about your visitors, tie their reactions to your services and products, and refine the data to get special insights.

Augment your business with the latest technology today!

The Way It Works

Developing AI face recognition apps takes time. In order to deliver a decent solution that meets all the requirements and harmonizes the client’s needs, each step matters. Our algorithm is aimed to help you match familiar and unfamiliar faces on identity.
  • Camera
  • Video File
  • Face Detection, Localization
  • feature extraction
    ML Model
  • feature matching
    Database of Enrolled Users
  • Identification of an Enrolled User/Users
  • 3rd-party Application


Our proficient team of experts can deliver custom-made applications tailored to meet diverse business needs. It can become your valuable asset in such areas as:
  • Hotels & Accommodations
  • Retail
  • Banking and Finance
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Marketing
Need a customized face recognition, verification, or identification app?

Computer Vision Development Tools

Our team builds advanced computer vision solutions. Developing face recognition apps, we use cutting-edge technologies to deliver solutions that will address your business challenges.

Deep Learning
  • technology tensorflow
  • technology keras
Computer Vision
  • technology openCV
Software Development
  • technology python

Why Choose Us as Your CV Technology Partner

  • Strong ML team
    Strong Team

    We have completed plenty of AI projects in various domains.

  • Customizable Solutions
    Flexible Custom Models

    We offer pre-trained models and the opportunity to build flexible custom models depending on your use case.

  • Deep Learning
    Proprietary Technologies

    We are experienced with convolutional neural networks – the latest type of artificial neural networks, inspired by biological processes.

  • Top data science team
    High-Quality Results

    Delivering high-quality results is our top priority.

Customer Success
Deep Learning for Face Anti-Spoofing

The InData Labs’ team faced the challenge of training a deep learning model for face anti-spoofing. The Client needed the model to discern the following types of attacks:

  • printed attack (a paper with a printed photo),
  • digital attack (a device with a photo),
  • replay attack (a pre-recorded video).

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