Face Recognition

Give your business an edge with the use of AI-powered tools for face detection

At the times of widespread digitalization of paper documents and automation of manual jobs, consumers have to pass through multiple time-consuming ID, verification and check-in procedures. AI is here to assist consumers in better planning their time, escape queuing and get a first-class servicing.

At InData Labs, we build our Face Recognition model based on thoroughly gathered amounts of training data. This model can be your valuable asset in managing public and corporate safety issues, and it can become your intelligent assistant in enhancing the quality of interaction with services consumers.

Face Recognition on the go

  1. Captures people on digital images or video frames
  2. Simultaneously detects multiple faces
  3. Compares faceprints to stored images and verifies legitimate users

How you can use it

The InData Labs team delivers a deep learning algorithm that enables gathering, storing data on an individual’s facial features and shaping data-based faceprints. It allows comparing live captured or scanned images to stored faceprints to verify an individual’s identity, ensure the highest level of security and facilitate access control. You can also efficiently use data to detect your VIP customers and boost the quality of service.

Why Choose us as your CV technology partner

  • We offer pretrained models and the opportunity to build flexible custom models depending on your use case

  • We are experienced with convolutional neural networks – the latest type of artificial neural networks, inspired by biological processes

  • We are a proactive team with years of production experience in AI projects and expertise in a large number of domains

  • Delivering high-quality results is our highest priority

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